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Graviola For Cancer – Are The Claims Valid?

Graviola For Cancer – Are The Claims Valid?
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Not many are aware of what Graviola is but the benefits of this specific fruit have been hailing a brainstorm in recent times. If you are wondering about the authenticity of the Graviola for cancer, the science does have a lot up its sleeves.

Covering every last detail that there is to know encircling Graviola cancer, we will walk you through everything to clarify all your doubts altogether.

By the end of this article, you will more or less have a fair share of an idea concerning how to use Graviola for cancer treatment and everything that you do need to avoid in this context as well.

What is Graviola?

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Spiky green fruit is what majority of the people tend to refer to Graviola as.

In scientific terms, Graviola is a small evergreen tree which is found in the rainforests of South America, Africa as well as Southeast Asia. This tree is what produces the beneficial heart shapes and spiky fruit which we often use for a number of purposes.

While many might limit its benefits to the realms of just being a sweet treat, the fruit has varying importance in the management of a number of symptoms related to cancer.

The presence of antimicrobial as well as antioxidant properties of Graviola is what had led the researchers to opt for ways to look more into this.

The developing findings regarding this are what are paving way for more and more research in this field. Even though there has been prevailing studies stating the anticancer properties of the Graviola, there have been no concrete clinical studies that prove the benefits of this altogether.

How Does Graviola Cure Cancer?

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It is not surprising for you to be confused about how soursop for cancer treatment is a possibility. It might not necessarily seem like a lot, the same is actually an effective remedy when you come to think of it.

Owing to the budding efficacy of this specific fruit, more and more researchers are delving into this to find the impacts of this fruit in healing cancer.

Graviola has been tested out for its impacts on a varying number of cancers that do tend to have impacts on our day to day life. When it does come down to discussing about the impacts of this specific fruit in the cancer types, let us do take a look at each of them individually.

Let us take a look at each of the type of cancer and see how can graviola cure cancer for good.

1. Breast Cancer

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Majority of the people nowadays do prefer to opt for chemotherapy, if the same is detected at an early stage. Irrespective of the circumstances altogether, there are some breast cancer cells which do become resistant to the normal chemotherapy which is when the Graviola has been tested out for its benefits.

Studies (R) have found that the Graviola extract do have the potential to destroy some of the breast cancer cells effectively, especially the ones that are resistant to a few of the chemotherapy drugs.

Even a conducted study (R) with 19 samples of the Graviola leaf extract from different location did showcase the efficacy of the impact on the breast cancer cell lines of MCF-7, MDA-MB-231, and 4 T1 via the MTT assay.

The researchers found in the result that it is the B1 AMCE which proved out to be a potent candidate for the cancer treatment, especially in the treatment for breast cancer.

2. Pancreatic Cancer

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Pancreatic cancer is yet another one of the variant of cancer that can be cured with the dosage of graviola for cancer.

In a conducted study (R) in 2012, the researchers found the potential benefits of Graviola for cancer. It is not surprising that pancreatic tumours are actually tough to get rid of even with conventional chemotherapies.

The researchers found that Graviola did induce the necrosis of the pancreatic cancer cells by inhibiting the cellular metabolism.

Whatever the circumstances be, it has been found that Graviola for cancer, especially pancreatic cancer has been found to be quite effective for its cure.

All in all, it is believed that the Graviola extract did help manage the metastasis of the pancreatic cancer cells and even inhibited the growth of the cancer cells.

3. Prostate Cancer

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Much like pancreatic cancer and such, it has been found that the usage of Graviola to treat cancer does extend on till for the treatment of prostate cancer as well.

In a few studies that did include experimentation with rats, it was found that Graviola leaves did help in decreasing the size of the prostate effectively in them which further reduced the risks of prostate cancer accordingly.

Yet another conducted study (R) found that the ethyl acetate extract of the Graviola leaves had beneficial impacts in suppressing the risks of prostate cancer in the rats.

4. Colon cancer

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Graviola leaf extract has been found to have amazing benefits in handling the signs and symptoms associated with colon cancer. It is of no surprise that research has actually shown the efficacy of the Graviola leaf extract in actually helping prevent the induction of the condition associated with colon cancer.

In a conducted study (R) in 2017, it was found that Graviola did have beneficial impacts against colon cancer. They did note that more research needs to be done in this prospect to deduce whether the same does have beneficial anticancer properties or not.

The researchers further did clarify stating that more and more research needs to be done in order to confirm for sure which part of the leaf is the most effective in handling the symptoms related to cancer.

5. Liver cancer

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Yet another one of the cancer types that have been found to have a possible cure with Graviola is liver cancer.

While the prospect of Graviola for cancer is still a matter of hit and miss, it is not necessarily surprising that its efficacy in the treatment for liver cancer is still a matter of concern.

Even studies have claimed and suggested that Graviola extract does have the potential to help in killing some kind of the chemo-resistant cells in the body that the majority of us often tend to complain about.

6. Lung cancer

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Much like all the predominant types of cancers that we have talked about, even Graviola has been found to have potent benefits in inhibiting the growth of tumours in lung cancer.

Owing to the fact that the lung cancer does impose quite a lot of negative impacts on the body, it is not surprising that Graviola, which has tested out to have beneficial antioxidative and anticancer properties is actually a good enough for the treatment of lung cancer.

How Much Graviola to Take For Cancer?

How-Much-Graviola-To Take-For-Cancer
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If you are here confused about how much Graviola to take for your cancer treatment, the amount is still not medically confirmed or approved.

Clinical trials have still not concurred which is why it is very important to ensure that you consume it once everything is approved and we do get the perfect dosage for the same.

Side Effects Of Graviola Cancer Cure

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Much like the benefits of Graviola for cancer, there are some downsides as well. Side effects are common with this and it is very important to ensure that you keep them in mind while consuming the Graviola to treat cancer.

Studies and tests have revealed that there could be problems, both short term as well as long term.

Some of the long term side effects:

  • Disorders concerning the movement and locomotion
  • Symptoms of myeloneuropathy which further imposes risks of Parkinson’s disease
  • Extended problems associated with liver as well as kidney toxicity

Concluding it all, it is actually quite important to ensure that you consult a doctor if you are opting for Graviola for cancer. It is very important to ensure that you keep the same into consideration to avoid any kind of possible issues concerning your health altogether.