Benefits of Love Affairs Before Marriage

Benefits of love affairs

Now-a-days love affairs is not a horrible word as it was in 60’s. Most teenagers used to have a relationship before marriage. Even live-in relationship has become legal. So, now both of them can spend more time with each other. They have more chance to know each and everything. Some love affairs end with happy endings. What can be the benefits of having an affair in the past? Will it give you benefits for further relationship? Will it be helpful to you in a marriage relationship? Yes, There are various benefits of love affairs. Let’s see how past relationship can be helpful for your further marriage relationship.

Benefits of love affairs

1Understand boys feeling

While spending time with a guy whom you love, you will come to understand the feelings of a boy. There are certain things that are common in boys like how they react when the girl behaves like a coward or weeping all the time. What are the things they do not like in you and the things they like the most. So, the things they like the most in you, can be continued for the further life and things that he do not like should be either removed from your nature or to be changed.

2Know the intensions

While staying with him for a long time, you will come to know about the intentions of the boy. For example, what are the things that may hint you that boy is lying to you.


Mutual understanding and adjustment are the two pillars of love and relationship. You learn to adjust the situation that can come into relationship and will learn to handle it without affecting the relationship. Suppose, due to some reason, you are breakup with your lover and getting married to someone else. Then these things will be helpful in a marriage relationship.

4What Things to be shared with boys

Whether it is love or married relationship, everything should not be shared between each other. So while living in a love relationship you will come to know about all these things what should be shared and what should not be shared.

5How to keep him happy

For a happy and healthy relationship we should know the favorite things of our partners, his likes and dislikes. What are the things that make him happy? What are the surprises that he likes? In a love relationship we can plan for various surprises on birthday, valentines day or some other special days. With best surprises from your past experience, you can make your partner happy.

6What consequences should take care

There are also some consequences that should be kept in mind like how to react with your loved one in a public place or in front of their friends. What words he likes or dislike to hear from you. Do not abuse in a relationship.

7Mature enough to handle a relationship

I think if you had a love relationship, you can handle your married life easily. Because of your love relationship you should have learnt adjustment, ignoring irrelevant things and handling situations. So in the married life, you may become mature enough to handle all the small things that are more important to make youlor married life happy and healthy.

By: Shaveta Kandhari