13 Ways To Wake Up With Motivation – Tackle What The Day Throws At You!


Not every day is the same and not every day can you wake up with the same kind of enthusiasm and that is understandable. But, who said that you can’t opt for ways to wake up with motivation? Sounds a bit farfetched, doesn’t it? Don’t worry; we’ll clear the doubts right away.

If you have been looking around for ways, trying to wake up feeling motivated, you have come to the right place. Walking you through some amazing yet effective ways is what we are aiming for.

By the end of this article, you will not end up dreading waking up the next morning and rather the complete opposite altogether. Let’s get this show started, shall we?

How to Wake Up Feeling Motivated?


Taking on the day isn’t technically an easy job. There could be a number of factors that could be bringing you down from being productive and taking the day on. In such cases, it is very important to ensure that you opt for ways to wake up with motivation instilled within you.

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Check Out These Ways to Wake Up With Motivation.

Still wondering how to wake up feeling motivated? We have some tips to share with you!

1. Write your Dreams Down


We all have ambitions and aspirations in our lives that we work hard to achieve.
Letting that being a speck of motivation is one of the best ways to wake up with motivation. If you have a blank wall in front of your wall, don’t let it stay empty.

Filling it out with your dreams, goals and ambitions along with motivation quotes have been found to be quite beneficial in handling the issues that you have when it comes to waking up with no motivation at all.

Doing this helps in maintaining a strong line for focus and even gets rid of the possible distractions that could be hindering you through the process.

2. Let the PRESENT take Charge

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It shouldn’t necessarily come off as a surprise altogether we tend to either think way too much about the future or stay stuck in our past doings.

None of these two ends up contributing to the process of motivating yourself in the morning, quite the opposite actually. If you have been struggling with your thoughts in the morning, make sure that you do divert them to stay in the present and not get toiled around either in the future or the past.

Worrying about the future or even being stuck on the past will do you no good.

You either need to move on from the past or stop thinking about the future and let the overwhelming thoughts scare and demotivate you. Try and live in the moment and face the challenges as the day progresses on.

3. Don’t let the Procrastination Take Over


It is in common human nature to be an avid procrastinator. If you are one of them, now is the time to change that.

If you wish to wake up feeling motivated and take on the day and get things done and be productive, it is very important to ensure that you don’t let the procrastination take over.
This is absolutely the last thing you want to indulge in.

It is important to have a productive momentum to your life to ensure that you don’t necessarily end up achieving none of your goals and aspirations.

If you are finding yourself procrastinating, do something that would be productive enough. Avoid indulging in something that won’t necessarily have impacts on your life, for the better.

4. Drink a Glass of Water


As weird as that sounds, it is actually an effective way to boost in that underlying motivation once you wake up.

Your body gets very dehydrated during the night you are asleep which is why it is important that you replenish the lost hydration with a glass of water in the morning.

If you want to give your body an enhanced boost, it is always best to start the day with a glass of lemon water instead of in the morning on an empty stomach.

Lemon water in the morning has been found to be a very beneficial detoxifier which helps you in feeling a lot better throughout the day altogether.

Drinking a glass of water could very well be that kick of motivation that you need to get on with the rest of the day.

5. Ensure Quality of Sleep


Well, every single one of us gets to sleep at night (well, except for people suffering from insomnia). But, let’s face this fact that we don’t wake up every day refreshed and happy.

Ever Tried to Assess why that Happens?

Just being asleep isn’t enough. Having quality sleep is what matters at the end of the day. It is very important to ensure that you get a good quality sleep for at least 6-9 hours every single day.

This helps ensure that you don’t just wake up refreshed but motivated to get every work done for the day in a productive way.

Experts do suggest that for the best of sleep quality, it is always best to go to sleep around 7.5 hours before you are expected to wake up in the morning. Try doing that!

6. Take on Small But Important Tasks


One of the primary reasons we dread waking up in the morning is because of the kind of work we pile on in just one day.

It is very important to ensure that you don’t overwhelm yourself with all the work.

Instead of doing that, ensure that you have just 3 works delegated for a day.

This helps to keep you focused and won’t end up causing haywire in your mind altogether.

Assign 3 tasks for yourself in a day based on the priority of them. This helps in ensuring that you focus on the individual task and don’t end up feeling demotivated through the process.

Once and if you are done with the three tasks, only then should you tack on more to the list.

it is actually an amazing way to not just be happy about waking up but also does aid in preventing any kind of negative impacts altogether, especially the drowning negative thoughts.

7. Exercise Right After Getting Up


Studies have found that indulging in exercising does help in ensuring that your levels of dopamine (R) are high in the body.

If you didn’t know, dopamine is the hormone that makes us feel good and happy. It is technically the “feel good” hormone in our body.

Exercise enhances its levels, thus helping in ensuring that you get the absolute best result from the same.

Instead of doing what seems strenuous and too “hard to achieve”, it is always best to stick to workout regimes that gel well with your routine and capabilities. This helps ensure that you get the best out of the process and stay motivated and refreshed throughout the process altogether.

It is always best to ensure that you do indulge in workouts that do help in recovering your tiredness and would rather instil a sense of happiness and freshness within you.

8. Indulge in One Thing You Love


It is not necessarily important for you to be motivated all along the process. Whatever the circumstances be, it is actually very important to ensure that you do indulge in something that you love doing after you wake up.

There will be situations in your life that will test your patience and even make you question a number of things in life. If something is practically wrong, it is important that you divert your mind with other factors that would help lift you up effectively.

Doing something you love helps instil that feeling of motivation within you that you possibly might have been lagging altogether. Indulging in a hobby helps or even exercising is often something some people love doing.

9. Start the Day with Music


There’s nothing better of therapy than music. If you are someone who does struggling with waking up feeling motivated, listening to music can definitely change that. If you are tired in the morning and do need a good jump start to your morning, the best way to get that is by starting the day off with some of your favourite music.

Music has the capability of making your mind calm and composed which helps you see and assess your goals a lot better than you would expect.

If required, there are even applications that wake you up with your favourite songs and such which is definitely an added bonus.

10. Avoid the “Blaring” Alarms


The last thing you want is to indulge in one of those alarms that blasts through and makes you cranky right from the get-go.

You might not realize this but setting a “not so blaring” alarm is actually an amazing way to get rid of that issue altogether.

Try and set your alarm to something that has a soothing tinge to it. This would be very helpful in waking you up from the sleep in a gentle manner instead of rushing you through the sleep process and thus making you wake up cranky and irritated.

11. Practice Some Discipline

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Nobody likes discipline and routine but they do have amazing impacts on the body. If you are here struggling with the process of motivating yourself in the morning, the best way to overcome that is by practicing some discipline in your day to day life.

When you are focused on getting the work done and getting on with the process, you will find that it does become a lot easier for you to not just stay focused but to also stay motivated throughout the process.

Be firm on your decision and ensure to dedicate some time to discipline your life and that itself can make all the possible difference.

12. Taking Breaks is Important


Breaks do play a very crucial role in our day to day life. Given the fact that we are so stuck up with our work and such that we do fail to recognize the importance of breaks.

It is very important to take breaks from time to time to help refresh and rejuvenate yourself. These are subjectively very effectively in keeping you motivated throughout the day and even help in making you more productive altogether.

Indulge in some regular breaks, even if it’s for 5 minutes and you will notice the change right away.

13. Ask Yourself Some Questions


Asking yourself some questions before waking up is actually a good enough way to handle the lack of motivation within you.

Before getting up, try and ensure that you ask yourself some positive questions that would help you feel motivated to wake up.

Question why you are happy today or even something that is going to end up being a positive drive to your process of waking up. This is often considered as one of the best ways to wake up with motivation.

All in all, if you have been having a hard time trying to find ways to wake up with motivation, maybe you are doing things that wrong way. It is always best suggested to ensure that you do opt for effective and fruitful ways that would come in handy and help keep you motivated throughout the day. In here, we have shared the top 13 ways and we hope you find it useful.


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