24 Foods That Make You Poop and Help Prevent Constipation

foods that make you poop
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Constipation can be a real pain in the buttocks, both literally and metaphorically. It can be dependant on a number of factors, the diet, and lifestyle of a person being the primary two factors of dependency. Ignoring the risks and problems with constipation can often times result into even bigger problems that could make one suffer till the end of time which is why we are here to share some insights on the foods that make you poop and stay wary of possible problems that come alongside it.

Whatever the situations are, it is always best to tend to every possible hindrance caused to the body’s normal functioning because the persistency of these alterations often tends to inflict negative impact in the long haul. After reading this article, we hope you are well versed with the top 24 foods that help you poop and avoid the pain that comes along with constipation.

What Foods Make You Poop and Prevent Constipation

Foods for constipation

Our body’s bowel movement primarily relies on the food we consume and the kind of fibre intake it instigates. If you are persistently suffering from irregular and painful bowel movements, it is time to tweak your diet to foods that make you poop immediately without any kind of hassle. All of these mentioned food variants have their own way of combating the signs and symptoms of constipation and it is best to read through them first before drastically changing your diet.

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1. Apples

ApplesThe condition of constipation primarily leaves behind symptoms of bloating and uneasiness. Apples, which are high in fibre content, effectively helps in proper digestion and easy and regular bowel movements in a person. This fruit not just helps hydrate and replenish the body with its lost nutrients, it is also a great food for constipation.

Amount of Consumption

As per the conducted studies, the permissible and ideal amount of fibre intake for a human being ranges from 25-30 grams in a day. If you are solely depending on apples for your dietary fibre, 1 or 2 apples a day is more than enough to fulfill that need. That being said, it is always best to eat your apple with the skin on because that is where the majority of the fibre is concentrated.

How Does it Help?

Apple is rich in fibres and has a considerably good proportion of pectin in it which is exactly what helps in regulating the bowel movement, thus removing the signs of constipation. The fibre rich food helps by inducing proper digestion which, in turn, reduces the irregularities in the bowel movement. Apples are one of the best foods that make you poop.

2. Watermelon

WatermelonWatermelons are a well loved fruit across the masses and all for the right reasons. There are a number of beneficial properties that help categorize watermelons as one of the best foods for constipation. It is high in water content and rich in fibres which is exactly what helps in preventing constipation and curing the signs and symptoms that come with it.

Amount of Consumption

Watermelon pieces should always be consumed in portioned quantities. Just because the fruit is high in water content doesn’t necessarily mean that you can eat as much as you want at a go. If you are eating it as a food for constipation, it is always best to stick to one fourth of a decently sized watermelon for optimum results.

How Does it Help?

Watermelon is a mild laxative because of its high water and fibre content. This helps in improving the process of digestion in a human which is what exactly regulates the bowel movements, thus preventing constipation.

3. Bananas

BananasBananas have a bit of giving or take when it comes to treating constipation. If you are categorising it under the foods for constipation, you are more likely going to opt for the ripe bananas and not the unripe one because the unripe ones do the complete opposite of what you are expecting off of it. The unripe bananas are best eaten when someone suffers from diarrhea or loose motions.

Amount of Consumption

Two bananas a day is more than enough to regulate your bowel movement for you. If you are consuming bananas for treating the signs and symptoms of constipation, it is always best to go for the ripe bananas because the unripe ones harden the stool and makes it painful when you are about to poop.

How Does it Help?

Bananas are rich in the fibre, pectin, which helps in proper churning and digestion of food which is exactly what makes you poop. The pectin in the bananas also helps in drawing out excess water from the intestine to the stool which makes the stool of perfect consistency for it to be excreted out.

4. Broccoli

BroccoliMuch like the benefits of the beans, even this tree-like vegetable accounts for one of the best foods that make you poop. It is high in fibre content which improves digestion and helps relieve the signs of constipation. A close family of the cabbage and cauliflower, the broccoli is rich in Vitamin C and even contains beta-carotene which both are natural anti-oxidants.

Amount of Consumption

Broccoli has a higher fibre content which is what promotes getting rid of constipation. When it comes to the amount of consumption, the same is best to restricted to four to five big florets of the veggie. If you can, eat it raw. Boiling it often tends to lessen the fibre content in the broccoli.

How Does it Help?

Broccoli may not have the best taste but it sure does have a lot of nutritional benefits to the body which is what makes it one of the best food to relieve constipation. It is rich in fibres which promote the process of digestion, thus, getting rid of the signs and symptoms related to constipation.

5. Blueberries

Blue berriesBlueberries and even the other common variants of berries are not just good for the health as a rich source Vitamin C and antioxidants, it is also rich in fibres which act as a mild laxative for curing constipation. If you have been wondering what foods make you poop, this one definitely makes it to the top of the list.

Amount of Consumption

Have a bowl or half a bowl of blueberries as a snack once a day and that itself almost accounts for 5 gram of the fibre consumption of the diet. This is a great way to not just eat tasty but healthy at the same time.

How Does it Help?

All variants of berries, especially blueberries are rich in nutrients and fibres content. The rich fibre content is what promotes the easy and regular bowel movements in humans. It is primarily important to ensure that you consume it as a snack and not as a meal replacement because the same can cause adverse effects on the body.

6. Chia Seeds

Chia SeedsChia seeds and flax seeds are very rich in fibres, omega 3 fatty acids, and even antioxidants. The combination of these three is what helps in combating the problems that a person faces because of constipation and irregular bowel movements. These are very nutritional for the health as well which is why doctors highly suggest and recommend the consumption of chia seeds.

Amount of Consumption

Soak about 2-3 tablespoons of chia seeds in a glass of water and let it soak for a few hours. Drink this water daily for the optimum results. If interested, you can even consume one teaspoon of flaxseed oil daily for similar kind of results.

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How Does it Help?

With the kind of benefits that chia seeds have on the body, it is best to consume in on a regular basis, especially during the summers because it also helps in lowering the body temperature to sustain the hot climate. The fibre and good fats in the chia seeds help in making it one of the best foods for constipation.

7. Prunes

PrunesPrunes or the dried and dehydrates plums are not just a tasty fruit to snack on or add to your cereal but it is one of the best foods that make you poop. These dehydrated fruits are rich in a number of nutrients and fibres which contribute to relieving one of the symptoms of constipation and cure the problems that come alongside it.

Amount of Consumption

3-5 prunes a day can help instill a good portion of fibre in your body which is more than enough to help regulate your bowel movement. Often times, kids tend to not like the taste of the prunes, which is it is best to tweak the way of feeding them and either mixing it with other juices or giving them in the form of popsicles for a better taste.

How Does it Help?

Prunes are rich in insoluble fibres and other digestable fibres which helps in improving the process of digestion in one’s body. It even has a sparse presence of the natural laxative, sorbitol which helps in cutting down the symptoms of constipation in a person.

8. Kiwifruit

Kiwi fruitKiwi is one of the highly suggested foods for constipation. The primary reason for the same being the fact that it is high in fibre and nutrients which promote regular bowel movements. It is a form of berry and much like every other variant, even this one contains a number of vitamins which help in boosting the overall health of an individual.

Amount of Consumption

Studies suggest that one kiwi fruit contains around 2.5 grams of fibre. So, it is best advisable to consume two Kiwifruits a day to help with the condition of constipation. A 2013 research study even backed up with facts how the consumption of two kiwis a day helps in ensuring regularity in the daily bowel movement in an individual.

9. Pears

PearsPears are not just a sweet and juicy fruit, it is a natural remedy and fruit that helps relieve constipation and the symptoms that come along with it. It is rich in fibres and natural sweetness which makes it delectable to eat and a healthy option for a snack as well which doesn’t leave any kind of negative impact on the body.

Amount of Consumption

A single medium sized pear, ideally contains around 5.5 grams of fibre which makes it a great option to stick to. Eat around one or two pears a day as a snack in between meals to help with the proper digestion of the food that you have ingested.

How Does it Help?

Much like apple, even pear has the majority of its fibre content in the skin which is why it is always advisable to eat the fruit with the skin on. The skin also contains a considerable amount of pectin which further helps in getting rid of signs of constipation.

10. Beans

BeansBeans are one of the popular variants and food that help you poop. While many tend to not like the aftermath of eating beans, it sure does promote a very easy way of bowel movement if consumed in correct quantities on a daily basis. They are rich in a variety of fibres which is what helps in ensuring to get rid of the symptoms of constipation.

Amount of Consumption

Consumption of beans should be restricted to a certain amount if you don’t want to fart around and put yourself in a very awkward and embarrassing position amidst the crowd. It is best to always stick to one small bowl of beans every day during lunch for ensuring easy bowel movement every day.

How Does it Help?

Beans are rich in both soluble and insoluble fibres which helps in ensuring proper digestion and breakdown of the ingested food which is what helps relieve the signs of constipation. It is always best to test the waters with the beans because many times people tend to have a hard time digesting the constituents of the beans.

11. Grapes

GrapesOne of the primary reasons of constipation doesn’t just lie in the food that you eat but the nutrients and minerals you are missing out on. Lack of magnesium in the body often results in the irregularity of the bowel movement. This is exactly where the grapes come into play. Consumption of just a handful of grapes can wipe out the problems attached with the lack of fibres and magnesium in the body.

Amount of Consumption

Studies suggest that 10 grapes contain about 2.6 grams of fibres which is a considerable amount coming from a fruit. It is one of the best foods that make you poop given the fact that it promotes the proper digestion of the ingested food in the body. Consume a bowl of grapes throughout the day as a snack.

How Does it Help?

If you have irregular bowel movements, consumption of grapes can help correct that problem. It is one of the best sources of fibre and natural vitamins and minerals which is what helps in propagating the process of digestion which is exactly what you need to cure the issues you are facing regarding the irregular bowel movements and constipation.

12. Grapefruit

GrapefruitGrapefruit is often a variant of fruit that is neglected and not reached for because of its unique taste and texture. It is a very under appreciated fruit which showcases a number of positive impacts on the overall health of an individual. It has a slight tang to it and belongs to the lemon family which makes it have an overloading amount of anti-oxidant in it.

Amount of Consumption

Each serving of grapefruit consists of around 10-12 grams of fibres which makes it one of the most favoured foods for constipation. Eat a bowl of grapefruit with a little sprinkling of black salt and you are good to go.

How Does it Help?

Grapefruit is rich in insoluble fibres and even pectin which helps in proper digestion and increased metabolism which contributes to easy and regular bowel movements which is one of the things that many people often times struggle with. All the constituents work together to inflict amazing laxative properties to the functions of the intestine.

13. Mangoes

MangoesMangoes are not only full of cholesterol and fat as many people think of it. It is rich in a number of nutrients and ingredients which help in combating the signs and symptoms that come along with it. In a recently conducted study, it was found that people with a mango-included diet experience better bowel movement in comparison to the one who didn’t.

Amount of Consumption

As mango is a seasonal fruit, it is best to stick to eating one mango a day, at most two daily. The higher concentration of fibre in the fruit helps in promoting a better digestion which is exactly what you need to relieve yourself from constipation.

How Does it Help?

Mango is rich in fibre and other natural nutrients and minerals which make it one of the best food to relieve constipation. It is always best to stick with the naturally grown mangoes and not the carbide ones because of the fact that they are chemically grown and don’t have the kind of health benefits that you are seeking for.

14. Oatmeal

OatmealIf you haven’t been living under a rock, you must be very well aware of the kind of correlation oatmeal has with constipation. The astounding percentage of fibre content in the grain is what helps in curing the painful process that accompanies constipation.

Amount of Consumption

Oatmeal is primarily soaked in milk and eaten as a cereal during breakfast in the morning. It consists of 55% of soluble fibres and 45% of insoluble fibres which work together to promote the proper breakdown of the ingested food. A good portion of oats can help in getting rid of the signs and symptoms that come with constipation.

How Does it Help?

Much like what has been mentioned before, oatmeal have a good percentage of insoluble and soluble fibres which work together to aid the process of digestion in an individual. It churns the ingested food for better absorption which is what helps in ensuring proper and regular bowel movement.

15. Water

WaterWater is the universal remedy for almost all the diseases that the body suffers from. More or else, every single type of ailment demands the individual to either regulate their water intake or sometimes increase the water intake to avoid dehydration. Even constipation, it is not just about the foods that make you poop but even water plays a vital role in the process of relieving a person from their symptoms of constipation.

Amount of Consumption

The advisable amount of water consumption should at least be 2 liters a day for an adult and a little less for kids and people of older age. Drink water in intervals and avoid chugging down a majority of it in one go and staying off it for the rest of the day. It sometimes even has adverse effects on the body which is definitely not something you want. Focus on drinking more water during the daytime and gradually lessen it as night creeps in.

How Does it Help?

The major cause of constipation is the lack of hydration in the colon part of the digestive system. Drinking water helps in replenishing the lost hydration from the colon which is what avoids the secretion of water from the colon which keeps the stool soft that makes it easy to pass through the anus without causing any kind of pain. So, don’t just focus on the foods for constipation but also the fluids that contribute to it.

16. Oranges

OrangesOranges, which fall under the citrus category of the food chain, is primarily not just beneficial for their anti-oxidant properties but also for several other health benefits, relieving constipation being one of them. It also replenishes the body of the lost hydration and necessary nutrients which is definitely an added bonus.

Amount of Consumption

Experts suggest that one orange generally contains around 4 grams of fibre and 80 calories which is amazing because it is not just contributing to the dietary fibres but also doesn’t add to the impending calories in one’s body. One or two oranges a day can help in treating the symptoms that come along with constipation.

How Does it Help?

Apart from the normal presence of fibres in the orange, it also contains a special ingredient, naringenin which helps in curing the irregularities related to the bowel movement. This has been seen to have effective impacts on treating the problems and pain that one encounters with regards to constipation.

17. Lemon Water

Lemon waterLemon water has varying health benefits, treating constipation and regulating bowel movements being one of them. While you are concentrating on the foods that help you poop, it is necessary to focus on the fluids as well and the combination of water and lemon together helps in inflicting a number of positive impacts, especially when it comes to constipation.

Amount of consumption

Lemon water works best when drank first thing in the morning right after waking up or after the morning run (Read More). Squeeze a whole lemon into a glass of water and drink it. While someone like to drink it with lukewarm water and honey, it is completely up to personal preferences on how you want to consume it.

How Does it Help?

Water is a natural lubricant and helps in ensuring that the environment of the colon is kept hydrated so that the poop is soft and passes out easily without any kind of obstruction. The acidic property of the lemon adds to the process of digestion, thus moving the digested food forward for further breakdown and absorption.

18. Yogurt

YoghurtYogurt has a very conundrum effect when it comes to constipation. It is most likely not readily advised to people who suffer from irregular bowel syndrome. If you are a normal person who has been suffering from a momentary issue concerning the bowel movements and constipation, yoghurt is a good choice to adhere to.

Amount of Consumption

The good bacteria present in the yoghurt helps in promoting digestion, so it is always best to eat a small bowl of yogurt after the major meals. Make sure to keep up with the correct dietary fibre intake along with it as well because that it promotes in relieving one from the symptoms of constipation.

How Does it Help?

Yogurt primarily helps with constipation by aiding in improving the rate of digestion and metabolism in the body. It is how it ensures proper breakdown of the food which, in turn, promotes effective and regular bowel movement in an individual. If you suffer from irregular bowel syndrome, it is always advised to stay wary of the dairy products but if not, then go ahead with the same.

19. Almond Milk

Almond milkUnlike the normal dairy products and cow’s milk which often instigate constipation, almond milk necessarily has completely different effects in this regard. It doesn’t cause cases of indigestion or other stomach related issues which can often be caused by the other forms of dairy. Not just that, almonds itself is very nutritional on its own which is yet another benefit.

Amount of Consumption

Almond milk, in comparison to other forms of milks, is a bit on the expensive side. It is advisable to stick to a glass of almond milk a day or mix it with your cereal in the morning. It lacks dairy which is why it is one of the best and healthiest alternatives.

How Does it Help?

While the consumption of normal dairy often promotes the process of constipation, the same is always not the case with the quick alternative that is almond milk. Almond milk even has a considerable amount of fibre in it which further helps in getting rid of the signs and symptoms related to constipation.

20. Beetroot Juice

Beetroot JuiceBeetroot juice might not inflict nutritional benefits as such as the other foods, but it definitely helps in curing one off the issues that come along with constipation and irregular bowel movement. The list of foods that help you poop might elongate to a certain extent but the presence of beetroot juice is a mandatory in this regard.

Amount of Consumption

It is always best to stick to lesser quantity of beetroot juice consumption because of the fact that the taste of beetroot is somewhat of an acquired taste. While you definitely want to experience the benefits that come along with, you don’t necessarily want to purge it all out because of the taste of it.

How Does it Help?

Beetroot juice helps in softening the stool which ensures a smooth and easy bowel movement in the morning. It is necessary to ensure that you go for freshly made juice and not rely on the packaged ones because they contain a number of unnecessary preservatives and additives which can be harmful for health. Beetroot juice even promotes gut motility which is yet another way by which is effectively rid the symptoms of constipation.

21. Coconut Water

Coconut waterCoconut water has its list of pros and cons with it. While drinking coconut water in permissible quantity can promote the process of digestion and bowel movement, the excess and rigorous intake can result in completely negative impacts than what you were expecting. It has irreparable benefits which can go out of hand if not maintained properly.

Amount of Consumption

Drinking the water of one coconut every day or better every other day can help in regulating your bowel movement and help with the signs of constipation. Its sometimes one of those fluids or foods that make you poop immediately. If you are someone who has higher levels of potassium ions in their body, it is best to drink coconut water sparsely or stick to other foods that relieve constipation.

How Does it Help?

Coconut water has minimal laxative properties along with hydration properties as well. The water tends to soften the poop which ensures a smooth bowel excretion without any kind of pressure involved. It also fulfills the sugar cravings in a person, thus accounting for around 25% of the carbohydrate intake in the diet.

22. Cabbage

CabbageCabbage, much like several other vegetables, is also rich in fibres which account for one of the primary factors when it comes to curing constipation. The increase in dietary fibres impressingly helps in curing the problems that often arise because of lack of proper digestion and metabolism.

Amount to Consume

As per scientific research, every 100 grams of cabbage consists of 2.5 grams of dietary fibre which is considerably a good amount. Cabbage is often times heavy on the stomach for people who work less or just sleep around. Thus, it is always best to stick to a small portion once a day for the desired results.

How Does it Help?

Cabbage is rich in dietary fibres which help in curing the signs and symptoms attached with constipation. If you are looking up various kinds of foods that make you poop, you will probably find cabbage charting the list being in the top 5 or so. It is rich in several vitamins and minerals as well which make it one of the best in the lot.

23. Garlic

GarlicMany people have the misconception that garlic causes constipation and other stomach issues but the actual story is quite different. Garlic has a number of benefits when it comes to treating constipation and the symptoms that come along with it. Daily consumption of garlic has a number of positive health benefits which is why it is best to try this out without having to think negatively about the outcomes.

Amount of Consumption

The best way of consuming garlic is to eat a raw garlic clove right in the morning. If not, it is best to just consume garlic in cooking as well. In both ways, it works wonders on the digestion process after the consumption of food.

How Does it Help?

Garlic contains a number of special dietary fibres which not many people are aware of. These fibres are known as insoluble fibres which help in regulating the gut movement and even the digestion of the food. Primarily, it is necessary to keep an eye out for the benefits of garlic in other health issues as well. It is beneficial in the regulation of bowel movements and the cleansing process of the digestion as well which adds to the overall list of benefits.

24. Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts, much like cabbage and several other leafy veggies, have a high fibre content in them. These can effectively regulate bowel movement and help rid the signs and symptoms that accompany the condition of constipation.

Amount of Consumption

There is no specificity when it comes to eating brussels sprouts because they are healthy and doesn’t have any side effect on extended consumption. It is best to still with one cup of brussels sprouts during lunch or dinner for a day.

How Does it Help?

Brussels sprouts have 4g of dietary fibre in one cup of it. These soluble dietary fibres help in regulating the bowel movements in a person and gets rid of the unwanted signs and symptoms attached with irregular bowel syndrome and constipation. They are rich in both soluble and insoluble dietary fibres.

Food for Thought With Some FAQs

Food for thought with some FAQs1. Does Caffeine Make you poop?

A: To answer this question, yes, caffeine surely does have laxative properties on the body. Consumption of caffeine often times help in the production of stomach acid which churns and propels the food to move forward through the digestive tract. It also induces contraction in the gastrointestinal muscles which further encourages you to poop.

2. Does Magnesium Make you Poop?

A: Yes, Magnesium is a great supplement that helps you poop. The presence of magnesium in the body helps relax the stomach and other GI tract muscles which promote the movement of the bolus easily. The distension in the stomach muscles along with neutralising of the stomach acids make you poop.

3. Does Pooping Help Lose Weight?

A: To be honest with the answer, there is a very minimal connection between weight loss and pooping. But, at the end of the day, a regular cycle of bowel movement asserts the normal metabolism rate which is definitely one of the primary contributors to weight loss.

4. Does Pooping Lowers Blood Pressure?

A: Opposite to lowering of blood pressure, pooping has a higher chances of inducing hypertension in an individual, the condition known as defecation syncope. With that being said, there chances of lowering of blood pressure if you are frequently visiting the washroom or are suffering from diarrhea.

Constipation is a very serious issue which often times leaves behind a number of negative impact on one’s body. With the proper maintenance of diet and food intake, one can easily ensure to keep this problem in check. The mentioned foods that make you poop in this very article can help regulate your bowel movements and get rid of the signs and symptoms that come along with the issue of constipation.