12 Women’s Fitness Tips For Beginners

Women’s fitness tips

Fitness is not a man thing or a woman thing. Either man or women has to be fit. Fitness makes you energetic and feel strong. You are no doubt working hard doing a workout. Keep in mind to do a workout at least for half an hour daily to see the fruitful results. Women’s fitness tips are important to attain better results.

You can build up strong bones, maintain a healthy weight, prevent diabetes, fight cancer and prevent blood pressure by doing a workout. It also reduces stress improves sleep and improves overall health.

Some Women’s Fitness Tips to Be Fit and Strong

1Don’t give up on the pull ups

Pull ups strengthen the abs, biceps, middle back, and shoulders. They are effective exercise for upper part of the body. You can do plank pulls. Lie with your chest under a weight bar, set at the height of the knee on a squatting rack. Grab the bar on an overhand grip. Keeping to your body in one line, bend your elbows. Now pull the chest toward the bar, lower back to start, repeat this.

2Cut down on refined carbs

Stop eating breads, cookies, chocolates, white rice or anything with sugar. When you swallow a refined carb, it makes the sugar levels to rise. This produces excess insulin. The hormone insulin can be responsible for fat stores in the blood .

3Eat five times a day

Eat three meals and two snacks per day. Eat a snack between breakfast and lunch and one more between lunch and dinner. Like this you will have a uniform supply of energy. Less food more times cannot be a burden on your digestive system rather than eating three big meals. Five daily meals stabilizes your blood sugar. You will not have any cravings for food in the middle of your meals.

Nutrition Eating Plan For The Best Body

4Eat more protein

A balanced diet that includes protein, carbs and fat is necessary. This protects you from high levels of insulin formation. The benefit of high quality protein is it contains amino acids, that can help muscle recover after workouts. Some sources of protein are chicken, turkey and low-fat greek yogurt.

5Limit harmful liquids

Stop drinking juices like sodas that contain unnecessary sugar and calories. The diet sodas may increase insulin levels due to the sugar content in them. Drink healthy drinks like green tea or other herbal teas. If you are thirsty drink enough water but do not touch drinks like coffee or any sugared drinks.

6Do not miss post workout meal

Your post workout meal acts like a recovery meal after your workout. Most of the women skip post workout meal becausethey think it adds calories they just burned. Getting 20 – 30 gm of carbs, 10- 15 gm of protein within 30 minutes of exercise will help you to refuel your nobody. It also promotes muscle recovery. You can get a leaner physique by supplying food constantly and not too much at a time and less at a time.

7Think of your muscle

Exercise is a good thing that makes all your hard work forgettable. And when you work hard, you will also get the desired results. Do not forget to focus on your muscle when you exercise. You should be able to do some workouts on your muscle too. Remember more muscle is more strength.

8Increase your calorie burning

Sweet chili peppers may not be a winter food but eat them even in winter in burritos, stir fries, soups, salads, etc., This way you may burn more calories during a run during winter outdoors. These veggies contain capsinoids that are similar to capsicum found in hot peppers. Eating these chili peppers can increase the amount of fat cells in the body that burn more energy. It can also increase the metabolism.

9Never give up

You most often do not see change in you is because you do not work hard. Be challenging when it comes to working out. You must work out harder. Add different exercise in your workout. Variations in your workout can bring a good change in you. You can also burn more calories.

10Do push ups correctly

Even if you do many push -ups it does not matter if you are not doing them correctly. Any exercise you do, cannot work well or give out the result if you do not do it in the right way. Make the technique of push up perfect and then add up pressure to weight. This is especially important if your workout needs repetitions during a set amount of time. If you do it right, you can get the desired result as well as stay free from injury.

11Find a fit friend

A workout partner who is fit can be encouraging to you as well as make you burn more calories. You can be more time in the gym that is beneficial. According to a survey, women who exercise with a fit partner lost more calories compared to when exercised alone .You, like this, get motivated better.

12Never overdo anything

Women need more than an hour of fitness training for a fit body and good health. But it does not mean that you have to end up for longer in the gym. Spending more time will just make you bored and reluctant to come to the gym eventually. Do it limited and expect the results .

Benefits of being fit

    • You can live longer.
    • You will have a better quality of life.
    • You can stay in good shape.
    • It gives you more energy to perform during the day.
    • You will have some energy saved to have fun after the day’s work. You reduce the risk of diseases.
  • It makes you fit even if you are aging.

So make it a point to hit the gym regularly and workout enough to attain a fit body and see all the health benefits of your hard work .You can have a greater lifespan as well as a healthy life when you eat nutritious and workout in the gym or involve in activities like swimming, jogging, cycling, or running or jump rope.

By Pradeepa Polineni