10 Body Parts You Are Not Washing Properly On A Daily Basis

Body Parts You Are Not Washing
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Do you tend to stand under the shower and finish everything in under 5 minutes? Really? 5 minutes? Well, it is most likely that there are several body parts you are not washing properly.

Being hasty in the washroom is not something uncommon. This is why it is always advised to take time with the process. Our body needs to be scrubbed down and cleaned every single day to avoid any kind of buildup of bacteria.

In this article, we are going to be sharing the common yet unknown body parts that you are not washing enough.

Body Parts You Aren’t Washing

Body Parts You Aren’t Washing
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While, taking a quick shower and scrubbing on some expensive body gel can make you smell and feel fresh, it is not always enough. In this section of the article, we are going to be walking ourselves through the common body parts that you fail to clean properly while taking a shower.

1. Belly button

Belly button
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You might not know this but the belly button is like the warehouse of bacterial growth. We often tend to stand under the stream of hot water and let it wash everything away. While we always scrub the body, we rarely pay any heed to the belly button which is exactly where we are going wrong.

Leaving the belly button to fend for itself without any kind of proper care and cleansing, it becomes a breeding ground for the unwanted bacteria and yeast which flourishes in the area. Often times, the severity of it often leads to foul smell from the belly button (R) along with possible infections too.

While showering, reach out for a cotton swab (R) and clean the inside of the belly button carefully to get rid of any kind of stench or infection.

2. Tongue

TongueThis shouldn’t be much of a shocker, primarily because of the fact that you must have been hearing this from your dentists since eternity. Always clean your tongue while you are brushing your teeth. Your tongue is like the breeding ground of bacteria in your oral cavity. This is primarily because the tongue tends to absorb everything you put in your mouth – from the last cup of coffee to the sandwich that you had for breakfast.

You may not notice or feel it on the go, but your tongue is not a completely smooth surface. It has ridges and crooks that end up trapping the food which, if not removed, can actually cause bacterial growth.

If you are wondering how to do that, just grab a toothbrush and rub it on your tongue. You are most likely going to gag and feel like choking up but trust me; this is a very necessary step in personal hygiene.

3. Behind the ears

Behind the ears
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This is yet another one of those body parts you are not washing properly. People pay extra heed to their face and anywhere in and around the face but fail to even understand the severity and importance of cleaning behind the ears.

We tend to sweat in the back of our neck as well as the back of our ears which can be an ideal ground for the impending growth of bacteria in the area. This is the reason why one needs to ensure that they are paying special attention to the area behind the ears.

Get some wipes and soak it in some water and soap. Rub it around the back of the ears while you are showering and that should do the trick preventing the area from smelling bad and also preventing the possibility of bacterial growth in the area.

4. Between the toes

Between the toes
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Toes need some love too. Not just toes, the entirety of your feet need some extra nurturing and loving that it is often devoid of. Toes and the feet are often constricted within the shoes which make them sweat and thus become a breeding ground for the bacteria and other forms of infection causing germs.

Not washing your toes properly can actually end up emitting foul smell from the area and end up causing deadly infections too.

If getting the desired results while showering is not possible, just opt for some other foot hygiene methods like using talcum powder or even opting for a foot soak to get rid of the bacteria and stench as well.

5. Hair! Scalp! Hair

Hair Scalp
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We might actually end up washing your hair and use shampoo of some expensive brand but not paying much heed to the scalp is yet another factor that ends up causing problems.

Poor scalp health often tends to induce dryness on the scalp and not just that; you might also often encounter situations like scabs and infection on the scalp because of the excess dryness. Apart from using shampoo and cleaning the scalp, it is also necessary to ensure that you oil your scalp from time to time for the best results in this aspect.

Dry scalp is also a potent threat and possibility for the induction of dandruff which is definitely not something you ever want to encounter. Washing your hair might be common and mainstream but are you washing your scalp? That is where we tend to go wrong.

6. Back

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Back is yet another of the common areas of the body that we tend to ignore or can’t reach to wash it properly. The outcome? Dry skin and probably acne because of the accumulation of dirt in the area.

It is very important to try and get a long handle brush to get to the back of your body to be able to reach out and rub the dirt away. It might seem like a lot but trust me, cleaning the back is just as important as cleaning any other part of the body.

Back is possibly one of the biggest parts of the body that gets the least attention. It is important to ensure that you are tending to the back and at least scrubbing it every other day to get rid of the accumulated sweat and dirt. It is one of those mandatory things that one should do but fails to get on with.

7. Under the Breasts

Under the breasts
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Often times, it is found that women tend to not pay much attention to the underside of their breasts. And this is not something for the majority of the people but definitely for quite a number.

Now, throughout the entire day, the constriction from the bra and even the constant sweating tends to develop rashes and redness around the breasts, especially the underside of it. It is essentially important to wash the underboobs with proper soap to get rid of any kind of sweat residue that could eventually causes rashes, itching, and infection.

8. Wash Your Hands

Wash your handsWe all know the importance of washing hands thoroughly, before and after eating and also after you come from outside. I am hoping this won’t need a separate introduction, now, would it?

A study published on the Journal of Environmental Health clearly states that people don’t even know how to wash their hands properly. A bit shocking, isn’t it?

If you are indulgent of washing your hands in a few seconds kind of a person, let me be the bearer of the news that you might as well not wash your hands because you are not making much of a difference anyway.

It is believed that, in order to get rid of any kind of germs from the hand and to disinfect it properly, it is necessary to ensure that one washes their hand for a total of 20 seconds and then rinse them properly. And the same doesn’t just stop up till washing of the hands; get the dirt out of the nails as well because that is equally important.

9. Teeth


Teeth are yet another part of the body that majority of the people pay heed to on a daily basis but enough to ensure that it’s clearly and properly. That is where most of us go wrong.

If statistics are anything to go by, it was found in a survey conducted by the American Dental Association that while 30% of people don’t brush their teeth enough, there are around 23% of people who are doing it wrong. Which category do you fit into?

There are several ways in which a person brushes their teeth – some go bonkers with the pressure while some do it superficially. Whatever the reason, it is important that one does it properly and well enough. There are specific and standard guidelines (R) when it comes to brushing your teeth which have been stated by the American Dental Association itself. Try and adhere to those steps.

10. Butt

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Now, the common grounds of anal hygiene and cleanliness shouldn’t be that hard to decipher. It is important to keep your butt and anal hygiene in check, primarily because of the fact that it often times end up being the breeding ground for a whole range of bacteria which in turn, causes infection.

If you are someone who sits consistently for longer periods of time or sweat a lot, it is important to ensure that you clean the butt region thoroughly to get rid of any kind of sweat and such. The improper cleaning of the same, which we do a majority of the times, end up being a reason for the induction of acne.

Personal hygiene plays a key role in administering one’s quality of life. If you are just showering without being crucial in cleaning the above mentioned parts of the body, chances are that you will end up with a number of health problems. Now that you are well aware of the body parts that you are not washing properly, it is necessary to ensure that you pay extra attention to them and get rid of any possible cause of infection of other problems associated with the same.