13 Benefits Of Camel Milk That Will Leave You Surprised

Benefits Of Camel Milk

For the most part of our life, we are either dependant on human milk, cow milk and the packaged milk powder. But, did you ever think of the benefits of camel milk? Probably not, right?

The concept of drinking camel milk might actually seem bizarre but it actually does have impactful benefits on the overall well being which is what makes it a very effective remedy for a number of health ailments.

In this article, we are going to be discussing about the various health benefits of camel milk that you probably didn’t even know about.

What Are The Benefits Of Camel Milk?

What are the benefits of camel milk
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Even though it is quite hard to source camel milk in every part throughout the world, the realm of benefits of this milk is definitely superior to what we drink on a daily basis.

When it comes to the benefits of camel milk, the possibilities are actually quite extensive and endless. It has higher concentration of essential minerals like that of zinc, iron, copper, sodium and even potassium and magnesium.

Not just that, camel milk is also loaded with beneficial proteins and essential vitamins like Vitamin A, B2 and C. It has a different composition of whey proteins and caseins which makes this variant more therapeutic and healing in comparison to the cow milk. It also has lower cholesterol than that of cow’s milk.

Apart from that, it also has an extensively lower amount of lactose in it which is what makes it a good enough option for people who suffer from lactose intolerance. It is also loaded with beneficial antibacterial as well as antiviral properties which make them quite favourable for the overall well being of an individual. It is also easier to digest in comparison to cow milk.

Health Benefits of Camel Milk

Health Benefits of Camel Milk
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Now that we have more or less discussed about the common grounds of beneficial properties that camel milk has, let us delve into the effective health benefits of camel milk that not many people are aware of.

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Check Out These Shocking Camel Milk Benefits for Health.

1. Camel Milk for Autism

Camel Milk for Autism
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Autism is a condition which is believed to lack any kind of treatment for its complete cure but it is believed that camel milk benefits the condition by working to reduce the signs and symptoms to an extensive amount.

Several controlled studies (R) (R) have been conducted to witness that the consumption of camel milk did actually help influence the docile and hysteric symptoms to make them more subdued and controlled with years.

With the lack of extensive studies and inconclusive researches, it can’t really be deduced what the mode of action is behind the same but preliminary studies state that it is the antioxidant property in the camel milk which helps in getting rid of the symptoms.

2. Camel Milk for Height

Camel Milk for Height
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Camel Milk is more nutritional and loaded with more minerals and vitamins in comparison to cow’s milk and even human milk which is what makes it quite beneficial in inducing better growth and development.

If you have been wondering why the height of your child has been constant and not increasing, switch up their diet with some camel milk and the combination of zinc, iron, calcium and potassium will help boost the overall growth and height.

3. Camel Milk for Weight Loss

Camel Milk for Weight LossCamel Milk has lesser amount of calories in it in comparison to the other forms of milk which is what makes it ideal for consumption if you are trying to lose weight.

The low fat in the milk ensures that you can easily avert the risks of putting on weight or something similar along with lines. It is also loaded with beneficial antioxidant properties (R) which are also beneficial in getting rid of the unwanted toxins off of the body and helps in boosting the overall metabolism of the body which also contributes to health weight loss.

4. Camel Milk for Diabetes

Camel Milk for DiabetesAmidst the plethora of beneficial minerals and nutrients, it also contains insulin which is quite extensive in helping with the proper regulation of the levels of glucose in the blood stream which is a must when it comes to treatment of diabetes.

Because of the healthy composition of the camel milk, it actually is believed to be a potent replacement for the insulin injections (R) (R) when consumed for a longer stretch of time. It can also be an effective preventive measure against the disease.

5. Camel Milk for Kidneys

Camel Milk for Kidneys
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Camel Milk helps in rectifying the condition of renal toxicity and is very beneficial in improving the kidney functions in the patients suffering from diabetes.

In a conducted study (R), it was found that the administration of camel milk was marked with a decline in the levels of uric acid, urea as well as creatinine which has amazing effects in the improvement of the overall kidney functions.

6. Camel Milk for Liver

Camel Milk for Liver
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The essential liver enzymes, alanine transaminase (ALT) and aminotransferase (AST), witnessed a spiked elevation in the levels present in the body. These are associated with seamless liver functions.

In a conducted study (R), it was witnessed that the increases levels of these liver enzymes was related with the improving the conditions of the liver problems witnessed in diabetic rats. The consumption of camel milk led to an increase in the ALT and AST activity in the rats by 41% and 38% respectively.

7. Camel Milk for Allergic Children

Camel Milk for Allergic ChildrenCamel Milk is loaded with beneficial immunoglobulins which helps boost the immune system to get rid of any kind of allergy inducing compound that helps put these to rest and get rid of them for good.

In a controlled study (R) including 8 children, it was found that the children recovered from their individual allergic symptoms with the inclusion of camel milk in their daily diet. The children recovered amazingly without the depiction of any kind of side effects.

8. Camel Milk for Autoimmune Disorder

Camel Milk for Autoimmune Disorder
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Camel Milk is loaded with beneficial immunoglobubins which are quite beneficial in strengthening the overall immune system. These not just help fight off allergies but are quite beneficial in getting rid of the problems associated with the autoimmune diseases.

Not just that, the antioxidant properties of the camel milk is also quite beneficial in getting rid of the harmful toxins out of the body which is what helps get rid of the levels of free radicals in the body and thus promotes better health for the condition concerning autoimmune disorder.

9. Camel Milk for Tuberculosis

Camel Milk for Tuberculosis
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Camel milk has beneficial antiviral as well as antibacterial (R) properties which help get rid of the proliferation of the mycobacterium tubercoli in the patients.

Even studies (R) have been conducted for the efficacy of camel milk in the treatment of tuberculosis which has shown positive impacts on the overall healing process of tuberculosis.

10. Camel Milk as an Anti-inflammatory agent

Camel Milk as an Anti-inflammatory agent
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Camel milk, apart from being an amazing antimicrobial agent is also quite beneficial in inducing anti-inflammatory properties (R) primarily aiding in getting rid of any kind of inflammation caused due to bronchitis or even severe diseases like that of rheumatoid arthritis and other forms of inflammation caused in the body.

Camel Milk Benefits for Skin and Hair

Camel Milk Benefits for Skin and Hair
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When it comes to the benefits of camel milk for skin and hair, the impacts are quite beneficial too. The amazing health benefits of camel milk don’t just limit to the constraints of health but extends on to help cure the problems associated with hair and skin as well.

11. Camel Milk for Acne

Camel Milk for Acne
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The two primary properties of the camel milk – the antibacterial as well as anti-inflammatory properties help heal the problem associated with acne and the redness that comes along with the skin condition.

The antibacterial properties (R) helps get rid of any kind of bacterial growth in the acne and helps in prohibiting the proliferation of the bacteria that worsens the condition of the acne and pimples. The application of camel milk also helps reduce the redness and inflammation (R) that is witnessed in the cases of acne.

12. Camel Milk for Anti-Aging

Camel Milk for Anti-Aging
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Aging is a very common process but with the kind of stress and poor lifestyle that we are exposed to, often times, the process is heightened by a fast pace.

Drinking camel milk as part of the daily diet can actually be quite beneficial because of its extensive range of useful minerals and vitamins as well as the active antioxidant (R) properties. The antioxidant properties help get rid of the unwanted free radicals in the body and thus helps protect the body from any kind of oxidative stress that it is exposed to.

The lesser the amount of oxidative stress, the less are the chances of inducing the signs and symptoms of aging. It helps in delaying the signs of aging and getting rid of the unwanted triggers.

13. Camel Milk for Hair Growth

Camel Milk for Hair GrowthHair is one of those aspects of our body that often doesn’t get the kind of attention it should. That being said, camel milk is actually quite beneficial in getting rid of the problems associated with hair loss and anything that is affecting the easy growth of the hair.

Camel milk helps strengthen the hair roots and the antioxidant properties help in boosting the overall health which reflects in the quality of the hair as well.

Camel Milk Nutrition Facts

Camel Milk Nutrition Facts
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Now that we have more or less talked about the benefits of camel milk, let us focus on the amazing nutritional facts about camel milk that actually does aid in boosting the overall well being of an individual.

In order to understand the camel milk benefits and nutritional value, we have included a chart for you.

Everything is equivalent to the nutrition one gets from one cup of camel milk.

Sl. No. Compound Amount
1. Calories 107 Kcal
2. Protein 5.4 gms
3. Carbohydrates 11 gms
4. Fat 4.6 gms
5. Trans fatty acid 140 gms
6. Cholesterol 17 gms
7. Water 221 gms
8. Gram Weight 244 gms
9. Vitamin A 224.5 IU
10. Calcium 293 mg
11. Iron 4 mg
12. Sodium 150 mg

Side Effects Of Camel Milk

Side effects of Camel Milk
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Much like the wide range of benefits of camel milk, the list also extends to the side effects and disadvantages that it inflicts on the overall health of an individual. While the health benefits of camel milk overshadow the majority of the negative implications, there is one major side effect that several of the researchers have come across.

When it comes to discussing the disadvantages of camel milk, the primary one is the fact that it is consumed in raw form without any kind of pasteurization which is often times very bad for one’s health. Drinking unpasteurized milk has the possibility of making way for the animal pathogens into our body which can inflict a wide range of unfavorable diseases which is why it is best to consume the milk after boiling it to get rid of any kind of germs or pathogens in them.

Where To Buy Camel Milk?

Where to buy camel milk
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Camel Milk is not the kind that’s often readily available in the grocery store near you. If you get it, that’s great but if the same is not readily available, try and opt for the online stores that sell the milk.

If you live in an area which has local access to camel milk, it is always best to enjoy the camel milk benefits in the purest form without any kind of outer packaging and additives.

If the same is not possible, just ensure to get your hands on the best kind either from the supermarket near you or any online store.

The benefits of camel milk are profound which is what makes it one of the best ones to opt for when it comes to switching the regular milk with something healthier. It is loaded with more nutrients and contains a lesser amount of calories which makes it perfect for consuming with a shadow of a doubt.