5 Yoga Poses For Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is the most beautiful thing happens to every woman. Although you feel tremendous pain and difficulties during this period, the ultimate fruit is always delicious. To make this journey a little easier, happier and stress-free every mother-to-be should follow few things which will also help in the proper development of her child. To make it more effective, India’s ancient remedy, Yoga can help you. There are various yoga poses for pregnancy, which not only helps in preparing mother for childbirth, but it also helps in all around the growth of the new born baby.

You can start doing this poses from the beginning of your pregnancy and can continue doing so until you face labor. We have brought you a list of such helpful yoga poses which will help you during pregnancy and prepare you for healthy childbirth.

Yoga Poses For Childbirth

1Marjari Asana


(SRC: Shilpa’s Yoga)

This asana is helpful in improving the flexibility of your spine and also know as cat stretch.


  • Helps in reducing bloating
  • Increases the process of formation of breast-milk
  • Lowers down heartburn
  • Makes your abs strong safely during pregnancy
  • Helps in normal delivery by conditioning lower spine


  • While keeping your legs perpendicular to the ground, keep your hands under your shoulders and hands flat on the floor. Remember to keep your knees wide without putting any excess pressure on your baby lump.
  • By inhaling deeply push your head backwards and your chest and navel downwards. By taking deep breaths, hold the position for a while.
  • To relax your buttocks area, push your back up and chin to your chest, while exhaling.
  • Without pushing your body more, repeat the move for minimum 15 times.


(SRC: StyleCraze)

According to the Sanskrit, Mala means waster, in the ancient times using the toilet in India was done through squatting position, which Malasana teaches.


  • Makes perineum strong
  • Helps in intense opening
  • Removes tensions in the lower backs, ankles and hips


  • By taking a wide distance between your legs stand comfortably. Ensure to spread the toes your both feet.
  • While breathing deeply go into a squatting position with keeping your spine straight. Try to keep your heels on the ground. If you want, take the help of your partner or a pole.
  • Try to breath deeply in this pose until you feel comfortable.
  • Inhale and extend your arms to the sides to support the thighs or direct up in the air.


(SRC: Ministry of Information and Broadcasting)

This asana is also known as the hare pose and provides multiple health benefits during pregnancy.


  • Helps in removing tightness during belly expansion in pregnancy
  • Relieves back pain
  • Helps in providing quality circulation to the developing embryo
  • Helps in labor by stretching the inner thigh muscle


  • By keeping your palms on thighs sit in Vajrasana position. It helps in accommodating the growing belly.
  • Extend your hands straight up in the air while inhaling.
  • While exhaling bend forward and try to touch the ground with your nose. Ensure that your hips are not removed from your heels, and your hands are straight palms facing down.
  • Hold this position until you are comfortable and practice breathing normally
  • Take a deep breath and rise with keeping your arms straight
  • Exhale as you come back in the original position.

4Titli Asana

(SRC: Yoga Arena)

The meaning of the word titli is butterfly. In this asana your body movement resembles the movement of the wings of the butterfly, hence the name Titli Asana.


  • Reduces deep contraction during labor
  • Helps in relaxing the whole body
  • Makes the spine stronger
  • Helps in better hip opening


  • Sit on a block or pillow comfortably and keep your soles in the position so that your feet can join each other.
  • Take your feet near to your pelvic areas as possible as you can.
  • Sitting up straight as much as you can by grasping your feet with your hands.
  • Try to move your thighs in up and down position while continuing normal breathing.
  • Repeat the procedure for 10-20 rounds.

5Ujjayi Breathing

(SRC: Yoga With Adriene)

Breathing is the most important part while giving birth to your child. During labor, it becomes even more important. This pose will help you to breath healthy during pregnancy.


  • Known as natural energy booster
  • Provides you strength to push labor pain
  • Helps in relieving mental as well as physical stress
  • Helps in prolonged breathing during labor


  • By making sure your spine is straight sitting anywhere comfortably.
  • Ensuring that your mouth is closed start breathing with your nose and inhale fresh air in your chest, belly and lower abdomen.
  • Then exhale normally
  • Try to do it regularly any time during the day for the strengthening breathing process.

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By Prajakt K.