14 Health Benefits Of Brussels Sprouts You Didn’t Know Of

Health benefits of Brussels sporits

Green vegetables are the bane of our existence but let’s be real, there are rarely people who enjoy eating their greens. If you are one of them, chances are that you are going to end up despising Brussel sprouts, won’t you? The main issue why that is the case is all because of the lack of knowledge around the health benefits of Brussels sprouts.

Brussels sprouts may not look appetising but if made the right way, they can actually taste better than anything you could have asked for.

If you have been waving off from eating your greens, knowing about the Brussels sprouts benefits can change your mind for the good.

What are Brussels sprouts?

What are Brussels sproutsBrussels sprouts are the small cabbage like looking vegetable which belongs under the Brassicaceae family that categorises some of the most popular cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower and kale.

While not many people like the slightly bitter taste that the Brussels sprout have, it is the amazing range of nutrition in it that makes all the difference in the world.

To prepare them, they are often just cleaned under running water first following which they are then cut in halves and cooked as per the recipe or instructions.

What are the benefits of Brussels sprouts?

What are the benefits of Brussels sproutsNow that we have shared the basics about this small green vegetable, the next important factor that is worth discussing are the benefits that it imposes on one’s health.

Knowing the same has been found to positively influence one’s well being for the better.

Let us dive right into it, shall we?

1. Loaded with all the essential nutrients

Loaded with all the essential nutrientsIf you want to eat a wholesome meal that wouldn’t necessarily cause negative impacts on the body rather help with the growth and sustenance, the Brussels sprouts are possibly the best option.

This green vegetable is not just low in calories but has a high content of fiber and the necessary vitamins and minerals that the body requires.

Some of the crucial types of Vitamins that are present in the Brussels sprouts include Vitamin C and Vitamin K, both of which have positive impacts on the body.

Aside from these vitamins, there are good traces of a number of minerals that our body needs as well. For those who aren’t sure, some of the important minerals include manganese, folate etc.

The high fiber content in the Brussels sprout also help in improving digestion and keeping your gut health (R) in the best condition as well.

2. Helps in Regulating Bone Health

Helps in regulating bone healthOur bones play a very crucial part when it comes down to the body’s overall health. But, with age, chances are that the same will end up affecting one’s overall well being too. Bones become weaker with time which is why people take supplements.

But, the consumption of Brussels sprouts is expected to help in boosting the overall well being for the better, especially when it comes to one’s bone health.

The main reason why that is so is because of the presence of Vitamin K in the vegetable. The Vitamin K1 helps in keeping the bones in the best shape and prevent easy fractures and the associated risks.

Even a conducted study (R) back on 2017 found that the deficiency of Vitamin K from the body had direct impacts when it comes to one’s bone health. Sufficient amount of Vitamin K in the body helps improve the mineralisation of the bones in the body.

Apart from the presence of Vitamin K in the composition, Brussels sprouts also contain calcium in them which further helps improve the condition for the better.

3. Enriched with Antioxidants

Enriched with antioxidantsFor those who didn’t know any better, the health benefits of Brussels sprouts are quite extensive. Not only do they help with the basic health issues but ensures to get rid of the unnecessary free radical damage in the body as well.

These small green vegetables are loaded with Vitamin A and C along with manganese that have been found to have amazing impacts in helping get rid of the unnecessary bout of free radical damage in the body which is one of the common causes of cancer.

Some of the important antioxidants that Brussels sprouts include are quercitin, isorhamnetin etc. Even a conducted study in France found that Brussels sprouts contained one of the highest levels of antioxidants among the other cruciferous vegetables.

Eating Brussels sprouts every now and then is actually quite effective in managing the signs of oxidative stress (R) and helping boost one’s overall health.

4. High Percentage of Fiber

High percentage of fiberFiber content is yet another common factor that has been consistently influencing the overall ways brussels sprouts benefits your health.

Consuming a high fiber diet is not just good for your weight loss goals but also help contribute in the overall well being of the body. For those seeking better alternatives to add to their diet, brussels sprouts are actually quite amazing.

You can consume around 4 grams of fiber for every cup of cooked Brussels sprouts. Not only does it help in proper regulation of the blood sugar levels, it also does help in preventing the risks of constipation that many people struggle with.

It also helps promote your gut bacteria, thereby helping regulate your digestion and hence, your mood as well.

5. Prevent the Risks of Diabetes

Prevent the risks of diabetesDiabetes is one of the most commonly known chronic diseases in the world which has been consistently rising with every passing year.

While the scientists and doctors nowadays are blaming the lifestyle behind the soaring rate of diabetes cases, there could be some other factors involved in it as well.

The Brussels sprouts are loaded with antioxidants which help with the body’s functioning. But, one thing that is worth mentioning is the fact that the alpha lipoic acid (R) present in the vegetable has proven benefits in helping manage the levels of glucose in the body.

Not just that, this antioxidant has also been found to have positive impacts in helping out with the condition of insulin sensitivity which is worth the mention.

6. Promotes effective weight loss

Promotes effective weight lossNot many will be convinced that weight loss is one of the many nutritional benefits of Brussels sprouts but it is. Eating Brussels sprouts every now and then can help you shed off those excess pounds that you could have been struggling with.

It is a low glycemic vegetable loaded with fibers which have significant impacts in helping improve one’s satiety and preventing the risks of excess weight gain.

Apart from all that, it also has a low sodium content which further helps in keeping the risks of bloating in control.

It is the perfect addition to any kind of low fat diets that you could be following.

7. Possible Impacts with Cancer Prevention

Possible impacts with cancer preventionWhile nothing is actually set in stone, one of the most important health benefits of eating Brussels sprouts is the fact that it helps in protecting the body against the risks of cancer.

The main reason why that is possible is all because of the presence of the effective antioxidants in the vegetable.

In a conducted study (R), it found that the consumption of Brussels sprouts effectively helped with the protection of the peripheral human lymphocutes which come a lot in handy for the overall well being of an individual.

The Brussels sprouts also help in preventing unnecessary oxidative damage to the cells, thus further promoting better cancer prevention.

The researchers believed that the same could effectively help in preventing or reducing the risks associated with the colorectal cancer.

8. Promoting Better Vision

Promoting better visionNext on the list of the best benefits of eating Brussels sprouts is because it helps promote the overall vision. If you face difficulty seeing or reading this, it can get pretty tough for some to manage.

The reason why Brussels sprouts are considered such amazing and versatile is all because of how amazing it is. Not just for your skin but the whole him.

The Brussels sprouts are enriched with Vitamin C which helps in preventing the risks of oxidative damage and helps in improving the overall package.

9. Promotes Digestion

Promotes digestionDigestion is a necessity above anything else. If you want the best for your body, you need to be assured of the fact that eating this can help in improving the overall bout of nutrition for your body.

Above anything else, it is very important that you keep an eye out on the benefits because eating brussels sprouts have been found to have positive impacts in helping with the digestion of the body.

Proper digestion keeps the body functioning at their best and doesn’t cause any kind of hindrance from the baby.

Several studies have found that the presence of sulforane in the Brussels sprouts is what helps in protecting the stomach lining (R) and ensuring proper absorption of all the essential nutrients from the food.

It also helps in the prevention of any form of bacterial growth around in the body which can prove fatal for the well being as well.

10. Has anti-inflammatory properties

Has antiinflammatory propertiesIf you have been experiencing extreme inflammation and pain around in the body, the best way to overcome that is by opting for the health benefits of Brussels sprouts.

Managing inflammation is possibly one of the most common ways of preventing the risks of chronic diseases. The Brussels sprouts are enriched with a wide range of antiinflammatory compounds which have been found to have proven benefits for the body.

It also helps protect the cells from DNA damage, thus helping delay the condition of aging.

Even a conducted study (R) with women found that the consumption of the cruciferous vegetables had amazing impacts in bringing down the risks of inflammation in the body.

11. Enriched with healthy fats

Enriched with healthy fatsMuch like how our body needs protein to function, it needs healthy fats and carbs too. If you want to douse your body with the necessary amount of omega-3 fatty acids but don’t feel like eating fishes like mackerel and salmon, Brussels sprouts are a good alternative for you.

The omega-3 fatty acids have a very crucial role when it comes to the overall cognitive ability (R) in an individual and even helping with the overall prospect of reducing the inflammation in the body.

Just half a cup of Brussels sprouts provide with 12% day need of health fats for women and 8% in the case of men.

12. Enriched with folates

Enriched with folates
src: medicalnewstoday.com

Folate is a very important mineral that our body needs for proper functioning. If you have been struggling to keep your body’s nutrient balance in check, chances are that the folates can help with that.

Not only does it help pregnant women, it is also quite an important factor to keep into consideration when it comes round to the normal day to day life. It is very important to help prevent birth defects which has been found in studies.

Further studies are also being conducted to analyse its impacts on the homocysteine levels, preventing the risks associated with the heart diseases. Around 2 cups of Brussels Sprouts contain 25% of the daily folate intake required.

13. High in vitamins

High in vitamins
src: rightasrain.uwmedicine.org

Next on the list of the health benefits of Brussels sprouts has to be its vitamin content. It is rich in not just Vitamin C but Vitamin K as well which has amazing benefits in helping round with the condition of blood clotting and even oxidative stress.

The Vitamin K has beneficial impacts on one’s bone health and even prevents the risks associated with the unnecessary bout of blood clotting process as well.

The Vitamin C, on the other hand, has beneficial impacts in helping prevent the risks of oxidative stress and keeps the body in the best of its functions.

14. Easy to cook

Easy-to-cookThe best Brussels sprouts benefits is the fact that its easy to cook and doesn’t cause any kind of issue for your body.

Even if you aren’t your best in the kitchen, you can simply toss them with some salt, pepper and olive oil and roast them in the oven and they’ll turn out just fine.

Additionally, if you are in the mood to eat healthy, another best way to do that is by boiling the Brussels sprouts and then eating them just like that. If you are planning to cook them, just make sure that you cut them down the middle so everything is cooked evenly.

15. Skin Benefits

Skin benefitsOur skin is very sensitive and requires a right balance of nutrients in our body to ensure that it glows from within and is healthy all throughout. The skin benefits of Brussels sprouts are quite extensive and help in keeping the skin in the best possible condition because of the presence of some of the best range of Vitamins and minerals that are present in it.

Just make sure that you are cooking it in a healthy way to enjoy similar benefits altogether.

Nutritional Value of Brussels Sprouts

Nutritional value of Brussels sproutsComing round to the nutritional benefits of Brussels sprouts, we have covered more or less everything that one needs to know about. If you want the best impacts with your vegetables, knowing the kind of facts around the nutrients present in them can actually be a good note for you.

To help you understand that better, we have sorted through some of the nutritional facts that we think will come in handy for your knowledge.

Compound Amount
Calories 28 kCal
Protein 2 gms
Carbs 6 gms
Fiber 2 gms
Vitamin A 12% of RDI
Vitamin C 81% of RDI
Vitamin K 137% of RDI
Folate 12% of RDI
Manganese 9% of RDI

Possible Side Effects of Brussels Sprouts

Possible side effects of Brussels SproutsWhen it comes round to the possible side effects of Brussels sprouts, know for a fact that there could very well be a number of factors involved.

But, the recent studies show that there aren’t many side effects of eating Brussels sprouts, provided that they are eaten in a controlled way. It is completely futile if you end up finishing a whole bowl by yourself, then that could lead to indigestion and other issues.

Since it is a type of cruciferous vegetable, people suffering from hypothyroidism should try and avoid it for good. Even the high percentage of Vitamin K does make it a tough option to look into.

If you have been inquisitive of the health benefits of Brussels sprouts, we have sorted you out with the best ones. Just make sure that you consult with your doctor about the amount to be eaten and all that before starting it, especially if you are on medication for any kind of health issue.


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