9 Barre Workout for post pregnancy Weight Loss

Barre workout for post pregnancy weight loss

The above on 9 Barre workout for post pregnancy weight loss is simple and easy. This time when not much strength and weights must be taken, these are low intensity and balancing workouts. Post pregnancy weight loss is so crucial for a women, as regular fitness regime fails and there are ample more weight addition body issues than ever. Barre workouts are considered great for they are all-inclusive body workouts with dance flexibility.

9 Barre Workout For Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Include:

1Warm-up with Sumo Cat:

Warm-up is extremely important and sumo cat is a great way to warm up your spine and core.

  • Stand with your feet wider than your hip distance
  • Toes of both the feet pointing to 1 and 11 o clock
  • Draw hips behind you (towards a chair if in case you need for balance) keeping weight in your heels
  • Make sure knees are stacked over ankles
  • As you exhale scoop your core and round through your spine
  • As you inhale lift your tail bone and slightly lift your gaze forward
  • Repeat for some time

2Releve Pile:

This step from 9 barre workout for post pregnancy weight loss, works best on thighs, abs, ankles and feet

  • Hold a chair with both your hands and stand upright
  • Stand with heels together and toes around 45 degree
  • Stand straight and legs resting on the back of the chair
  • Keeping spine tall and abs tight rise on the balls of your feet
  • Now pile by bending your knees over your toes
  • Just maintain half way down
  • Now straighten your legs by squeezing your inner things as you stand
  • Then lower your heels
  • Repeat 15-20 times

3Sumo Squat:

This targets hamstrings, legs and seat muscles..

  • Step out standing upright
  • Reach tailbone back as if your are about to sit in a chair
  • Keep the belly pointing inwards
  • Keep shoulders wide and spine long
  • Keep the feet firm on the ground while doing this
  • Make a hand joining gesture near your chest until you have the balance and control
  • Make this position as part squat with seat towards tailbone
  • Repeat 15-20 minutes

4Parallel Pile:

This step from 9 barre workout for post pregnancy weight loss targets gluts, thighs, abs, ankle and feet

  • Hold the chair from back and stand with legs joined
  • Feet must be parallel and together
  • Now stretch by pressing the balls of your feet
  • While the above process bend your knees into a deep pile
  • Try to lower your hips as far down as possible
  • Lift up from halfway and return back to standing position.
  • Repeat 15-20 times

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5Leg Lifts:

  • Stand with your feet together and chest lifted
  • Abdomen must be drawn in
  • Raise arms in front until shoulder height
  • Now bend your elbows 90 degrees
  • And bend your right knee, and lift your leg to hip meanwhile lowering your arm towards waist
  • Now release
  • Repeat 15-20 times

6Power leg:

This step from 9 barre workout for post pregnancy weight loss looks simple but is aimed at extreme balance

  • Hold the chair
  • Lift heels up and bend your knees
  • Press all the 10 toes evenly and keep the balance on them
  • Knees must be in line with middle of the toes and not touching the chair
  • Stretch from your spine and relax your shoulders
  • Bend knees as if your are sitting, and press until it becomes uncomfortable
  • Now relax and repeat
  • Do 15-20 times

7Boat Pose:

This is a very relaxing and yet flexing of all barre workout poses

  • Sit tall on your yoga mat
  • Put hands behind the thighs
  • Draw legs to tabletop position
  • Firm your core and exhale reaching out to arms in a wide V
  • Hips must feel the pressure on the floor
  • Spine must stay long and lifted for more balance and strength
  • Hold for a few seconds and repeat 15-20 times

8Barre Standing works:

This step of 9 Barre workout for post pregnancy weight loss, is more for control and flexibility.

  • It has 2 sub steps of Barre plank and barre seat work holding on to rail or chair
  • First begin with barre plank by holding the rail and keeping the feet apart more than the hip distance
  • Now bend towards the rail such that your body makes a 45 degree angle from the ground with the bend
  • Stretch on your heels and push firm
  • Now for barre Seat work stand with feet parallel and joined
  • Lift one of your leg and raise behind the other more like a ballerina
  • Repeat until it flexes your muscles
  • You may repeat both 10 times each, at a time

9Barre diamond pose:

  • Stand beside a rail or chair
  • Hold with one hand and the other hand on the waist
  • Join your heels such that they are lifted from ground at an angle around 45 degree from ground where toes are resting with the feet balls on the ground
  • Now bend it to make a shape of diamond for a few inches push down
  • Hold on the position for muscle strength and flexibility
  • Repeat 15-20 times

Why Barre workout for post pregnancy weight loss is considered great:

  1. Barre is an all-inclusive total body workout
  2. It helps in increasing body flexibility which is much needed as delivery brings some stiffness to the body
  3. Barre workouts are low impact and less in terms of core strength training so it is advisable for vulnerable post pregnancy body. They use the grace of Ballet, Pirouettes, Pilate in addition.
  4. These have the lowest risk and injury involvement thus ensuring utmost maintenance of post pregnancy body
  5. The chair or barre rail makes it for support and reduces the chances of fatigue

The above compilation on, “9 Barre workout for post pregnancy weight loss” is based on learnings and experiences with my own post pregnancy fitness. There have been immense results and moreover the workouts are gratifying and easy to be proceeded during the in between times when your little one is napping or playing. All of the above require 1-3 minutes each and not many equipments or additions are needed.
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Minu Manisha