13 Foods To Avoid On Empty Stomach (6 you can eat)

Foods to avoid on empty stomach
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We literally do break out fast after a long night in the morning which is exactly why the name. But, have you ever wondered what kind of diet you need to adhere to in order to achieve a healthy well being?

Probably not, right?

It is important you to know the foods to avoid on empty stomach to not worsen the condition even further.

It is most likely that you are already consuming a lot of foods that you shouldn’t be on an empty stomach.

In this article, we are going to be discussing about the various foods that should not be eaten on an empty stomach and a few foods that you can alternatively indulge in.

Foods to Avoid On Empty Stomach

Foods to avoid on empty stomach
ImageSource: www.daily-sun.com

Unknowingly, for the most part, we end up consuming food items that are actually harmful for our overall health. Whatever the consequences be, it is important to take a look at the list mentioned and make wise choices when it comes to your overall diet and food habits, be it during the breakfast or even any other meal of the day.

1. Puff Pastries

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Puff pastries and short-crust pastries might make your mouth water when you see them when you are starving but the same actually does have a very negative impact if you are consuming it on an empty stomach.

The puff pastry is made of yeast, which when consumed when you stomach is empty can actually impact the inner lining of the stomach and irritate that. Not just that, because of the fact that yeast proliferates the process of fermentation (R), the same when consumed while you are starving can end up causing indigestion and flatulence.

2. Sweets

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We often times tend to reach for sweets and chocolates when we are hungry or starving. This is primarily because we tend to assume that sweets contain the necessary carbohydrates which would not just be fulfilling but will actually aid in boosting the energy levels too.

This is possibly one of the most common myths and tends to negatively impact the body. Sweets are considered as one of those foods to avoid on empty stomach, mainly because it causes a sudden spike in the levels of insulin in the body.

The sudden spike of insulin (R) after starvation negatively impacts the body, inducing a pressure on the pancreas which has just been triggered. This sudden trigger and load can often end up being the reason behind the cause of diabetes.

3. Fermented Milk Products

We often tend to include yoghurt and other forms of fermented milk products in our diet during the breakfast, be it with our cereal or even in the smoothies we drink. While the same can actually be quite fulfilling, the same actually is not good for the body.

Yoghurt and majority of the fermented milk products are eaten or consumed for their beneficial probiotic properties or the beneficial lactic acid properties found in them.

This is one of those food that you should avoid eating on an empty stomach, primarily because the hydrochloric acid produced in the stomach often overpowers the lactic acid from these milk products. This is one of those primary reasons why it is futile to eat yoghurt on an empty stomach.

4. Pears

Pears, for the most part, are considered as an amazing fruit that is loaded with beneficial nutrients and minerals. But it is also one of those foods to avoid on empty stomach. Why?

It is believed that pears contain certain kinds of crude fibers which when consumed in an empty stomach can end up disrupting the inner lining as well as the mucous membrane in the stomach, thus impacting the digestion process in the end.

It is always best to consume pears when you are done having your meal and have not been starving throughout. The beneficial nutrients in the fruit can come in handy then and not when they are consumed in empty stomach.

5. Tomatoes

There is no doubt that the benefits of tomatoes are profound on the overall health and well being of an individual. But, have you even considered why the experts categorise it as one of those foods that should not be eaten on empty stomach?

It shouldn’t be a surprise when one mentions that tomatoes are loaded with tannic acid (R), which when consumed in higher quantities actually does end up inducing acidity which is the last thing you want to experience after have not been eating for quite some time.

6. Cucumber

Cucumber is yet another one of those foods to avoid on empty stomach because of the kind of implications they have on the overall functioning of the GI tract and the digestion process too.

It is believed that the raw fruits and vegetables are often a rich source of amino acids which is beneficial for the overall development of the body but is not quite a good option when you haven’t eaten in a long stretch of time.

Consuming cucumber in empty stomach is often associated with causing heartburn, abdominal pain as well as flatulence.

7. Bananas

Yet another one of the foods that should not be eaten on empty stomach are bananas. While we gorge down bananas in our breakfast first thing in the morning, it is time to change that because the persistent consumption of bananas in empty stomach has been linked with deteriorating condition of the cardiovascular activity.

Bananas are loaded with potassium and magnesium and when the same is consumed in an empty stomach, there are chances that the same will end up spiking the levels of magnesium in the blood stream (R) (R) which is related to the causes behind heart diseases.

8. Carbonated Drinks

Carbonated drinks have their own list of bad reputation because of the kind of implications that they have on the stomach. But it is listed under the foods to avoid on empty stomach mainly because of the kind of negative implications that it has on the stomach the functions of the overall GI tract (R) when it comes to proper digestion of the food.

Drink carbonated drinks, especially when they are cold, can actually end up affecting the mucous membrane of the stomach and end up affecting the blood supply to the stomach. This not just impacts the functioning of the stomach in the long term, it also ends up temporarily impact the digestion process, making it slower than normal.

Making healthier switches to something like that of infused water which is equally refreshing and is actually good for your body as it helps in the process of detoxification.

9. Spicy Food

Yet one of the impacts lists of foods that you should avoid eating on an empty stomach is spicy food. It shouldn’t even require much of an explanation why the same is important. It, in itself, should be self-explanatory.

Spicy foods can actually be amazing for your palate and taste buds, but the same is just not the right choice to consume, especially when you are starving and haven’t been eating for quite some time.

The spice and the chilli in the food have the capability of actually causing damage as well as irritation to the gastric mucosa lining in the stomach. This, in turn, ends up contributing to the excess secretion of stomach acids which has the capability of inflicting a number of negative impacts on the stomach – especially inducing ulcers (R).

10. Citrus Fruits

The consumption of citrus fruits also adds to the list of foods that you should avoid eating. The primary reason behind the same is because these fruits are rich in various kind of acids, be it ascorbic acid in the lemons or other variants found in other citrus fruits.

Because of the fact that these acids in the fruits have the capability of eroding the stomach inner lining when consumed in an empty stomach, it is always best to constrict the consumption of the citrus fruits like lemon, oranges, tangerine, grapefruit etc when you are on an empty stomach.

The primary associated diseases associated with consuming citrus fruits on an empty stomach include heartburn, gastritis and even stomach ulcers.

11. Raw Vegetables

Right after you have been starving, consuming something like raw vegetables (R) might not be the best idea because of the fact that they are loaded with complex fibers and amino acids and other nutrients which are often either completely destroyed by the stomach acids or is very hard to digest.

Consuming raw veggies are categorized as the foods that you should avoid eating on an empty stomach because the same has the capability of inducing conditions like flatulence, improper digestion and several other troubles associated with the stomach functioning.

12. Coffee

A steaming cup of coffee is often times what we reach out for first thing in the morning, don’t we? But, have you realized that the same can actually end up doing you worse than good?

Possibly not, right?

While you might think that coffee would be the perfect agent to break down the lingering sleep that is making you tired, it has negative implications that are far worse than being good for you. Drinking coffee in an empty stomach often times triggers the secretion of hydrochloric acid in the stomach (R) which ends up causing heartburn and a burning feeling in the abdominal region.

The same goes out for tea as well.

13. Alcoholic Drinks

If you are even thinking of indulging in any kind of alcoholic drink first thing in the morning or after you have been starving for an extended period of time, it is actually time to change that mentality completely.

Drinking alcohol on an empty stomach (R) often tends to directly rush the same into the blood stream which is often quite negatively impactful on the overall functioning of the body. Scientists and researchers claim that the consumption of alcohol on an empty stomach actually does end up inflicting negative implications on the body, especially impact the metabolism of the body negatively.

This is not the case, at least not that adverse, when the same is consumed on a full stomach. Even though alcohol does alter the overall metabolism and functioning of the body, the same is not that adverse when it comes to drinking it with a full stomach.

Foods To Eat On An Empty Stomach

Often times, we unknowingly end up sticking to foods that should not have been eaten on empty stomach. It is why we often tend to not feel the best after consumption. While we have enlisted some of the foods that are actually not beneficial for consumption when starving, there are a few variants of food that are good for consumption even when you are on an empty stomach.

1. Eggs

EggsYou can never go wrong with eggs. Instead of eating foods to avoid on empty stomach, it is time you make healthier switches and choices. Eggs are not just loaded with beneficial proteins that are essential for the body; they also make an amazing and filling breakfast meal which is exactly what you want for your breakfast, something that’s filling, less on calories and more on proteins. Consuming eggs for breakfast also helps cut down the excess calorie intake throughout the day.

2. Oatmeal

OatmealConsuming oatmeal for breakfast or even something to eat after being starving for an extended period of time is actually a very good choice to go for. This is mainly because of the fact that the oatmeal helps form a protective covering on the inside lining of the stomach which prevents the stomach acids from destructing the stomach walls and causing irritation and erosion of the lining. Not just that, the digestive fibers present in the oatmeal actually does aid in promoting better digestion and to get rid of the excess calories in the body.

3. Watermelon

WatermelonWatermelon is one of the only raw fruits that are actually permissible for you to consume even on an empty stomach. It consists of 95% water which helps keep your body hydrated and keeps the associated problems at bay. Not just that, the watermelon is also quite good for your overall health and well being, especially for your eyes and heart because of the presence of essential nutrients in it.

4. Nuts

NutsNuts are yet another one of those foods that are okay to consume on an empty stomach. But, make sure that you don’t go overboard with the same because of the fact that nuts are rich in proteins, calories and other essential nutrients which should be consumed in quantifiable amounts.

Apart from being a good source of protein which is good for consumption after being empty stomach, nuts also help balance out the pH of the body which is yet another one of the added bonus. It also boosts the overall digestion process of the body and is an overall good food to consume unlike the foods to avoid on empty stomach.

5. Buckwheat

BuckwheatLoaded with essential minerals and vitamins, Buckwheat is also an amazing source of protein which accounts this as an amazing source of food to consume on an empty stomach. It boosts the overall process of digestion in the body and thus helps in getting rid of the problems associated with the foods that you should avoid eating on an empty stomach.

6. Wheatgerm

WheatgermWheatgerm is loaded with Vitamin E and folic acid which is quiet beneficial for the overall functioning of the body. It is believed that just 2 tablespoons of wheatgerm has about 15% of daily requirement of Vitamin E and about 10% of folic acid which is actually quite beneficial for the body. Not just that, the presence of healthy dietary fibers in the wheatgerm is also an amazing way that helps boost the digestion and ensures to keep the gut healthy.

It is necessary to keep a close eye on the foods to avoid on empty stomach becausan e that is what ends up impacting the overall well being and your health throughout the day. What you eat in a day and the kind of diet you adhere to actually does make quite an impact on the overall well being of your body. If you keep on consuming the foods that you should not have eaten on empty stomach, the same can actually end up impacting your health in the long term, something you wouldn’t even expect in the first place.