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diabetes foot care
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Diabetes is not just confined to your blood sugar levels, but it affects almost every function and every part of your existence. From the heart, lungs, kidneys, nerves and also slowing down the healing process, it affects every body part. Diabetes specially causes nerve damage which makes the feet get numb and also impairs the foot skin. Thus we ought to check details on diabetes foot care to prevent them from taking severe forms. Since the nerves get damaged, the blood supply to our feet gets reduced greatly and thus, it can get severe with some people also having to go for amputation of a leg. This loss of feeling and sensation in your feet due to diabetes, is called peripheral neuropathy. This causes the foot injuries to not heal well or heal at all. Thus foot care for diabetes is extremely important to prevent any complications from diabetes.

Details on Diabetes Foot Care:

Details on diabetes foot care
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Diabetes foot infections must be given proper care and treatment as with even a cracked feet diabetes gets triggered and may cause the wound to result in other complications. There is numbness and also you feet pain, there are several steps for diabetes foot pain relief which must be taken up to prevent severity. Some tips for diabetes foot treatment are:

1. Get Diabetes Foot Overview Done at Your Healthcare Provider:

Diabetes foot problems must be tried and identified before it spreads to severe levels. The doctor would check and recommend preventive and curative courses of action if he finds any deformity.

2. Inspect your feet well:

Check your feet every day for any cut or wound or bruises must not be left unattended. Begin with inspecting your toe, tops, sides, heels, sole and also each fold between toes. You must be able to check all the areas well or use a mirror or seek help from someone.

Inspect your feet well
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3. Wash and Keep Your Feet Clean All the Time:

Remember to wash your feet everytime you come from outdoor and also keep them in warm water and salt for some time every few days to kill the germs. Use mild soap and warm water to wash your feet every day. Do not use harsh soaps as they can further trigger feet deformities. You may feel numbness in feet thus may not actually understand the temperature of water when washing feet, so check it using your elbow before dipping your feet in.

4. Pat your Feet Dry After Washing:

Your feet must not stay wet post washing as it may lead to diabetic foot problems. Foot care for a diabetic patient begins with keeping the feet clean and free from germs. If water stays between the areas of toes and other folds, it will invite germs and infection causing micro-organisms. So you must pat your feet dry post every wash

5. Moisturize Your Dry Skin:

Feet must be moisturized and never let them dry. Do not apply lotion between your toes as this may get damp and invite infections. Never let your feet dry for cracked feet may just begin your diabetic foot symptoms

Moisturize your dry skin
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6. Wear Shoes That Fit Well:

Too tight or too lose shows may also cause diabetic foot care symptoms. As shoe bite may just be a beginning to your foot infections. Wear shoes which are good for your feet and stay cozy and comforting for you. Ill fitted shoes also cause ulcers, corns, and callouses which can get difficult to treat if you have diabetes

7. Cut and file your Toenails Regularly:

Nails must be trimmed and cut regularly to avoid any damage arising from them. Any small injury or cut may result in severe fatalities for diabetics.

8. Never Walk Barefoot:

Diabetics must never walk barefoot as it may cause cuts and wounds. Also, try and wear closed footwear which reduces your exposure to the ground completely. As they may cause injuries otherwise. Your feet must be well protected in the footwear you opt for.

Never walk barefoot
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9. Sit with feet in level of your seat:

Never let the feet hanging down or cross your legs for it may constrict the blood flow to your feet.  If blood circulation is obstructed it may lead to more severe fatalities, so be sure to keep your position balanced and flexible

10. Take a Proper Walk and Give Ample Exercise to your Feet:

This will enhance the blood circulation properly and help you get the desired fitness as recommended for diabetics. Proper exercises help in giving strength too and prevent from numbness of feet. Do not exercise when you have open sores on your feet as they may get worse.

11. Do not Smoke as it May Damage your Feet:

Smoking impairs your blood circulation specially in diabetics. And this may cause worst foot or leg diseases.

Diabetic foot symptoms which must be shown to doctor immediately:

Diabetic foot symptomsSometimes you may feel a diabetic foot care symptom is just normal and you begin avoiding it. But for injuries which do not heel quickly, you must see your podiatrist. Some more details to look for diabetics foot treatment. Check out when to see a doctor:

  1. If you see breaks around your wounds and they don’t seem to get healed
  2. There is discharge from the wound which is seeping continuously
  3. Your skin over the foot has changed in color and looks pale or red or blue in color which is unusual.
  4. There is swelling in your feet around a blister or injury which does not seem to fade
  5. Redness and pus on the blister which has been asked by your podiatrist to be taken attention of
  6. There is cracking between toes and almost like athletes foot
  7. Increase in numbness and pain over a day
  8. Infections around sores and injuries
  9. Hammertoes, when the middle joint of your toes is permanently bent down.

Foot care tips if you have diabetes:

Foot care tips if you have diabetes
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Adopt some healthy foot care habits if you have diabetes as these will help you in preventing a lot of complications from diabetes.

  1. Avoid antiseptic solutions on your skin as they can burn
  2. Avoid heating pads or hot water bottle without consulting your healthcare provider.
  3. Protect your feet from heat and cold, extreme weather may cause havoc on foot health.
  4. Do not remove corns or callouses by yourself, you may damage them even further. Also never use wart removers or other chemicals to treat them at home, as they may cause severities.
  5. Do not stand for long or sit at one place for long as this may constrict your blood circulation in feet

Foot care for diabetic patients begins with some preventive measure from our own side. Diabetic foot care tips and diabetic foot symptoms are both important and must be taken a note of. Diabetic foot causes can be ample like injury, bad footwear or improper foot positions but they all get triggered with poor blood flow affecting circulation around legs; as diabetes affects nerves badly. Foot care with diabetes must be given top priority and be sure to consult your podiatrician for any minor injury.

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