Top 10 Best Core Sliders 2021

Core Sliders

Best Core Sliders are those that make fitness journeys in strength more exciting and exhilirating. What you should be looking for when buying the best core slider, is to look into the foot size, floor type, how many sets can be offered through the discs, and of course, it’s going to be different for beginners and trainers.

Most common ones you will find are for carpet or rubber floors, wooden floors too. But for home exercises you should go for this list of best core sliders 2021. We have consolidated all the exercises and the equipment for a 16 week strength building programme. You just have to commit to it and follow through.

These exercises match with the list of best core sliders available in the market and are totally effective and worth it. How do we know? It is all tested. Now, no more loose belly, abdomen, thighs and hips. Take full charge of your body and realise the impact of the simplest home DIY (Do it yourself) exercises for core strength.

You put in your toes on the disc. Some of the discs are designed such that you can use both the sides, for different effects. Whether it’s a plank or pike, core strength is the mile in your fitness regime, you don’t wanna mess with. HealthSpectra’s List of Best Core Sliders 2021 will help you through this journey and give answers to all questions about hamstring exercise programmes and how to use core sliders.

How Do Core Sliders Work

As you will scroll down, you will find the all in one buying guide for core sliders. These equipment are for strength training, especially, core and abdomen, and very useful for taking care of strength exercises and your fitness at home. These will glide you like He Man and Wonder Woman, help you see through your next level of workout.

It is very easy, start practicing engaging your core. Don’t stop breathing, just keep your abdomen and belly tucked in comfortably through the workout.

Here are some pointers:

  1. Lie face-up on the yoga mat, or the floor with your knees bent and feet flat on the ground.
  2. As you are pressing your lower back into the ground make sure your tailbone tips up slightly. As in so that you can feel it touching the ground surface.
  3. Inhale deeply, filling your belly fully and feel relaxed.
  4. Now, use your ab muscles to pull your belly button up and inward-against your breath.

Best Core Sliders

1.Elite Sportz Sliders for Working Out

Elite Sportz Sliders for Working Out

Best for low impact cross fit home workout to tighten your waistline and can be used to complement strength training, CrossFit and cross training workout routines. Elite’s gliding discs produce results without putting strain on your body, so you can work out hard with much less risk of injury.

The discs are made for most floors. One side of the sliding disc has a fabric surface to protect hard floors, while the other is smooth to slide on carpet. It is convenient to use, designed to glide easily, store and is also incredibly portable.

If you buy the easy to use Elite Sportz Sliders for Working Out package below you get access to free workout videos to help you use the gliding discs to the fullest! Best is that this also comes with lifetime warranty.

So, there perhaps is nothing now that can be an excuse for toning and strengthening your core and adding something new to your crossfit, strength training.

  • No strain on body
  • Slides on all floor types
  • Comes with workout videos
  • Heavy weight

2.Tone It Up Slide ‘N Sculpt Discs

Tone It Up Slide N Sculpt Discs

These come in different colors. They are designed for women especially, designed by women. They are designed to prevent your hands and feet from slipping. Can be used on carpets, yoga mats, hard floor, wood and tile. Helps you in exercising confidently. Strengthens your core and abdomen. And is made of premium quality materials.

Tone It Up comes with fitness and nutrition goals. They have protein powders, the whole package will definitely keep you strong. It won’t over-stress your joints.

The product dimensions are 7.9 x 7.3 x 1 inches; 3.99 Ounces.

  • Portable
  • Colour variety
  • Makes you feel confident
  • Designed only for women

3.A AZURELIFE Exercise Core Sliders

A AZURELIFE Exercise Core Sliders

These are durable, lightweight and portable. Ideal for travellers. Comes with premium dual-sided core sliders and thus is perfect for ab and core workouts. It is made on one side with Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA) foam and the other side with Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) Plastic. Best material in the industry yet.

Size is about 7″ in diameter. The package below contains: 2 Core Sliders and illustrated workout guide with 12 exercises.

Gives high resistance and range of motion. Can be used instead of a yoga mat. Non-elastic and stretchy, great for your obliques. These core sliders are for omnidirectional use.

  • 1.All-in-one core slider
  • 2.Dual purpose
  • 3.Omni Potential
  • 1.No workout plan kit

4.Techson Exercise Sliders Discs

Techson Exercise Sliders Discs

These yoga gliding sliders are double sided core sliders. Easy workout on any surface. Made of hard plastic base with soft material on one side for easy sliding on laminate or hardwood flooring, soft side to use on carpet or rugs flooring.

Techson Exercise Sliders Discs is designed for whole body workout. These sliding discs give you an intense abdominal workout. You get everything from working your abs, upper body, arms, shoulder, legs, glutes and more. Kind of an all in one complete fitness set.

You can use these to feel like you are exercising on an extra large surface which is great. As these have an extra large surface for both your hands and feet.These are great for training and conditioning as well.

You can also carry these with you to the gym, or an exercise class or to use at home or when travelling. The beauty of this one is that you can use them in a variety of different workouts, including aerobic or dance workout, muscle shaping and strengthening moves and even yoga.

  • Can be used for dance workouts
  • Designed for hands too
  • For laminate floor type
  • No free workout kit
  • Not very colourful

5.Merrithew Sliding Mobility Disks, Black, X-Large

Merrithew Sliding Mobility Disks Black, X-Large

These are also available in X-large size. Builds dynamic stability and mobility for a resilient body. Merrithew Sliding Mobility Disks help in toning, strengthening and lengthening your muscles (making it lean). Very easy to use in a number of weight-bearing exercises no matter your level of fitness is. These are versatile disks and can be used for a wide range of low-impact, total-body exercises that you can easily do at home or on the go.

They are lightweight and double-sided, these versatile disks slide smoothly on hardwood or carpeted floor. Will improve your balance while focusing on your body’s overall flexibility and dynamic stability. They are travel-friendly exercise disks and good for intensifying your bodyweight routine.

  • Can be used for Pilates
  • Versatile
  • Total body workout
  • No free workout kit
  • Material used is average

6.Aduro Sport Exercise Sliders for Fitness Workout [2PK]

Aduro Sport Exercise Sliders for Fitness Workout

These core sliders can be used for a wide variety of slider fitness exercises, for example, you can use them as an ab exercise equipment. The Aduro exercise sliders can improve your coordination and flexibility by forcing you to target and strengthening the core areas of your body.

This too has a two-side design with two different materials so that it can work in all surface and floor, the smooth plastic side for carpet, rugs or other blankets; the fabric layer side for hardwood or tile

They use the smooth plastic side with high ABS engineer plastic material; the fabric layer side with non-slip EVA cloth, the natural substance that your hands and feet will be safe and comfortable

It is also lightweight and easy to carry. The Aduro Sport Exercise Sliders for Fitness Workout [2PK] is 7-inch in size. These gliding workout sliders come 100% risk free, lifetime, no-hassle guarantee, if you ever have any issues with it, Aduro will either replace it or issue you a full refund.

  • Variety of exercise
  • Comes in 3 colours
  • For all floor types
  • No workout kit
  • Feet won’t stay

7.Ezzgy Sliders

Ezzgy Sliders

The Ezzgy seven inch core sliders come with an illustrated guide. It is a two piece dual-sided fitness equipment for women’s home gym. These leg sliders are for rugs and hardwood – best workout gear for abs, back and hips. You can do your intense training with these.

These innovative gliding disks are simple accessories that can intensify your usual workout. Quite durable and long-lasting, as well as very reliable. Made of plastic and fabric, about 18 cm long and 0.3 inches (8 mm) thick.

These are multi use core sliders for yoga, pilates, fitness, and cross workouts. They support your body and improve your mobility so you can try out new exercises. The Ezzgy set exercise set of gliding discs are an example of practicality and versatility. They are lightweight and have a compact design, so they fit in any gym bag and don’t take too much space.

You can use them to strengthen your core and build muscle. They can help you sculpt your back, abs, glutes, calves, biceps, and triceps. They are good to go for beginners and pros. These exercise sliders are a great solution for beginners who are just starting to work out. They are efficient and a stylish choice. The pro sliders come in a shiny red color.

  • Great solution for beginners
  • Stylish
  • Materials used is ordinary
  • Only for women

8.P.volve Exercise Gliders

Pvolve Exercise Gliders

Best for those looking for core workouts at home, butt exercises and an overall simple core workout routine. P.volve’s workout sliders allow you to work the entire upper and lower body with planks, leg reaches, stretching and more. Gives maximum results by strengthening and toning your whole body in just a few minutes of low-impact exercises.

If you incorporate this set into your regular planking exercises, butt workout and weight loss plan, you will reach your fitness goals faster. They are portable lightweight gliding sliders that are the optimal choice for on-the-go workouts when traveling or working out from anywhere on the road.

You don’t have to think about which exercise, just take these as they are made for every goal. Even if you are just starting out or looking for a new way to tone the upper body, the gliders are safe and effective for anyone looking for head-to-toe definition without putting extra stress or pressure on the joints.

P.volve helps you look and feel your best. It understands mechanics of the body and joint mobility as a brand. Although it is the new one in the market it vouches for a strong, sculpted body and increased mobility, posture and balance in everyday life.

  • Increased mobility
  • Incorporates therapy
  • Versatile
  • Poor materials
  • Not innovative design

9.SKLZ Slidez Dual-Sided Exercise Glider Discs

SKLZ Slidez Dual-Sided Exercise Glider Discs

With this the only thing left on the floor will be your hard-earned sweat.The SKLZ Court Slidez are lightweight double-sided gliding discs that provide a total body workout and can be used on all surfaces. Name it, Carpet, rugs, pavement, turf, track, gym floors, gravel, mats, polished cement. Hardwood, tile, travertine, ceramic, marble, granite, linoleum, laminate, mats, polished cement, concrete, turf.

Wherever you go to get a low impact, high-intensity training session this is a good set to buy. It’s dual-sided stability discs allow you to workout anytime and anywhere with no friction. It enhances your normal exercise routine by adding the SKLZ Court Slidez.

Built to work your upper and lower body, engage your core abdominal muscles through an endless range of motion and training drills. This will make your body weight work harder.

Slidez lets you use the weight of your body to create the resistance and movement that you need to activate your core. It helps add shoulder and upper body strength, and increase your levels of fitness.

They can be used for a full-body workout too with minimal gear. Slidez won’t mark wood, tile or other smooth floors. Even on any smooth surface, it lets you use your body weight to activate your core to build strength and flexibility with high-intensity, low-impact moves.

  • High range of motion
  • Low-friction
  • Innovative design
  • Heavy built
  • Bad materials

10.Synergee Core Sliders

Synergee Core Sliders

They are cute, and come in Power Pink, yellow, red, green and black colors. Made of Felt and weighs only 3.2 ounces. Dimensions are also good enough, around 7.2 x 1.3 x 7.2 inches (LxWxH).

These core sliders are a versatile piece of equipment for defining your abs! They are small but mighty exercise sliders. So light and compact that you can take them wherever you go! They are designed for your hands and feet, to never leave the floor, creating a low impact, yet highly effective workout, especially for your core.

With this with you, you can intensify your favorite moves by introducing a balance challenge. Great for intensifying mountain climbers, planks and pikes. They are double-sided to ensure a great workout no matter where you are. Use the foam side on the hard floor and the plastic side for the carpet.

They also help in strength and conditioning of your entire body with a low impact weight-bearing workout since your body is in constant contact with the surface, because they are non-slippery and provide enough resistance.

  • Colourful
  • Provides resistance
  • For hands and feet
  • Materials used is poor
  • Not for advanced strength workouts

10 Benefits Of Having Core Sliders At Home

Core sliders/gliders create instability, as they slip underneath your feet or hands. Which in turn forces your muscles, particularly your core, to work that much harder to stabilize yourself. This added element is a great way to level up and diversify your core work and strength/cardio workouts.

Core sliders Alternates at home gym:

  1. Core sliders for home workouts are the most ergonomic choice.
  2. They are compact and effective for using body resistance. You’ll get a thorough workout, and you’ll have no excuses to leave it at home while you travel!
  3. Size is not a problem. These core sliders come in different color options and some of them are even 7 inch diameter.
  4. They are constructed from foam and ABS plastic and designed to slide smoothly on tile, wood, and carpeted surfaces.
  5. They glide on carpet, hardwood, or rubber floor! Also They can be used with hands or feet for omnidirectional movement to target core strength, cardio, or flexibility.
  6. Core sliders also help in balancing your body by resisting movement in both directions— giving a sort of a push-pull effect that helps your muscles engage correctly.
  7. Another major benefit is an instant connection with your muscles. Core sliders are a great way to up the intensity of a bodyweight workout, without adding weights.
  8. Sliders are quite an inexpensive way to improve balance, stability, and core strength.
  9. They target seven different muscles at once with a simple gliding action. In just a few minutes per day you’ll work your abs — including the rectus abdominis and obliques — waist, arms, chest, shoulders and back.
  10. And, lastly, it is true, spot-training exercises will make you “feel the burn” while muscles grow and strengthen. However, according to various physiological research studies, you can’t get rid of belly fat.

How to Choose the Best Core Sliders

Some people workout bare feet, some with shoes, so the design and texture should be noted before buying for sure. It should not be too slippery or too resistant for your workout plan. Basically, you are using your body strength to train certain muscles of your body through a set of exercises. These exercises, build your body for free standing, minimal equipment, home workouts which give high impact results.

It really depends on your workout plan for the week or the month. As mentioned before, core sliders are for full body strengthening, especially, focusing on the core and abdomen. It is like all the straight, push and back exercises are possible on the core slider.

I haven’t come across any core slider, which is horrible. But yes, if you have worn off the core sliders you were using. It’s time to buy new ones. The stronger the grip of your foot and the floor through the slider, it will show the better results from the workout.

Best Exercises That You Do With Sliders

Do the following set of exercises following through the rest time between each set. Repeat the whole set twice. These are home workouts for beginners using core sliders. These will make you ready for the more advanced workout regime.

  • One Plank: 30sec

No rest.

  • 2 Dead bug: Reps 10

No rest.

  • 3 Boat Time: 30sec

Rest 1min.

  • 1 Ball push-away: Reps 8

No rest

  • 2 Hanging knee raise: Reps 8

No rest.

  • 3 Dumbbell plank drag: Reps 8

Rest 1min.

  • 1 Strict toes to bar: Reps 6

No rest.

  • 2 L-sit: 30sec

No rest

How Long Should You Work Out With Core Sliders

A 10-15 minutes core workout is good enough. Alternate it with cardio and abs training and get a full body routine. Leave one day of the week for rest. Ab exercises using core sliders for five days a week for six weeks is alone sufficient to reduce subcutaneous belly fats. It will repair the torn muscles and reduce oxidative stress and make your body ready for high intensity workout again.

HIIT workouts are not for every day. After some time, they have to be discontinued, so that the body can adjust and reduce fluctuation in the transformation challenge, and start showing better results with the change in the workout plan.

Aim should be to do a core workout two to three times a week. Start with basic exercises listed above. When you can complete a full set of reps easily, when breathing and heart rate are normal, then you can move on to a slightly more advanced set of exercises.


Core strengthening is a must for any workout plan. It gives shape to your body, helps in alignment and posture building. With the Best core sliders 2021 already here, you don’t need to wait to add this to your home gym and intensify your workout as soon as possible. Most important is the buying guide for core sliders where you have to go for dual-side designs, where one side is foam and other other side plastic, it ensures that the sliders can be used on rough and smooth surfaces.

Next is obviously, the quality of the materials used for the slider, the most versatile are EVA foam and ABS plastic. These are for every day workouts, and simple and lightweight, but mighty and powerful in transforming your body. These strength training equipment are mandatory in a home gym for full body workout.