New Study Spots Link between Allergies and Appendicitis

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Appendicitis is not a new term but quite a common one. It is a condition in which the appendix gets inflamed because of excess accumulation of pus inside it. This ends up causing pain and uneasiness in the stomach and abdominal region.

A new study (R) conducted by the researchers from the Lund University claim that children who suffer from allergies are more likely abstained from the risks of developing complex appendicitis. This new finding and conclusion can actually be quiet helpful in developing new modes of treatment for the problem.

Martin Salö, a researcher at Lund University and physician at Skåne University Hospital stated saying that in the research that was conducted on the children who have underwent the surgery for appendicitis in Lund, Sweden, over a complete span of a decade or so, the researchers found that one of the most common forms of allergies caused by pollen and animal fur helped reduced the risk of development of complex form of appendicitis by around three times. With the adjustment in the other realms for risk management, the researchers managed the other common influencing factors like age as well as the long term symptoms.

If statistics are anything to go by, it has been witnessed that allergies are primarily quite common in not just children but young adults too. Because of the severity of the condition, it is mandatory to ensure that the person in question actually does undergo immediate abdominal surgery to get rid of the signs and symptoms associated with the condition.

For the most part, it has been witnessed that the affected children primarily undergo the severe form of appendicitis which is definitely taxing on one’s overall health. It takes up quite an extensive time to completely heal and cure from within and can take up a few more days stay in the hospital. Several times, it also requires multiple surgeries to get the problem healed completely.

While there are several questions as to why the complicated form of appendicitis happen, there is one theory that sure to contribute to the following effectively. There is one theory believed by majority of the experts and researchers that complicated appendicitis depends on the immunological response of the body which tends to slightly differ in case of the uncomplicated form of appendicitis.

According to this recently conducted study, children who have been extensively suffering from the various kinds of allergies are less prone to the signs and symptoms associated with the complicated appendicitis, mainly because of the fact that the immunological response of these children are comparatively different in comparison to the ones who don’t inflict any allergic reaction.

With all that aside, there actually needs to be more extensive and in-depth study concerning the same to pinpoint out the possible correlation and the mode of action of the immune response to be able to develop more potent remedies and treatment for the same.

Martin Salö further concluded saying that the main approach of the study was to build a correlation between complicated appendicitis and allergic reactions, especially in children. Their findings concerning the immunological response in the complication as well as the uncomplicated forms of appendicitis is expected to be the first stepping stone towards the development of better diagnostic approach towards the condition.