5 Easy To Make Smoothies For Weight Loss

smoothies for weight loss

Weight loss is considered as the most important solution to remove almost any type of severe health problem. However, this is a long and very tiring process. You need to be highly patient to get the result of it and for that you should have tremendous control over your eating habits. According to the experts, fruits and vegetables are the most common diet solution if you are considering losing your excess weight. But, many people just don’t go for it as eating fruits and vegetables regularly is highly unexciting. Therefore, smoothies for weight loss can be a best idea for these people.

Smoothies are highly easy to make and you do not require any extra materials to make them, if you have all the basic materials as well as equipment. We have brought you the list such easy to make smoothies, which you can try to boost your fat burning process.

Smoothies For Fat Burning

1Watermelon Smoothie

(Source: Zee Khana Khazana Official Channel)

Ingredients: One and half cups of cut watermelon, half cup fresh lime juice, half cup ripe bananas, eight ounces of pineapple juice and plain Greek yogurt in two scoops.

Watermelon is considered as the perfect fruit for weight loss as they are rich in vitamin A, C and B6. Additionally watermelon is low in calories and contains water in high quantities. Along with the benefits of watermelon, the addition of protein from Greek yogurt, vitamin C from lime juice as well as fiber from banana and pineapple juice, makes this smoothie a perfect choice for weight loss.

2Strawberry Banana Smoothie

(Source: Florida Strawberry Growers Association)

Ingredients: One ripe banana, one tablespoon of ground white chia seeds, one tablespoon of yogurt, and half tablespoon of lime juice.

Strawberries are known to boost metabolism in the body. Additionally, strawberries also carries anti-inflammatory properties. Along with this, nutrient, protein and fiber content from banana as well as chia seeds make this smoothie even more suitable for weight loss.

3Pineapple Detox Smoothie

(Source: Rawvana English)

Ingredients: One cup of peeled and roughly chopped pineapples, two medium sized, roughly copped ripe bananas, half cup of water, half peeled small lime, one teaspoon of maca powder, half teaspoon of spirulina powder, two handfuls of spinach and kale, and half teaspoon of turmeric powder.

As pineapple are rich in vitamins, which helps in reducing belly fat, this smoothie is again a great choice for weight loss. Additionally pineapple also have anti-inflammatory properties and magnesium, which is required for strengthening bone and tissues. Along with this, maca powder also helps in taking care of hormonal balance in women. Spirulina powder helps in curbing cholesterol in the body and also control your hunger.

4Beery Delicious Smoothie

(Source: THP)

Ingredients: Two cups fresh apple juice, one and half cups of frozen strawberries, one and half cups of frozen raspberries, one cup of frozen blackberries, two cups of frozen wild blueberries and one lemon juice.

Almost all the berries, according to the experts, help you in losing your weight. They are also known to increase your metabolism. According to the study, it has been found that blueberry intake decreases the amount of belly fat. Berries also keeps your stomach full for a while and controls your hunger.

5Green Smoothie

(Source: Vitamix)

Ingredients: One banana, spinach in two handfuls, one celery stick, ginger in small quantities, a quarter of cucumber, handful of chopped pineapple, ice and coconut water.

Spinach is the main product in this green smoothie. This leafy vegetable is tremendously low in calories (7 cal/cup) and highly rich in nutrients. With the addition of cucumber as well as celery, packs this smoothie with rich antioxidants which helps in weight loss. This smoothie is also useful in preventing you from overeating.

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By Prajakt K