Finger Shape Linked To Health Personality

Finger Shape

Do you know that the shapes of your fingers can speak a lot about your personality? This may seem stupid or silly, but definitely not. Rather, you would be surprised to read and learn how your finger shapes and your traits coincide. Still not believing, try checking out with your friends fingers too. Mine was on spot and you would be amazed to feel the same!

friends fingers

Type A Finger

  • You tend to hide your personality.
  • You like to be melancholic.
  • You try to present yourself as more independent than you really are.
  • You are emotional in nature and tries to be nice to people whom you know.
  • You hate liars, hypocrites, etc.
  • You appear cool and strong. Sometime people may see you as arrogant.
  • You are a hearted person and helpful.
  • You loves to laugh all the time.
  • Most of the times, you expressions reveal your thoughts.
  • You may be cold towards the people you are not interested in.

Type B Finger

  • You are not among the people who approach first.
  • You are extremely loyal and devote maximum attention to your loved ones.
  • You are extremely sensitive, even though you do not appear so.
  • You are highly resolute and determined.
  • You are not fine when alone, even though you pretend that everything is fine.
  • Even if you feel uneasy at times or during some situations, you can have a control on yourself.
  • You have a soft heart that can easily get hurt.
  • You pretend to be a strong person, by speaking harshly.

Type C Finger

  • You get easily touched and do not hold grudges.
  • You keep forgetting about things that bothered you in the past.
  • You do not usually like to deal with unfamiliar things.
  • You are not easy with challenges and risks.
  • You tend to respect others opinions.
  • You can also turn out to be overbearing at times.
  • You are highly egoistic during fights, but will be the first one to approach after the fight.
  • You are someone who tries to hide problems to yourself.
  • You are soft hearted and help people dependant on you.
  • You can forgive your enemies within seconds if he apologizes.
  • You cannot hold a fight longer with any one.
Type C Finger

Type A

  • You are not open and tend to hide feelings.
  • You try to portray yourself as stronger person that reality.
  • You are highly emotional and get attached with the person you feel connected.
  • You do not like dishonesty and hypocrisy.
  • You attempt to appear cool and strong.
  • You may be seen by people as arrogant and eccentric.
  • You cannot be too tolerant.
  • You are very helpful to friends.
  • You love laughing out loud.
  • Your expressions portray your thoughts.
  • You are too emotional with family and friends but equally cold with others.

Type B

  • You do not take a step forward to begin conversations or take actions.
  • You are extremely devoted and loyal person.
  • People may mistaken you many time because of your presentation.
  • However, you have a sensitive soul.
  • You are a committed and devoted person.
  • You wish to find a soulmate, even though you may present yourself as if you do not care.
  • When you are highly uncomfortable, you prefer to stay calm.

Type C

  • You ignore or rather forget things that made you upset.
  • You do not hold grudge for long.
  • You love to be in your comfort zone and do not like new or unfamiliar territories.
  • You respect and accept others opinions.
  • You can show off your bossy side during fights or arguments.
  • However yu do not step back to apologize or start a conversation later on.
  • You are straight forward person with clear likes and dislikes.
  • You love people to depend on you and be ready to help them.

Your Fingers Can Reveal A Lot About Your Health Too:

  1. If index finger is shorter than normal, it indicates high testosterone levels – whether male or female. Usually, in men, the index finger is shorter than their ring finger, while they are typically of same length in women.
  2. A study revealed that a shorter index finger is linked to increased risk of osteoarthritis due to lack of estrogen and less physical activity.
  3. Men with longer index finger than the ring finger are with increased prostate cancer risk.
  4. According to a study, hormone exposure during gestation influence future behavioral patterns Shorter index finger than ring finger means exposure to high testosterone levels in the womb.
  5. A study conducted on 144 men at the University of Gachon revealed that men with relatively shorter index finger than ring finger have a larger penis size.
  6. Women with longer ring fingers than their index comparatively have more sports skills.
  7. Several research studies reveal that people with longer ring finger tend to be more successful in business ventures.
  8. Swollen fingers indicate health issues as high sodium intake can cause fluid retention, and would result in temporary swelling of the fingers. Many natural remedies help fight fluid retention.

Incase the fingers remain swollen for long periods of time, or occurs frequently, it could indicate a problem with the thyroid functioning. This in turn can slow down your metabolism. It results in weight gain and fluid retention.

Here is how one’s fingers can reveal a lot about their overall personality. Care for your hands and fingers. Check out if the traits match on your friend’s fingers too!

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