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26 Benefits of Tomatoes That You Probably Didn’t Know About

26 Benefits of Tomatoes That You Probably Didn’t Know About

Ketchup, marinara or even just in salads in its raw form, tomatoes always have had a very versatile approach in the kitchen, hasn’t it? But were you aware of the fact that these bright red juicy fruit actually does have beneficial effects in one’s overall health and well being? Probably not, isn’t it?

Tomato is loaded with beneficial nutrients which is what makes it one of the healthiest option in a meal. While many people tend to categorise it as a vegetable, it actually is a fruit.

In this article, we are going to be focusing on the various health benefits of tomatoes along with its benefits in the aspect of skin, hair and beauty.

What are the Benefits of Tomatoes?

What are the Benefits of TomatoesMuch like several other fruits and vegetables which are nutritious and a very healthy option for our body, tomatoes are no different in that context. Loaded with amazing vitamins, minerals and fiber, the tomato benefits the overall well being of an individual to help them lead a happy and healthy life.

They have beneficial effects in combating the possibilities and inception of heart diseases along with other forms of ghastly diseases like that of cancer and even diabetes. It is believed that the composition of it with amazing nutrients is what makes it a favourable option for prevention of a number of health ailments.

Health Benefits of Tomatoes

Health Benefits of TomatoesIn order to shed some light on the actual benefits of tomatoes, let us walk ourselves through the various health benefits of tomatoes that can help you combat a number of diseases that you probably weren’t even aware of.

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Check out the Top Health Benefits of Tomatoes

1. Benefits of Tomato for Weight Loss

Benefits of tomato for Weight LossTomatoes have a multifaceted approach when it comes to weight loss, primarily by cutting down the excess inflammation and water retention (R) in the body which is what contributes to excessive gaining of weight. Tomatoes arrest this process to cut down on those extra pounds.

Not just that, it also reverses the occurrence of leptin resistance (R) in the body which is a type of protein that is responsible for the proper regulation of the metabolism as well as the satiety in an individual. Consumption of tomatoes regulated this and helps prevent the excess weight gain.

2. Benefits of Tomatoes for Constipation

Benefits of tomatoes for Constipation
ImageSource: www.timesnownews.com

One of the primary reasons behind irritable bowel syndrome and constipation is the lack of proper dietary fibers in the diet. Tomatoes are not just rich in water content but also have beneficial levels of dietary fibers (R) in them which collaboratively help in treating the signs of constipation.

The water content of the tomatoes help in rehydrating the GI tract which adds to softening of the stool so that the process of defecation is not painful and rough. Tomatoes are believed to contain 90% of water in it which is definitely a good thing for people who suffer from constipation and find it hard to pass stools without any kind of pain.

3. Benefits of Tomatoes for Diabetes

Benefits of tomatoes for DiabetesTomatoes are considered as one of the superfoods for diabetes, primarily because of its low Glycemic Index and starch content in it. Accessorily, it is an amazing source of Vitamin C, Vitamin A and other beneficial minerals and nutrients which altogether contribute to keeping the levels of blood glucose in the permissible levels in the body.

A conducted study (R) on tomatoes found that the regular consumption of around 200 gms of tomatoes helped in reducing the spiked levels of blood pressure which insinuates that it is effective in averting the risks of cardiovascular diseases that are related to Type-II diabetes.

4. Benefits of Tomatoes for Gout

Benefits of tomatoes for Gout
ImageSource: www.agoramedia.com

The health benefits of tomatoes in the treatment of gout have a very conundrum approach. While some believe that it is actually beneficial in treating (R) the ailment, some tend to disagree with the statement, believing that it rather contributes to making the situation worse.

For the most part, tomatoes are not a threat to people with gout (R). It is made up of 90% water which is definitely a positive prospect to the fact because gout patients need to remain hydrated all throughout to avoid making the situation worse. Tomatoes also have a considerably low purine concentration in it which is yet another contributing factor to its treatment.

5. Benefits of Tomatoes in Hangover

Benefits of tomatoes in HangoverTomatoes are loaded with essential Vitamins like that of Vitamin A and Vitamin C along with certain other compounds like beta-carotene and powerful antioxidant like lycopene. These compounds altogether have very impactful benefits in curbing the signs and symptoms that come along after a heavy night of drinking.

It curbs down the levels of alcohol in the body (R) after a night of drinking, thereby reviving you from a painful headache and pounding that often accompanies the condition. It also helps flush out the unnecessary toxins out of the body, thereby aiding further.

Add some roasted tomatoes to your breakfast of bacon and eggs after a heavy night of drinking and that should be more than enough to do the trick.

6. Benefits of Tomatoes in Promoting Healthy Heart

tomatoes in Promoting HeartTomatoes have a balanced concentration of essential dietary fibers, vitamins and choline which all cumulatively contribute to boosting one’s heart health. Not just that, the sustained levels of folate in the tomatoes also contribute to the maintenance of the homocysteine levels in the body which prevents the probability of heart attacks in individuals.

Even the presence of lycopene and beta-carotene subsequently contribute to protecting one’s heart health. The lycopene in the blood helps maintain a proper level of the LDL cholesterol (R) in the body, thereby ensuring to avoid the possibilities of poor heart health associated with them.

The consumption of tomatoes also helped curb the heightened levels of oxidative stress (R) in the body which is yet another contributing factor to the better health of the cardiovascular system of an individual.

7. Benefits of Tomatoes in Cancer Prevention

Benefits of tomatoes in Cancer PreventionThe uncontrolled growth of cells in what characterizes cancer and while there are ongoing researches that are coming up with new treatment strategies and developments, there have been prior conducted studies which have claimed the effects of tomatoes and various tomato products (R) in the treatment of prostate and lung cancers.

The heightened levels of lycopene (R) in the tomatoes help provide with the protection and prevents the possible signs and symptoms of cancer. Even the presence of carotenoids (R) in the tomatoes helps in the prevention of cancer in individuals, especially breast cancer in women.

8. Benefits of Tomatoes for Better Eye Vision

Benefits of tomatoes for Better Eye VisionVision is one of those senses that are subjected to threats even with the minimal changes and negative impacts. Tomatoes, which are loaded with Vitamin C, have beneficial effects in protecting and bettering one’s vision. The consumption of tomatoes also promotes the improved absorption of lycopene (R) which is definitely an added bonus for one’s vision.

Some of the lycopene compounds like lutein and zeaxanthin arrest the macular degeneration (R) in the eyes and prevents the possible causes behind cataracts in later stages in life.

9. Benefits of Tomatoes for Bone Health

Benefits of tomatoes for Bone HealthThe presence of Vitamin K, lycopene along with calcium help in boosting good bone health in an individual. It helps strengthen the bones and even repair the bones if there is any kind of problems. The consumption of tomatoes even boosts the bone mass.

The potential antioxidant, lycopene, which is present in tomatoes, is an amazing compound that helps prevent the problems associated with osteoporosis (R) that is often caused because of heightened oxidative stress. Lycopene brings down the levels of oxidative stress in the body, thereby preventing the further degradation of the bones.

10. Benefits of Tomatoes in Destroying Free Radicals

Benefits of tomatoes in Destroying Free Radicals
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Free radicals, when present in controlled numbers in the body, have beneficial impacts in fighting foreign threats that attack our body. But there are often times when the levels of free radicals in the body exceed surprising levels, thereby negatively impacting one’s body and exposing them to an environment of oxidative stress which is definitely not good for one’s overall well being.

The tomatoes (R) consist of potential antioxidant lycopene (R) and beta-carotene which together work to fight off the excess levels of free radicals in the body, thereby preventing the risks associated with the heightened levels of free radicals in the body.

11. Benefits of Tomatoes for Digestion

Benefits of tomatoes for DigestionRegular bowel movement is one of the primary results that insinuate proper digestion (R) without any kind of hindering problems behind the digestive system. The consumption of tomato juice is very effective in boosting one’s bowel movement and this helps prevent constipation and associated digestion problems.

Tomatoes are even loaded essential dietary fiber which contributes to the proper digestion of the ingested food as well. It imposes laxative (mild) properties, thereby aiding in proper digestion and salient excretion of the harmful toxins off the body.

12. Benefits of Tomatoes in Preventing Blood Clots

Benefits of tomatoes in Preventing Blood Clots
ImageSource: www.healthline.com

Blood clots in the body often pose risks to a number of events, especially in cardiovascular problems like heart attacks and strokes which is definitely something that one needs to be wary of. It is all thanks to the Lycopene (R) present in the tomatoes that not just have beneficial antioxidant properties but help prevent blood clotting as well.

Tomatoes are also loaded with phytonutrients (R) which have positive impacts in preventing abnormal clamping of the blood cells and the platelets. This also prevents the imposed heart risks and helps boost one’s overall well being.

13. Benefits of Tomatoes in Boosting One’s Immunity

Benefits of tomatoes in Boosting One’s ImmunityThe perfect combination of beta-carotene, Vitamin C and lycopene all contribute to providing one with a bettered immunity. One of the most common reasons behind altered immunity (R) is because of the rising levels of oxidative stress in the body which is what ends up causing affected and fatigued cells in the body that adversely affects the overall immunity of an individual.

The high levels of antioxidants present in the tomatoes curb the heightened levels of oxidative stress and helps protect the body from any kind of foreign antigen attack and protects the cells in the body.

14. Benefits of Tomatoes in Reducing Stress Levels

Benefits of tomatoes in Reducing Stress LevelsStress levels can root from a number of reasons in our body but it is believed that the daily consumption of tomatoes can help curb the signs and symptoms related to stress and anxiety. The high content of Vitamin C in the tomatoes often helps fight off the stress levels (R) by reducing the levels of stress hormones in the body.

Not just that, even the antioxidants present in the tomatoes help in reducing the oxidative stress that the body is often subjected to because of the heightened levels of free radicals in the body.

Tomato Beauty Benefits

Tomato Beauty BenefitsMuch like the common health benefits of tomatoes, it also has noticeable benefits in enhancing and improving one’s beauty which is exactly what we are going to be focusing on in this segment.

15. Benefits of Tomatoes for Face Whitening

Benefits of tomatoes for Face Whitening
ImageSource: www.femalevenue.com

The application of tomatoes has amazing but gradual benefits in skin lightening and whitening of the face. It is primarily because of the presence of Vitamin C along with slight acidic properties which aid in lightening of the dark patches (R) on the face and making the skin tone even all throughout.

Tomatoes also have certain enzymes present in them which further contribute to fixing the problems relating to hyperpigmentation, tanning and scarring and blemishes which leave behind dark spots and patches on the face.

16. Benefits of Tomatoes for Acne

Benefits of tomatoes for Acne
ImageSource: www.medicalnewstoday.com

Tomatoes are great for not just the prevention of acne but also in taking care of the aftermath that it leaves behind because of the acne and pimples. The high concentration of antioxidants in the tomatoes aid in clearing out the skin and help fight the oxidative stress from within which is often reflected on the exterior of the skin.

Even the lycopene (R) in the tomatoes help in the protection of the skin and enhances collagen production which all contributes to keeping the signs and presence of acne at bay. The mild acidic property of the tomatoes also aids in reducing the appearance of the acne along with the redness that it brings along with it.

17. Benefits of Tomatoes for Dark Circles

Benefits of tomatoes for Dark Circles
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The mild acidic properties of the tomato imply mild bleaching properties on the skin which is what aids in lightening the appearance of the dark circles (R) and the associated area of the eyes. The tomato juice is what imposes the maximum benefits in healing this which is why it is best to extract the juice of one tomato and apply the tomato around the eyes and leave it on.

Even the presence of lycopene in the tomato helps lighten the appearance of dark circles that could be caused by hyperpigmentation or even just the lack of proper night’s sleep.

18. Benefits of Tomatoes for Anti-Ageing

Benefits of tomatoes for Anti-Ageing
ImageSource: www.consumerhealthdigest.com

Premature aging is one of the most common problems that the majority of people are often stressed about and for the most part, stress is the primary cause behind it. The concentration of good and effective antioxidants in the tomatoes is what helps in combating the signs and symptoms related to aging.

The lycopene, which is one of the most effective carotenoids, help keep the cells in the body healthy and in a good working condition which is the first step to ensuring the delaying of aging in the first place. It also protects the skin from the harsh exposure to the UV rays (R) which often tends to affect the skin, contributing to aging.

Make sure to consume raw tomatoes on a regular basis to boost the overall rejuvenation of your skin cells and to keep the skin tight around the face where the signs of aging are mostly visible. You will witness the benefits of eating tomatoes right after a few weeks only.

19. Benefits of Tomatoes for Blackheads

Benefits of tomatoes for blackheads
ImageSource: www.healthline.com

Blackheads are nothing but the accumulation of dirt and dead skin in the clogged pores on the skin. Tomatoes have slight bleaching properties along with mild acidic properties because of the presence of Vitamin C in them which helps in cleansing of these clogged pores and getting rid of the blackheads for good.

Make a scrub with tomato paste and some coarse gram flour and gently rub it over the affected areas of blackheads and scrub it all off to get a clear skin.

Tomato Skin Benefits

Tomato Skin Benefits20. Benefits of Tomatoes for Skin Glow

Benefits of tomatoes for Skin Glow
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Glowing skin is often achieved with the restoration of the lost moisture and hydration of the skin. Application of any form of tomato mask or even just raw tomato or even consuming it raw imparts amazing benefits on the skin which is not something one would even expect.

The tomatoes help restore the hydration on the skin and also ensure to moisturize it from within which is definitely what helps bring back that lost glow on the face that many people often times complain about. The associated antioxidant benefits of this fruit also helps contribute to bringing the natural glow on the face from within.

21. Benefits of Tomatoes for Getting Rid of Dead Skin Cells

Benefits of tomatoes for Getting rid of dead skin cells
ImageSource: www.myskin.com

In this stressful life where we are exposed to so much pollution, dead skin cells on the face and other parts of the body have become a very common phenomenon. The exfoliating and cleansing property of the tomatoes have an amazing beneficial effect in getting rid of the excess dead cells off the face.

Make an exfoliating mask with tomatoes and some almond meal and scrub it on your face with gentle hands ensuring that you don’t irritate your skin. Don’t go too rough with the almond meal and get the dead skin cells off with gentle hands.

22. Benefits of Tomatoes for Oily Skin

Benefits of tomatoes for Oily Skin
ImageSource: www.lesliebaumannmd.com

While oily skin has its own set of pros and cons, the presence of it tends to be the primary reason behind acne and pimples because of the clogged pores. If you are tired of having an oily skin, the tomato benefits you by regulating the oil balance on your face.

The presence of Vitamin C and Vitamin A together help to rejuvenate the skin from within which is not something you would get with anything else. Not just that, the mild acidic properties of the tomatoes help stop the excess production of oil on the skin by regulating its function. Also, Read More Treatments for Oily Skin

23. Benefits of Tomatoes for Sunburn

Benefits of tomatoes for Sunburn
ImageSource: www.allure.com

Tomatoes have good and effective astringent properties which work in helping relieve the stinging irritation that one feels because of the sunburn. The properties of Vitamin C in the tomatoes also helps nourish the skin and combat the redness and pain that is often seen because of the hefty burning of the skin because of direct exposure to the sun.

Even the 90% of water content in the tomatoes help in soothing the redness and irritation caused by the sunburn. Apply some tomato juice on the affected area of the sunburn and sit in a cool place, preferably under a fan. You can also freeze the tomato juice into ice cubes and then apply it directly on the affected area of the sunburn.

24. Benefits of Tomatoes for Dry Skin

Benefits of tomatoes for Dry Skin
ImageSource: www.icpahealth.com

Dry Skin is a problem that is more or less witnessed and experienced by every other person. Would you believe if I said that tomatoes are actually beneficial in treating the signs and symptoms relating to dry and rough skin?

Tomatoes are made up of 90% of water and necessary carotenoids and antioxidants which work together to boost one’s overall dryness of the skin, that, for the most part, is caused because of the lack of moisture in the body. The consumption, as well as the application of tomatoes on the skin, helps combat the signs and symptoms relating to dry and rough skin.

Tomato Hair Benefits

Tomato hair benefitsMuch like with skin and beauty, tomatoes also have a pronounced benefit in treating the problems associated with one’s quality of hair. In this section, we are going to be talking about the health benefits of tomatoes that one can witness in their hair as well.

25. Controlls Hair Fall and Inducing Hair Growth

tomatoes in controlling hair fallThe amazing concentration of essential Vitamins like that of Vitamin A, C and E in the tomatoes, it is a sure shot fact why this is considered as a good remedy to combat hair fall and induce hair growth.

The vitamins in the tomatoes help in strengthening the hair follicles and clears out the clogged pores which, in turn, promotes proper growth of hair, without any kind of hindrance in between. They also induce natural shine to the hair which is definitely another added bonus.

26. Benefits of Tomatoes to Treat Scalp and Dandruff

Benefits of tomatoes to treat scalp and dandruffTomatoes because of their cleansing and exfoliating properties help get rid of the dirt and oils that are often trapped on the scalp. The excess oil on the scalp is what primarily causes the problems encircling dandruff and such.

The cleansing property of the tomatoes help get rid of the excess oil from the scalp and hydrates the scalp at the same time. If you are looking for instantaneous results, try using tomato juice on your scalp. Extract the juice of a tomato and pour it into a spray bottle. Spray the tomato juice onto your scalp and leave it on for a few minutes. Wash it off with a mild shampoo and towel dry your hair.

This will not just help clean the roots of the hair but also contribute to making them smooth and silky.

Side Effects of Tomato

Side effects of tomatoWhile we have definitely raved a lot about the tomato benefits throughout the entirety of the article, it is not always the case. There is a limit to how much tomato is too much tomato for an individual and it is necessary to ensure that the line is not crossed.

Some of the common side effects of tomato include:

Acid reflux

Tomatoes are loaded with several varieties of organic acids like that of malic acid and citric acid which overall makes it an acidic compound in nature. Excessive consumption of it often times increases the levels of stomach acids which, in turn, ends up causing heartburn (R) or acid reflux. If you are someone who suffers from Gastroesophageal reflux disease, it is best to look out for how much tomatoes you are consuming.


This is the kind of side effect which is primarily dependant and varying from person to person. It depends on one’s sole immunity and antigen identifying capabilities for the possible induction of an infection. Apart from that, there is a compound, histamine (R), which is present in the tomatoes that often times end up causing allergies and infections.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

While tomatoes, because of their good dietary fiber content, tomatoes are beneficial for reducing the problems relating to constipation but the presence of the seeds often tend to hinder with the process. If you are consuming tomatoes for irritable bowel syndrome (R), ensure that you take the seeds out because they can often times cause the complete opposite and harden the stool.


Lycopenodermia is the condition that is caused by the excess presence of lycopene (R) in the body which results in the orange colouration of the skin. While lycopene is definitely a boon for several of the other health benefits, the excess presence of it in the body can often times inflict negative impacts.

Urinary issues

Because of the acidity of the tomatoes, it can often inflict negative impacts on one’s urinary health. The acidic properties irritate the bladder and may often even result in incontinence which is definitely not a favourable condition to be in. If the situation persists, there are even chances of formation of other form of urinary diseases that can inflict even worse effects on one’s well being.

Migraine Triggers

Tomatoes are considered as effective migraine triggers. If you are someone who suffers from migraine headaches, it is best to stay away from tomatoes because the same can inflict negative impacts and aggravate one’s migraine.

Nutritional Value of Tomatoes

Nutritional value of TomatoesTomatoes and their nutritional values don’t need a separate introduction, now, does it? As mentioned all throughout the articles, the health benefits of tomatoes are only effective because of the amazing nutrients, vitamins and minerals it is loaded with.

In order to make it easier for you to understand, we’ll chart out the nutritional values of tomatoes.

Compound Amount (per 100 gms)
Calories 18
Water 95%
Protein 0.9 gm
Carbs 3.9 gm
Sugar 2.6 gm
Fiber 1.2 gm
Fat 0.2 gm


The benefits of tomatoes are actually beneficial in a number of varying aspects of one’s health, from helping with weight loss to protecting one’s heart, the consumption of tomatoes cover it all. While these benefits are definitely riveting, make sure that you don’t end up losing tract and eat tomatoes uncontrollably because even that has its fair share of side effects.