12 Mental Tricks To Lose Weight – Ways To Think Thin

mental tricks to lose weight
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More than a process, weight loss is a journey. There are a number of factors that go into the process and it is very important to pay close attention to each one of them to be able to stand out of the crowd effectively. Adhering to certain mental tricks to lose weight is important because this is what helps change the discourse.

It is very important to train the mind, come what may. It is necessary on your part to take the time out to actually indulge in mental preparation for weight loss. It is more than cutting out your favourite food and indulging in an active lifestyle.

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Check Out These Mental Tricks To Lose Weight.

By the end of this article, you will have a fair share of knowledge regarding how to overcome psychological blocks to lose weight.

1. Picture Yourself Thin

Picture yourself thin
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One of the best ways to change your mental state to lose weight is by picturing yourself to be thin. You would want to visualize yourself somewhere 6 months down the line, with the kind of transformation that you have always wanted to see and witness around.

Visualize yourself a few months down the line and how you will feel not just being slimmer than before but also healthier than before. If you want to drive yourself to do better, dig up old pictures of yours and put them around the house when you were thin and that should further help you achieve your goals.

2. Mind over matter

Mind over matter
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The process of controlling your cravings does require a proper skill for you to have. You won’t technically be about to mentally prepare to lose weight if you don’t even have control over your cravings.

In order for you to successfully be able to get over your mental mindset of cravings, you need to ensure that you train your mind to know that you won’t need the unhealthy foods to satiate yourself. Often times, it is not about the willpower but how you handle those cravings that matters in the end.

Mind over matter weight loss is one that depends on how you handle the situation all the more.

3. Stop your obsession over skinny models

Stop your obsession over skinny modelsEverybody’s body is different and has different requirements and abilities. If you wish to know more about the mental tricks to lose weight, it is important that you do stop focusing on the skinny models that pop up on your Instagram feed. This is where the problem arises from.

Instead of being disheartened by the appearance and blaming yourself for your body, try and avoid them for good. Even a conducted study in 2012 found that the subjects who had pictures of the skinny model didn’t love weight while the ones who had neutral images effectively did.

4. Ask questions to yourself

Ask questions to yourself
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This might not necessarily seem like the best option but if you want to mentally prepare to lose weight, the best way to do the same is by asking yourself questions. If you are giving into your craving or not doing something that was meant to be in your schedule for losing weight, ask yourself about the consequences.

Would you like to throw everything away that you have done just for this one small thing? This does help a lot in sorting through your priorities and keeps you motivated through the process of weight loss.

5. Have realistic expectations

Have realistic expectations
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When it comes to the realistic weight loss goals, we all have our set of expectations that we want to achieve. Failing to achieve the same, we end up feeling upset about the same.

When it comes to your mind control to lose weight, it is quite important to ensure that you have realistic expectations for the process that you can actually achieve in the end.

If you expect to lose 10 pounds in 1 day, that is not just impossible but unhealthy way of weight loss as well. That is most definitely the last thing that anyone wants.

The best way to successfully lose weight is by ensuring that your weight loss expectations are well matched with your capabilities and what your body can bear. Don’t overdo it or put overexertion on the body.

6. Substitute Junk

Substitute junkIt is easy to rely on a diet that’s filled with Trans fats and unhealthy fats in them. Eating junk food does increase the risks associated with heart diseases and other issues chronic diseases that we are not even aware of.

In order to abide by the mental tricks to lose weight, it is best suggested to substitute the junk food with a healthier version of it. There are several alternatives for it that you can opt for and trust me, the results will drive you to do better.

If you are craving some chips, instead of reaching out for the unhealthy potato chips, opt for a fresh batch of kale chips which are not just tasty but quite healthy as well.

7. Get a buddy

Get a buddyWe are often times too lazy to achieve things when it’s on our own. The same can actually be transformed and changed for good if you get someone to do the same with you.

If you are looking for ways to overcome the psychological blocks to weight loss, it is best suggested to get an exercise buddy who would help keep you motivated through the process.

Even a conducted study (R) with 217 students found that the group who were allowed to have social networks in their fitness class lost more weight in comparison to the ones who were just handed out with a training book and resources for the same.

8. Leave behind food on your plate

Leave behind food on your plateWe have been told by our parents to never leave behind food on our plates. But, new studies show that the same can actively be changed by ensuring that you eat as much as your hunger makes you.

Overeating is one of the most common causes behind the problems of being overweight. So, if you are struggling with the same, the best way to change your mental state to lose weight is by ensuring that you train your mind to stop overeating just because there is food on your plate.

9. Make a commitment

Make a commitment
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Losing weight is nothing short of a long term commitment. You need to ensure that you have your focus, dedication and even the strategy aligned well and good. It goes without saying that if you are struggling with the condition of lack of ability to lose weight, the best way to overcome that is by ensuring that you stick to a healthy routine.

Be committed to your goals and the rest will definitely fall into place without any issues whatsoever. If you are finding yourself having a hard time sticking to the commitments, there are chances that your goals are either unrealistic or too hard to achieve.

10. Set small goals

Set small goalsInstead of having earth shattering and too extensive weight loss plans, plan to indulge in some small goals instead.

It is one of the best mental tricks to lose weight. When you have small goals in your mind, it does help you out a lot by preventing issues concerning the lack of motivation that one is often faced with. Instead of skipping off to the big goals, try and limit yourself to the small set of goals around.

What these do is help in improving your overall lifestyle without creating any kind of issue whatsoever with the current routine that you have going on. Making changes in one’s lifestyle is hard, so it is always best to start small and not take drastic steps.

11. Quit smoking

Quit smoking

You must be wondering what smoking has got to do with the mental preparation for weight loss, right? Well, it has definitely got a lot to do with your energy and stamina to drive you to lose weight.

A study conducted in February 2013 which was published in Respirology found that people who smoke are not just less active but they tend to become lazier with the passing days all the more. The main reason behind the same is because of the lack of internal motivation to change.

This is the primary reason why it is best suggested to ensure that you have the mental mindset to lose weight without letting any kind of distractions take over.

12. Be mindful

Be mindfulOne of the primary reasons why we end up overeating is often because of the lack of mindfulness throughout the process.

Instead of stuffing your face inside the television of being distracted with other things, it is important that you pay close attention to the factors (R) playing around while you are eating.

Don’t rush through things, instead, try and put a halt and enjoy the food that you are consuming. This is one of the best mental tricks to lose weight and prevent yourself from overeating.

Playing mental tricks to lose weight actually does pan out to be quite amazing in the long haul. If you have been struggling to notice changes in your weight, the same can effectively be changed with easy and effective ways as mentioned. We have shared the top 12 ways to control your mind to successfully shed off the unwanted pounds and definitely hope it comes in handy for you.