19 Natural Methods Of Blood Cleansing That You Didn’t Know You Needed (Until Now)

blood cleansing
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Have you had the doctor say to you that your blood needs a cleansing, the lack of which is causing you the wide array of diseases that you are suffering from? Probably, yeah? Blood cleansing has become a necessity, be it with the drugs and procedures or even naturally.

With the hectic life schedule that we have and the kind of undisciplined diet that we eat on a regular basis, there’s no two doubts why our blood needs a complete cleanse, every once in a while. And while you are thinking that this might be a process that one needs to undergo every once in a while, it actually isn’t.

It can be achieved easily if we tweak our day to day activities and even the food that we are gorging down.

In this article, we are going to highlight some amazing foods, herbs and natural remedies in general which can be very effective for the blood purifying process.

What is Blood Cleansing?

What is blood cleansing

Blood cleansing is the process of detoxification that our blood undergoes in the liver to get rid of all the unwanted wastes and toxins to be excreted out of the body. Even though the liver is the main site of detoxification in our body, our kidneys, skin, lymphatic system and even lungs help cleanse our blood.

Importance of Blood Cleansing

Importance of blood cleansingAre you wondering why I put this feature under this sub-category? Just to answer the WHY.

Our blood is the primary source of oxygen and nutrition for our body. Do you even want me to further describe why blood cleansing is one of the most important aspects of our metabolic process? In order for our body to be vividly supplied with clean and pure blood (devoid of toxins), it is necessary to ensure that our blood is purified on a normal basis.

Some of the top benefits of blood cleansing include:

  • It helps improve immunity by flushing out the unwanted toxins of the body. Our body’s immunity balance is heftily dependant on how good and well supplied our red and white blood cells are.
  • It demoralizes the possible tumour growth in the body.
  • A cleansed and purified blood reflects on the skin as well. It helps keep the formation of acne, pimple or blemishes at bay.
  • If you are dependent on refined foods, chances are that your cholesterol levels are high. Blood cleansing ensures to get rid of the accumulated cholesterol out of the body with the harmful toxins.
  • The process of blood purification, for the most part, consists of the consumption of antioxidants. This ensures to keep the levels of harmful free radicals at bay.
  • Stimulates the better functioning of the liver which is definitely an added bonus.
  • It improves the rate of blood circulation, also ensuring to supply the entirety of the body with nothing but clean oxygen and nutrient rich blood.
  • The detoxified blood also ensures to boost the digestive system as well which aids in better digestion and hence, better metabolism too.
  • Toxins in the blood often cause a number of psychological and cognitive impairments which are easily abolished with the blood cleansing process.

How to Purify Blood?

How to purify bloodApart from the wide range of foods, fruits, and vegetables that help cleanse blood naturally which we are going to be discussing in the later part of the article, there are a few lifestyle tips that can contribute to the process of blood purification (even without you knowing).

Some of the effective ways to purify blood naturally include:

1. Exercising

ExercisingOne of the best and easiest ways to get rid of toxins is by sweating it out. Our sweat glands are one of the best sites of blood cleansing because it helps excrete out a part of the toxins out the body with the sweat. So, exercising can be one of the best ways to actually be able to detoxify the body and get rid of the harmful toxins from the blood.

2. Eating Healthy

Eating healthyDiet plays a very huge role in our blood cleansing. What you are eating and ingesting plays a very crucial role in your body’s detoxification process. If you are eating more toxins that the antioxidants, there are chances that your body is not going to react well to that. The accumulation of toxins thus happen which leads to the increased toxicity of the blood.

Include healthier options in your diet and increase the intake of antioxidants too.

3. Increase Water Intake

Increase water intakeWhatever you do and whatever diet you follow, there are chances that the same would be a complete fail if you are not supplementing your body with the necessary amount of water. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water every day, gradually reducing the frequency from day to night.

Home Remedies for Blood Purification

Home remedies for blood purification
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Now that we have come to the section we have been awaiting, let us concentrate on the effective home remedies that actually do help in blood cleansing for a healthier well being.

  1. Beets
  2. Garlic
  3. Turmeric
  4. Green Leafy
  5. Water
  6. Lemon Water
  7. Cabbage
  8. Onion
  9. Broccoli
  10. Parsley
  11. Flax Seeds
  12. Ginger
  13. Cayenne Pepper
  14. Apple Cider Vinegar
  15. Aloe Vera
  16. Alfalfa
  17. Dandelion
  18. Red Clover
  19. Echinacea

1. Beets for Blood Cleansing

Beets for blood cleansingBeets are considered as the treasure trove of antioxidants (R) and that is definitely not an exaggeration. It is rich in beta-carotene, flavonoids, and even carotenoids, the combination of which is a powerhouse of antioxidants. These are what impart the cherry red colour that this vegetable has. The amazing concentration of antioxidants is a beneficial property that helps cleanse the liver, for purified blood.

Several studies have also shown that the consumption of beets has embarked incredible impacts in the health of the liver in an individual, primarily because of the amazing concentration of antioxidants in it.

What To Do?

  1. Increase the intake of beet in your daily diet, as a salad or even as a part of your main course
  2. Drink beet juice as a part of your breakfast in the morning to instigate the detoxification process

2. Garlic for Blood Cleansing

Garlic for blood cleansingThe effects of garlic on the process of blood cleansing is definitely not single faceted because it impacts multiple activities to achieve the proper effects of detoxification or purification of the blood.

Garlic is rich in anti-bacterial properties (R) which helps rid the body off of any kind of unwanted or harmful bacteria that could be causing infection, thereby increasing the toxicity of the blood. Not just that, garlic also helps increase the HDL levels in the body which combat in the reduction of cholesterol levels, thereby promoting one’s well being.

Several times, our blood is even infected when our body is exposed to lead. The impressive levels of antioxidants in the body help combat the situation of mild lead poisoning, thereby aiding in blood purification.

What To Do?

  1. Chew on a clove of raw garlic (R) every morning for beneficial effects in blood cleansing

3. Turmeric for Blood Cleansing

Turmeric for blood cleansingTurmeric is yet another spice which is beneficial for blood purification. It is loaded with beneficial constituents like that of Curcumin, which inflict healing and anti-inflammatory (R) effects on the body.

It boosts the functioning of the liver and kidney – the two primary detoxifying sites in the body. It is what ensures to cleanse the blood and get rid of the toxins that could possibly inflict negative impacts on the body.

What To Do?

    1. Mix half a teaspoon of turmeric powder (R) to a glass of warm milk.
    2. Drink this every day before bed

Side note: if you are lactose intolerant or vegan, switch it up with coconut or soy milk.

4. Green Leafy Vegetables

Green leafy vegetablesGreen leafy vegetables like kale, swiss chard, spinach etc. are very beneficial for one’s well being. It promotes several body activities, metabolism and blood cleansing the top priorities.

These vegetables are primarily loaded with an array of antioxidants (R) and essential nutrients which make it one of the best options for detoxification of the blood. They consist of essential Vitamins and even minerals like folate and iron. The concentration of antioxidants helps flush out the unnecessary and harmful free radicals out of the body, thereby protecting the cells.

What To Do?

    1. Drink green smoothie as part of your breakfast
    2. Include green leafy vegetables in your salad or even in your main course

5. Water

WaterWater is probably one of the simplest yet the most effective ways of blood purification. Our body is made up of 70% of water which is why it is beneficial to keep those levels in check to ensure that our blood is clean and pure as well.

Urination is one of the most effective ways of detoxification and this is exactly how the intake of considerable quantities of water plays its card in the process of blood cleansing.

Keeping your body properly hydrated (R) ensures to propagate the functioning of the kidneys to flush out the waste out of the body.

What To Do?

    1. Drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water (R) every day
    2. Alternatively, you can also store your water in copper pitchers for extra benefit. The copper helps keep the function of the liver in check and the water helps with the hydration

6. Lemon Water for Blood Cleansing

Lemon water for blood cleansingLemon is loaded with antioxidants and Vitamin C, which when paired with water, helps in getting rid of the harmful toxins out of the blood. Lemon water is loaded with nutrients and an array of phytonutrients which work together to enhance the functions of the body.

The consumption of lemon water not just helps cleanse the toxins (R) out of the blood, it also promotes the destruction of the free radicals in the body which further propagate one’s well being. Not just that, even the mild cholesterol lowering abilities make lemon water (R) an ideal choice for the process of blood purification.

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What to do?

    1. Mix the juice of half a lemon to a glass of water
    2. Add honey if required
    3. Drink this concoction every morning for boosting the overall metabolism to drive out the impurities out of the blood

7. Cabbage for Blood Cleansing

Cabbage for blood cleansingIf you didn’t know better, it is believed that the cruciferous vegetables like that of cabbage helps in the process of blood cleansing. The high concentration of Vitamins A and C in this leafy vegetable help in neutralizing the effect of the harmful toxins in the body, eventually getting rid of it for good.

Not just that, the concentration of glucosinolates (R) in the cabbage also promotes the expulsion of the harmful carcinogens out of the body.

All of these properties and constituents together work to help purify the blood for a better functioning of the body.

What To Do?

  1. Increase the intake of cabbage in your day to day diet to introduce essential nutrients into your body.

Side note: if you suffer from any adverse thyroid condition, it is always best to stay away from cabbage because the same inflict negative impacts on the gland.

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8. Onion for Blood Cleansing

Onion for blood cleansing

Onion belongs to the much coveted family of allium vegetables which is rich in organosulfur compounds and quercetin. The sulfur content of the onion is what helps in fighting the harmful toxins in the body.

There have been several studies that ascertain the claims that onions do in fact increase the levels of antioxidants (R) in the body. The increased levels of antioxidants in the blood help to cleanse it and get rid of the unwanted toxins out of the body.

The onions are also rich in phosphoric acid which helps in the process of blood purification when they enter the bloodstream.

What To Do?

    1. Peel and onion and slice thick circular slices out of it
    2. Apply these on the bottom of your feet and put a sock on and leave it overnight
    3. Do this every other night

9. Broccoli for Blood Cleanse

Broccoli for blood cleanseThis green tree like looking vegetable might not be everyone’s favourite but this definitely has amazing benefits that can ensure an effective blood cleanse every once in a while. It is loaded with a special constituent, sulforaphane (R), which inflicts antimicrobial, anticancer and antioxidant properties on the body.

These properties together ensure to cleanse the blood and help fight the excess presence of free radicals which often tend to adversely affect the body.

What To Do?

    1. Eat broccoli raw or dehydrate it
    2. Add this to your curries and other dishes to enjoy the amazing benefits of this vegetable
    3. Try and get your hands on the broccoli sprouts which are believed to consist 20 times more sulforaphane concentration than normal broccoli

Side note: don’t microwave this veggie because of the fact that it tends to lose all its nutrition in the process which ends up being completely futile for one’s health and well being.

10. Parsley for Blood Cleanse

Parsley for blood cleanseParsley is more than just a garnish on your dish. This green leafy herb is loaded with an amazing array of Vitamin A, C, and even K which, paired with the antioxidant qualities of beta-carotene, act as an amazing combination for effective blood purification for the salient protection of the kidneys and bladder as well.

It has diuretic properties on the body which ensures to drive the harmful toxins out of the body with frequent urination. It is also loaded with flavonoids like luteolin (R) which further gets rid of the harmful toxins along with the free radicals from the body.

What To Do?

    1. Drink parsley tea by steeping the leaves and stalk in warm water for 5 minutes. Drink this flavourful concoction twice or thrice daily.
    2. Increase the raw or cooked consumption of parsley in your food and daily diet

11. Flax Seeds

Flax SeedFlax seeds are considered as a part of the superfoods group because of its amazing array of benefits that it inflicts on one’s well being. It is believed to improve the overall functioning of the kidneys (R) and liver (R) which, in turn, boost the blood purification by driving out the harmful toxins out of the body.

What To Do?

    1. Our body can’t digest flax seeds in its raw form which is why it is always suggested to either ground it or eat it in some other form.
    2. You can sprinkle ground flax seeds over your salads and eat it as it is
    3. For the daily permissible dosage for consumption, it is always best to consult a doctor since the same doesn’t have a standard set level or concentration.

12. Ginger for Blood Cleanse

Ginger for blood cleanseGinger is one of those ingredients that has very promising results for one’s well being but is always being taken for granted. The consumption of ginger boosts the metabolism of the body and also helps flush out the waste by improving the liver functions (R).

If you are a patient who suffers from the fatty liver which affects the normal functioning of the body, it is always best to opt for ginger as a remedy because it helps cure the signs and symptoms that come along with the condition of fatty liver, the lack of blood purification being one of them.

What to do?

    1. Drink ginger tea (R) two to three times a day
    2. Chew on an inch of raw ginger root every day

13. Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepperCayenne pepper, as intimidating as it sounds, have amazing effects on the process of blood purification as well.

It is loaded with antioxidants (R), which helps in ridding the body of the unwanted wastes and toxins, which could be harmful for it. The thermogenesis and the heat in the pepper also propagate sweating which also helps flush out the toxins, thereby, contributing more to the process of blood cleansing.

What to do?

    1. Consume 30-120mg of cayenne pepper capsule either one or two times a day
    2. If you are relying on the tincture, take 0.3-1 ml of it for one to three times in a day
    3. For the natural side, mix one teaspoon of cayenne pepper powder to a glass of water and drink it. Do this once a day

14. Apple Cider Vinegar for Blood Cleansing

Apple cider vinegar for blood cleansing
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The properties and benefits of apple cider vinegar are not unknown to the man now. Loaded with amazing antioxidants (R) and enzymes, this helps in cleansing the digestive system which, in turn, promotes the body’s metabolism rate.

The enzymes in the apple cider vinegar also promote the growth of good bacteria in the gut which is yet another benefit. It is said that consuming apple cider vinegar makes it adhere to the toxins and then promoting the expulsion of the same out of the body.

What To Do?

    1. Mix one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to a glass of water
    2. Drink this first thing in the morning in empty stomach

15. Aloe Vera for Blood Cleansing

Aloe vera for blood cleansingAloe vera is a perennial plant which is loaded with not just antioxidants but antimicrobial (R) and anti-inflammatory (R) properties too. All of these cumulatively work to ensure cleaning out of the toxins out of the blood.

This plant also has healing properties which aid in combating the presence of excess free radicals in the blood, thereby ensuring the protection of the cells. It also promotes the healthy production of the blood cells.

What To Do?

    1. Cut a fresh aloe vera leaf
    2. Scoop the pulp out of the leaf
    3. Blend it into a fine fluid by adding a bit of water to it
    4. Drink it empty stomach every morning
    5. If the taste itself is not something you are okay with, try adding the aloe vera pulp to any smoothie of your choice and enjoy the amazing benefits of this plant.

Side note: Try avoiding the store bought aloe vera juice because they are not natural and are loaded with preservatives.

16. Alfalfa for Blood Cleansing

Alfalfa for blood cleansingBlood detoxification is not a cake walk. You can’t really expect to consume the remedy and expect promising results right off the bat. The same is the case with the remedy of alfalfa (R) for blood cleansing. It is a natural remedy that acts as a natural diuretic and possesses anti-bacterial along with anti-inflammatory properties which are beneficial in expelling all the unwanted toxins out of the body.

What To Do?

    1. Mix one tablespoon of store bought alfalfa powder to a glass of juice
    2. Drink this every morning in empty stomach
    3. Resist eating anything 30 mins after you have drank the juice
    4. Continue the detox regime for two weeks

17. Dandelion for Blood Cleansing

Dandelion for blood cleansingMuch like many other mentioned remedies in this section, even dandelion has its natural diuretic (R) properties which enhances the quantity of water moving through the kidney, thereby ensuring more concentration of blood purification.

Although there are probably very little evidence to back up the claims, it is believed dandelion also contributes to boosting of the liver functions as well but there are very little studies to support that claim, except for one (R).

What to do?

    1. Get dandelion roots, flower, and even the leaves
    2. Brew this in a pot of boiling water and let it steep for 5-10 minutes
    3. Strain the liquid and drink this two to three times a day

18. Red Clover for Blood Cleansing

Red clover for blood cleansingYet another amazing remedy for blood cleansing is red clover. Loaded with beneficial anti-inflammatory (R) and anti-tumour properties, this herb is often a favourite amidst the herbologists. It promotes the process of blood purification by enhancing the function of the liver as a detoxifying organ.

What To Do?

    1. Dry the red clover flowers and steep them in a cup of boiling water and enjoy the tea multiple times throughout the day
    2. You can even eat the flowers raw tossed in with a salad
    3. Red clover tincture with alcohol works well too. Make sure to follow a reliable tincture recipe for making a remedial concoction with this flower

Side Note: if you are pregnant or are on a heavy prescription of anti-coagulants, it is best advised to avoid the consumption of red clover because the same can worsen the condition.

19. Echinacea for Blood Cleansing

Echinacea for blood cleansingEchinacea showcases a combination of both diuretic (R) along with detoxification properties. The diuretic property helps flush out the toxins out of the blood with the frequent urination. There are studies that also side with the fact that this specific herb is beneficial for boosting the functions of the liver in the process of blood purification.

What To Do?

    1. Dehydrate the Echinacea flowers under the sun
    2. Use this for preparing the tea by steeping the dried petals in water and letting it stay the same way for 5-10 minutes, depending on how concentrated you want the tea to be
    3. Drink this twice or thrice daily

Blood cleansing is a rigorous but very beneficial procedure for the overall well being of an individual. The presence of toxins in the blood is the building base of several harmful diseases of the body that not many of us are even aware of. We hope these above mentioned remedies were helpful enough for you to adhere to for a healthier life.