7 Good Drinks For Teeth (6 Drinks That Are Bad)

Good drinks for teeth

Drinks are nice and important for your hydration. But, for the most part, not all of them will end up doing well for your teeth. If you include more towards the sugar punch, chances are that it will end up causing cavities. To help you out, we are going to discuss about good drinks for teeth and even the bad ones too.

It is very important that you select good drinks that won’t have negative impacts on your teeth. More than anything, this is a necessity if you want to keep your oral health in check.

To help you gauge which one is good and the bad drinks for your teeth, we have made a list for you to look through.

Drinks That Are Good For Your Teeth

Drinks That Are Good For Your Teeth

When it comes round to the drinks that are good for your teeth, the options are quite extensive. It is very important that you do stick by them because of the kind of benefits they bring along.

Not only is it beneficial in ensuring the maximum impacts in boosting the oral health, they keep the risks of bad teeth at bay.

Let us look at some of the best ones, shall we?


Drinks For Teeth - BeerContrary to popular belief, beer is considered as a good component for your teeth. There are not many scientific studies to prove the same but a few do suggest it.

A few researchers have clarified stating that the compound “hops” which is present in beer has been found beneficial for the condition of the better impacts on teeth.

More studies need to be conducted to get a clear idea about it.


Drinks For Teeth - WaterWater doesn’t have any sort of impacts on your teeth, researchers suggest.

But, that doesn’t mean it has any negative impacts as well. Given that water helps in keeping you hydrated, the same has been found to have beneficial impacts in helping with the better body functions.

It also does boost the salivary flow which further keeps your oral health in check. This ensures to prevent the risks of tooth decay that many often tend to complain about.

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Drinks For Teeth - MilkMilk is not just good for your bones but for your teeth as well. It helps boost the overall strength of the teeth and enhances the shine and whiteness as well.

If you have been looking for the best drinks for teeth, this definitely has to be one of them.

It is loaded with calcium, proteins and other essential minerals which prevent tooth decay and cavities. It also prevents the growth of bacteria and such and even has a good pH which keeps your teeth and gums strong and healthy.

4.Green tea

Drinks For Teeth - Green tea

The impacts of tea on your teeth depend on the kind of tea you are drinking.

If you are looking for good drinks for teeth, including green tea can be a good idea. Green tea does have a pH above 5.5 which is essential and beneficial for keeping the risks in control. They help prevent the teeth decay and ensure to keep them in the best of condition.

Try and avoid the iced tea and the ones made in the coffee shops as they contain a lot of sugar in them which is not good for your teeth.

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5.Red wine

Drinks For Teeth - Red wineWine is not a very teeth friendly drink.

But, recent studies (R) do show that red wine could be one of the drinks that are good for your teeth, but only when drunk in moderation. Nothing in excess is good for your health, the same goes out for this too.

According to the study, drinking red wine has been found to help prevent tooth decay and gum diseases. There needs to be more studies conducted to establish better results surrounding the same.

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Drinks For Teeth - CoffeeWho would have thought, right?

But, it is true that coffee is regarded one of the best drinks for teeth and overall dental health. It does have a slightly acidic pH which is why it is important to limit its consumption.

The studies have found that consuming coffee can help in preventing the risks of cavities and such which is why it is best suggested that you start your morning routine with a cup of coffee.

The only caution – avoid the sweetener because that won’t do you any good.

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7.Vegetable juice

Drinks For Teeth - Vegetable juiceWhen we mention vegetable juice, we are talking about the low sugar vegetable juices. You technically wouldn’t realize this but there are some vegetables which have high sugar content. Avoid those.

Some of the dark green leafy vegetables have good impacts on your teeth and can help in keeping the enamel and oral health in check.

If possibly, try drinking juices made with spinach, kale because they have a high Vitamin B and calcium content which is good for the teeth.

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Drinks that are bad for your teeth

Drinks that are bad for your teethWhen it comes to the drinks that damage teeth, the options are actually quite extensive. It is very important to ensure that you are wary of them to avoid drinking them very frequently.

Majority of the drinks that are bad for your teeth are also bad for your overall well being which is why limiting its consumption is possibly the best way to handle those risks.

Let us take a look at some of the drinks that are bad for your teeth.

1.White Wine

Drinks For Teeth - White WineRed wine is often touted to be a good drink for your overall dental health but that is not necessarily the case with white wine.

Not just the red wine, even white wine has been found to have a higher acidic pH which ends up corroding the enamel if you drink it quite often.

The consistent drinking of white wine and that too, in quick succession can end up causing sensitivity of the teeth because of the lack of proper covering with the enamel.

Not just that, the white wine can even end up causing staining and discoloration on the teeth.


Drinks For Teeth - VodkaVodka is one of the hidden drinks that damage teeth. You wouldn’t even know until someone points it out.

To be honest, not all the vodka brands are bad. Some of the premium quality ones have higher pH, making them the less destructible ones. But, that doesn’t mean that drinking vodka is going to pose any good for your oral health.

Alcohol has been found to have drying impacts on your mouth, reducing the secretion of saliva. When the levels of saliva are less, it exposes the mouth to further risks which is something that you need to avoid.

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3.Sparkling Water

Drinks For Teeth - Sparkling WaterSparkling water is yet another one of the worst drinks for your teeth that even you didn’t have any idea about.

Many might think what bad can sparkling water do, right? Well, wrong.

In a conducted study (R), it was assessed that the pH of sparkling water is around the scale of 2-3 in the pH meter which makes it bad for your teeth.

The acidic pH can be ghastly for your teeth, causing the enamel to erode without you even realizing anything at all. It is best suggested that you do focus on just depending on the plain water, instead of the sparkling water.


Drinks For Teeth - SodaAny form of carbonated beverage is not going to do your teeth any good, especially when it comes to soda.

It is not just bad for your weight and your insulin levels but your teeth as well. If you think that the diet ones would not be that harmful, you do need to change your perceptions right now.

The drinking of soda has been found to cause dissolution of the enamel which is one of the worst that you could impact for your teeth.

It is not just the sugar quantity in the soda that is doing a number on your teeth but also the acidity that takes a toll.

If you don’t want to make the condition worse, it is best suggested that you avoid drinking soda. Limit it or ensure to rinse your mouth after drinking soda.

5.Fruit juices

Drinks For Teeth - Fruit juicesYou might think that fruit juices are healthy and good for your health, right?

Well, they are definitely not going to do any good for your teeth, that is for sure.

Juices of some of the acidic fruits like oranges and cranberry have a very low pH which can be very bad for the teeth.

In addition to that, these juices also do have a high sugar concentration in them which further end up causing a sugar spike and can even cause cavities and such which isn’t good for your teeth.

For the best impacts, try and dilute the fruit juice by 50% and then drink it.

6.Sports Drink

Drinks For Teeth - Sports DrinkSports drink is very commonly bought and consumed by the people across. But, if you are looking for the bad drinks for your teeth, they do make an appearance.

Since majority of these sports drinks are meant to boost the energy in the body, they are loaded with sugar which are bad for your teeth.

In addition to that, they also have a very high acid content which is further bad for your enamel of the teeth. If the enamel corrodes completely, the same can end up causing sensitivity.

When it comes to the good drinks for teeth, the options are limited, much like how it is with the bad ones. If you want to maintain your oral health, it is important that you do avoid drinking the ones that are bad. Try and maintain a clean drinking schedule, depending mostly on water and the good variants.