Important Natural Ways to Increase Breast Milk

natural ways to increase breast milk

Women who are going to be mothers should always think about the amount of milk you carry in your breast to keep your little one filled and happy. If you are seeing any problems in your baby about weight or decreasing performance, you should always check whether your milk supply is sufficient or not. Even if you are having problems with your breast milk, you should not worry much as there are various natural ways to increase breast milk available which can strengthen your baby’s health. Lactating mothers should also know that improper schedule of breastfeeding can lead to decreased amount of milk in the breast.

Balanced diet, according to the expert, is an important factor in increasing breast milk. Few natural products such as fenugreek, alfalfa as well as fennel along with shatavari are considered as great option in increasing the amount of milk in the breast. Apart from this, regular exercises such as yoga, meditation as well as deep breathing can provide you much needed relaxation so that you can successfully breastfeed to your children.

We also made a list of important natural aspects which you can consider for increasing milk volume in your breast without any side effects. But first it is also important to know the causes of low milk amount in your breast.

Causes of Low Breast Milk

low breast milk

Although nature enables adequate milk supply in the lactating mothers, few reasons may negatively impact the whole milk generation process. The reasons include,

  • Infrequent feeding
  • bsence of enough feeding
  • Not ensuring the baby is properly ‘locked’
  • Using pacifiers
  • Feeding with supplementary bottle

Experts says that it is important to feed the baby properly whenever baby cries for milk or if the baby is awaking more in the nights. It helps in stimulating the breasts to produce more milk. It is also necessary to follow this technique in the initial days so that you can bring yourself in steady routine.

However, there are many uncommon reasons which affects the breast milk supply. The reasons include,

1. Mastitis

It is considered as an infection causes due to blocked milk or bacteria which enters in the body through breaks attacks the mammary gland tissues, according to the experts. It is important to have a word with your doctor if you are suffering with painful spot on your breast along with fever as well as exhaustion. While mastitis can easily be treated, it is important to stop breastfeeding.

2. Birth control pills

Consuming oral contraceptive pills, which are filled with estrogen can also be the cause of reduced breast milk supply, according to the experts.

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Natural Ways To Increase Breast Milk

increase breast milk

Trying few natural methods can be highly effective in increasing the breast milk supply, according to the experts.

1. Switch Method

It is important to allow your baby to feed from one breast as long as the baby wants. However, remember to switch the baby to another breast when the baby slows down or stops sucking. The breasts will be providing enough milk to the baby naturally, if you follow this method properly, according to the experts.

2. Let The Baby Decide

It is also necessary that you let your baby decide what how much and how long the baby wants to breastfeed. Following your baby’s needs will helps you in increasing the amount of milk in your breast. When your baby has had enough your baby will automatically detaches from the breast or will fall asleep, according to the experts. It is important to keep an eye on it for proper breastfeeding.

3. Double Feeding

You can also consider trying double feeding. Sometimes baby also sucks air with the milk, which is normal. To overcome this, it is important to keep your baby upright on your shoulder. This will lead the baby to burp, so that it will also make proper space for more milk. You can then again breastfeed the baby until the baby falls asleep. This will also help in stimulating the production of milk in the breast.

4. Breastfeed ore

Experts says that it is important to breastfeed regularly as more breastfeeding will lead to producing more milk in the breast. Therefore, it becomes highly important to breastfeed to your baby regularly especially in the early months. In later stages, if you must use supplements, you can use spoon as well as cup, according to the experts.

5. Dress Down Your Baby Before Breastfeeding

It is important that you undress your baby completely except for the diaper before breastfeeding. Apart from this it is also necessary that you take care of your own dressing. Wearing a loose shirt which is open from front will help you in it. You can also cover the baby with the blanket so that the baby does not feel cold.

6. Provide Skin Warmth

If possible you should always keep your baby close to your skin, so that the baby can feel warmth of your skin. If your baby tends to sleep just after latching to the breast then the warmth of your skin might help the baby to stay awake until proper breastfeeding.

7. Balanced Diet

It is important to keep an eye on what you are eating as balanced diet plays an important role in increasing the amount of milk in the breast, according to the experts. You should always eat proper diet with good amount of calcium, vitamin D, protein as well as iron along with folic acids in your diet. It will not only ensure your wellbeing but it also helps in strengthening the health of your baby.

In various cultures, it has been found that few foods help in stimulating the production of milk in the breast. Although this theory does not have any scientific basis, traditional use of these foods suggests various benefits. However, you should always take the advice from your doctor before consuming it.

These foods include, fenugreek, moringa, ginger as well as various other natural foods.

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