All You Want to Know About Iodine Rich Foods

iodine rich foods

Iodine is one of the important nutrient in the body which is required for boosting metabolism, regulating thyroid problems and promoting growth and development of the body. According to the experts, iodine is also highly helpful in preventing life-threatening chronic diseases such as cancer. Thus, it is important to consume iodine rich foods to keep yourself away from iodine deficiency, which may cause various serious disorders.

Consuming foods rich in iodine for thyroid is helpful in boosting the prevention of thyroid problems, as mentioned earlier. It is also recommended to eat iodine rich foods for healthy pregnancy.

Here we have tried to provide all the information about the importance of the consumption of iodine rich foods. Read on to get full details about the deficiency of iodine as well as tips to balance the iodine levels in the body naturally.

What are Symptoms and Signs of Iodine Deficiency?

symptoms and signs of iodine deficiency

Consumption of low iodine foods is the major factor behind iodine deficiency. It is important to provide iodine to the body in required amounts. There are various chemicals added in the food nowadays which reduces the absorption of iodine by the body. The major example of it is bromine which is found in various plastic containers as well as baked goods. Consumption of these foods also reduces the iodine amount in the body.

In the iodine deficiency, hair loss is one of the major symptoms. However, you may experience various other symptoms as well. Some of the common signs and symptoms of iodine deficiency includes,

  • Swelling of salivary glands, dry mouth
  • Skin problems, dry skin
  • Weakness and muscle pain
  • Difficulty in concentrating and retaining information
  • Difficulty in digestion and saliva production
  • Risk of thyroid disease
  • Risk of fibrosis and fibromyalgia
  • Developmental problems in infants and children

What are Top Iodine Rich Foods to Eat Daily

iodine rich foods to eat daily

There are various iodine rich foods which you should always try to get rid of iodine deficiency as well as diseases caused due to it. Various vegetarian foods rich in iodine can also be consumed by the vegans and keep themselves away from severe health conditions. Iodine in salt is considered as the major source of the healthy mineral in our diet. However, you can get iodine from many other products. Some of the major sources of iodine are listed below.

1. Baked Potato

It is always recommended to eat baked potato more to get healthy nutrients for mashed potatoes. The skin of potato contains some of the major nutrients such as vitamins, potassium and fiber. Baked potato is also considered good for iodine. A medium baked potato provides 60 micrograms of iodine, which is 40% more than a required amount.

2. Milk

It is familiar to consume milk to get rid of calcium as well as vitamin deficiency. However, consumption of milk is helpful in providing iodine to the body. Around 56 micrograms of iodine is present in a cup of milk which is 37% more than a consumption of iodine by an average person.

3. Fortified Salt

It is important to understand that iodine and salt are different and iodine in salt is highly required by the body. There are many manufacturers who prepare fortified salt which is high in iodine. It is always recommended to check whether your salt contains iodine. However, you should also eat salt in moderation to get iodine from salt as it may cause other complications in the body.

4. Shrimp

Seafood has always been considered as one of the best source of iodine and the best example of it is shrimp. Shrimp provides 35 micrograms of iodine which is enough for the body. Also, it supplies essential minerals such as vitamins, proteins as well as calcium to the body.

5. Baked Turkey Breast

You can get around 34 micrograms of iodine from around three ounces of turkey breast. Along with this, it also helps in providing vitamin B, phosphorus as well as potassium which are highly needed to keep the body healthy.

6. Dried Prunes

If you are consuming enough prunes, you are missing out of important minerals in the body such as vitamins, minerals as well as various other important nutrients. Experts says that around 5 dried prunes are enough in providing you the essential fibers, vitamin A, K as well as boron. Along with this, prunes are also high in iodine and  you can add them in the diet for getting enough iodine.

What is the Best Supplement for Iodine Deficiency?

iodine deficiency

You can also consider the consumption of supplement for iodine deficiency cure. These supplements also provide vitamin for iodine deficiency along with iodine. Iodine supplements are also considered as a beat iodine deficiency treatment. Some of the best supplements for iodine deficiency are listed below.

1. Detoxadine

This supplement contains enough amount of iodine which is enough to cure your iodine deficiency. Along with boosting your immune system, detoxadine also helpful in preventing various thyroid problems. Apart from this, this powerful supplement is also helpful in radiation exposure. Although it is available for slightly high price, it is perfectly worth it considering its important health benefits.

2. Sea iodine

People who are suffering with severe iodine deficiency or experiencing problems in absorbing the iodine by the body, sea iodine can be highly helpful. However, as it contains ingredients in high quantity, it is recommended to consult with your doctor before the consumption of this supplement. This supplement is specially made for the people who are experiencing high shortage of iodine in their body and need to cure it soon.

3. Iodoral

Iodoral is also high in iodine and the company believes that a person should eat more iodine than what is recommended. If you are okay with it then iodoral is one of the best choice for you. As the makers have challenged the daily intake of iodine, it is also important to be careful while using this supplement as you can face problems it does not accepted by your body.

4. Iodine support

This is a different kind of iodine supplement. Instead of providing iodine dose to your body, the main focus of this supplements to increase the ability of the body to absorb iodine. This can prove as an amazing remedy if you are facing difficulties in the absorption of iodine by the body.

Tips to Optimize the Iodine Levels Naturally

Iodine Rich Foods - Sea Food
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The powerful mineral iodine provides various important benefits to the body. Iodine rich foods for hypothyroidism is also an amazing benefit apart from preventing the risk of thyroid. You should always consume natural iodine rich foods as iodine and weight loss are linked with each other. Weight loss curbs obesity which may cause various problems. Some of the best natural tips which you can consider to maintain iodine levels in your body naturally are as follows.

  • Eat organic foods to curb the amount of pesticide in the body.
  • Always use glass or ceramic vessels to store food in refrigerator and never use plastic containers.
  • While choosing flour make sure it is made from whole grains. You should also try to grind your own flour. Also, opt for no bromine baked products.
  • Also check for toxic chemicals in the packaged foods.
  • Always drink filtered, natural water and avoid soda consumption.
  • While using bathtub always opt for ozone purification as it is helpful in keeping the water clean.