Have a diabetes diet chart handy

diabetes diet chart

Diabetes is a lifestyle disease which can be controlled, if not cure with changes of lifestyle. If controlled, there is nothing to worry about having diabetes, but if not controlled, it can lead to many life threatening diseases. A diabetes diet chart can ensure proper food in time, enough rest, regular exercise, are all that can help to control diabetes in a great way. 1200 Calorie diabetes diet chart is a sample plan on how you could control your calorie intake while not really avoiding food completely.

Many doctors and dietitians advises diabetics to be in the right weight frame to avoid complications. These are very simple steps which can be adopted into the lifestyle to have a healthy life while diagnosed with diabetes. Controlling diabetes is the best way to avoid complications and avoid many diseases and diabetes diet chart can help in this endeavor a lot. Below is the diet chart which you can follow easily.

Food ItemAmountProtein(g)Calories (kcal)
Fenugreek seeds with 1 cup of water
Tea (without sugar)1 cup435
Marie Biscuits2156
Stuffed methi/palak /lauki paratha2 small7200
Curd50 gm (1 cup)330
Egg white / Paneer Bhurji1 medium bowl6130
Plain roti  (no oil )2 small3150
Vegetable poha/upama/oats/daliya1 soup bowl4.5230
Apple /guava/orange140
Salad (10 mins before lunch)1 Medium bowl130
Capsicum + gobhi veg1 medium bowl185
Dal1 soup bowl6130
Phulka (no ghee)26175
Milk / green tea / herbal tea / lemon water1 cup235
Roasted chana + Muri1 cup585
Salad (10 mins before dinner)
Phulka (no ghee24.5150
Lauki veg1 cup285
Curd1 cup330
Skim Milk  (no sugar)1 glass4120

By Premji