18 Signs Your Relationship Is Hurting Your Mental Health – Know The Red Flags!

signs your relationship is hurting your mental health

If you have been in a relationship for long, chances are that the same will end up taking a toll on your mental health, especially if it isn’t the right one for you. But, often times, what happens is that you fail to see the signs your relationship is hurting your mental health.

We are either so in love, or so wired up keeping our relationship in check that we fail to realize that we are affecting our mental health for the worse. This is something that affects majority of women and men across the world.

If you think that your relationship isn’t health anymore and your relationship is hurting your health, understand the symptoms and take charge of the same.

Signs Your Relationship is Hurting Your Health

Signs your relationship is hurting your health

Not everyone experiences rainbows and butterflies when it comes to their relationship. There are instances when relationships do end up taking a toll on one’s mental health. And the worst part in the mix is the fact that people don’t even realize the brewing toxicity until it’s too late.

We don’t realize how much damage a potential relationship could cause until it’s too late to respond to situations.

Some of the signs that your relationship is hurting your health are listed out below.

1. You Rarely Talk

You rarely talkEvery relationship is built on the basis of trust and understanding. If you lack the same with your partner, chances are that your relationship is not rainbows and butterflies anymore.

Often times, if you find yourself being very skeptical all the time when it comes to talking and interacting with them, chances are that the same is taking a toll on your relationship and in turn, your mental health.

Avoiding talking to them is a way to avoid any further strain on your mental health and stability. This is the primary reason why majority of the people do avoid interacting with their partner because they do want to salvage of what’s left in the relationship.

If you are constantly on the edge and fearful of your partner’s reaction, it is one of the clear signs that your relationship is hurting your mental health.

2. Depression Has Kicked in

Depression has kicked inI am not saying one is supposed to be constantly happy in a relationship. That is just straight-up lie. There are going to be constant ups and downs but the way one handles things is what matters at the end of the day.

Even a conducted study (R) found that the people who find themselves stuck in a dead beat relationship reported signs of depression and constant unhappiness.

When it comes to a stressful relationship, it is quite common for people to start showcasing signs of depression fairly quickly. But, this is where things need to be taken seriously.

And the worst part in this is the fact that majority of the individuals don’t even find it in them to bring forth changes to such turn of events in their relationship.

3. Affected Self Esteem

Affected self esteemIf you have been witnessing your self esteem slipping away through the cracks of your fingers, especially after being with your partner, you need to see this as a red sign.

One of the common signs your relationship is hurting your mental health is when you start witnessing a bash on your overall confidence and self esteem levels.

You need to understand that there are chances that your partner could be the one causing the same. There are a number of subtle ways that the same could happen, ranging from signs of narcissism in your partner to them not caring about your feelings and thoughts, the possibilities are expansive.

If the person that you love is the one responsible for making you feel inferior about the situation, know for a fact that it is time to understand the impacts of your relationship on your health.

4. Constant Signs of Stress

Constant signs of stressWe live in a world where we are constantly stressed enough, be it with work or even with the upcoming deadlines that we have to meet. The last thing that you want is to experience the same with your relationship as well.

Often times, if you find yourself constantly showcasing symptoms of stress, chances are that the same will end up taking a toll on your mental health.

It is likely going to end up making you more edgy and frustrated, making it tough for you to handle things in accordance.

It is not necessary that the constant signs of stress suggest that your relationship isn’t healthy but if that is triggered by your partner or because of your partner, it is possibly a sign.

5. Constant Secrets

Constant secretsEven when in a relationship, everyone does have their own personal space and that includes their own set of secrets and insights that everyone doesn’t need to know of.

But, the issue arises when your partner is constantly being secretive about every single thing that you do. Having your partner like a closed book with no feelings and thoughts shared will end up taking a toll on your mental health, and that too for the worse.

The constant lack of clarity in a relationship does end up taking a toll on your mental health and your feelings of security in a relationship. This is what ends up causing impacts on your constant string of thoughts thinking that your partner could be cheating on you, causing grave impacts on your mental health.

6. Constant Feelings of Your Self-Worth

Constant feelings of your self-worthIn a relationship, you are meant to be felt loved and adored by your partner. You want them to make you feel good about yourself but if their presence is making you question your self-worth, chances are that the same is of no use to you.

If you are constantly thinking whether or not you matter to your partner, it is time to make decisions quickly.

You will constantly ask yourself whether or not your presence leave behind any impacts on the life of your partner. These thoughts constantly end up taking a toll on your mental health.

You might worry that if things go downhill, your partner won’t put in the efforts to mend things. There are constant worries that you are the one putting in all the efforts when your partner doesn’t do the same.

7. Constant Excuses

Constant excusesIf you are constantly making excuses for your partner’s wrongdoings, it is likely that the same will end up taking a toll on your mental health.

You are likely to not understand this but you will find yourself making excuses for something that your partner possibly did.

This is exactly where the things need to be changed. Find it in you to ward off the unnecessary things that your partner did. If you find yourself taking accountability of what your partner did, it is likely that the same will end up taking a toll on your mental health and that too, for the worse.

When you are constantly covering up for your partner, it ends up making them take you for granted and not treat you the way you deserve.

To be honest, even if you don’t feel the difference right away, it is likely that you will notice the same as the time passes, only to realize that you were mistreated.

8. Gaslighting Has Become Common

Gaslighting has become common

Gaslighting is actually a very serious condition that does end up taking a toll on your mental health, making you question your own sanity. If your partner has been twisting words and situations to mould in according to their liking, chances are that the same will gradually take a toll on your mental health.

This is an action where one tampers with the reality constantly. As weird as it might sound, people do get gaslit quite often and they don’t even realize it.

While they know the real side of the story, any kind of manipulative partner is likely going to twist things to an extent that they will end up causing a complete chaos of things.

Gas lighting takes a toll on your mental health because it ends up making you question even the smallest of things around you.

When one tries to convince you of things that actually didn’t happen in real life, chances are that you will start questioning your own mental state.

It also ends up destabilizing your thoughts, further making things a lot harder on you.

9. Impacts on Your Physical Health

Impacts on your physical healthWhen we are talking of signs your relationship is hurting your health, the same impacts your physical health as well. You wouldn’t necessarily know this but it has been found that the impacts on the mental health reflect on your physical health too.

In one of the conducted studies (R), it was found that these kinds of constant issues with them being in a toxic relationship have been found to have direct impacts on your physical health, affecting the endocrine, immune and even the neurosensory system in the body.

Much like how your physical well being affects your mental health, the same happens vice versa as well.

So, when you are stuck in an unhealthy and toxic relationship, chances are that it will end up making you experience physical signs of headaches, insomnia, inflammation and even the labored immune system.

10. Wash of Relief in Their Absence

Wash of relief in their absenceIf you feel a sigh of relief when your partner leaves the house or away from you, chances are that the same could not just correlate with the lack of interest but also the constant toxicity that you are bearing. This is exactly where things need to change.

The sudden relief after having them away indicates that you don’t feel the happiness in their presence. This itself should be a trigger that something is wrong.

If you have been actively looking out for signs your relationship is hurting your mental health, this is one of the most common ones.

For those who feel like a physical weight has been lifted off of their shoulders when they have their partner leave is enough of a signal that you need to look for other healthier relationships instead of being stuck in one that doesn’t even make you happy and giddy anymore.

11. Worsening Signs of Social Anxiety

Worsening signs of social anxietyA healthy relationship is likely to help you combat your struggles with social anxiety, because your partner is likely to make you feel comfortable in the surroundings.

On the other hand, if you are stuck in a very obsessive and toxic relationship, chance are that the same will end up taking a toll on your mental health in the long run.

You are likely going to get deeper into your cocoon, making it harder for you to keep a check on things. This is exactly where you need to step in and find better ways to not let the situation take a toll on your mental stability.

If your signs of social anxiety are left unchecked, chances are that the same will end up making daily common interactions a lot worse for you.

12. You take your feelings for granted

You take your feelings for grantedYou wouldn’t even know your relationship is hurting you unless something drastic happens. One of the most common signs that your relationship is taking a toll on your mental health is when you start suppressing your feelings.

Not just that, you will also try to reason with yourself why you have been feeling the way you are.

You will try and find excuses to justify your partner’s actions instead of taking your time out to analyse the wrong.

If your partner is trying to make you feel more insensible and unreasonable just because of something, the same will end up taking a toll on your mental health in the long run.

You are likely going to second guess everything that you do and find yourself letting their opinions cloud your judgement and your feelings.

13. Short tempered behaviour

Short tempered behaviourEven if you are someone who has had control on their anger and frustrations all this while, being in an unhealthy relationship does bring out the worst in you.

It is likely that you will have a very bad temper, causing you to snap at people without it being their mistake at all.

This is where you know that something is wrong with your state of mind.

Often times, the short tempered behaviour comes from the neglect and the constant bottled frustrating that you are likely experiencing being in a relationship.

14. Constant insecurity

Constant insecurityIf your partner always takes you for granted or has been neglecting you lately, it is likely going to impact your sense of security. For the most part, the condition will make you fear that any “wrong step” on your end and your partner will leave you.

This constant fear and anxiousness is likely going to take a toll on your mental health and that too, for the worse.

For the most part, the condition does trigger anxiety and can keep one on the edge all throughout. The constant insecurity can also make you question your self-worth, further sabotaging things even more so.

15. Feeling the need to change

Feeling the need to change

Even though it might not seem like much, there are often instances when individuals find themselves willing to change and transform their habits in a way to keep their partners appeased.

This is wrong on so many different levels, especially when you are the one having to put in all the efforts with none of the same being reciprocated back to you.

If you feel that you need to change your habits and start doing things a different way, it is likely that your partners actions are getting to your head and affecting your mental health.

It is true that compromise is an integral part of any relationship but the same is not something mandatory that you have to go above and beyond things to change yourself from being you.

It is important that you have a relationship that allow you to be candid and whoever you are. That is what reflects on your positive mental health.

16. Constant feelings of guilt

Constant feelings of guilt

If you are finding yourself feeling guilty about a situation even when you know that you haven’t done anything wrong, that is where you do need to put a stopper.

Often times, we don’t even realize but when you are feeling like this mentally, it is likely that your partner is being manipulative with your emotions. It is very important that you find it in you to fight back from feeling like this.

Constant guilt trip is one of the common signs your relationship is hurting your mental health. This makes you question your actions and keeps you thinking that what you do is never enough.

Not only are they controlling by nature, they also constantly hit your weak points, making it difficult for you to handle things accordingly. They know exactly which buttons to press and if that is something that you have been struggling to keep in check, it is time that you take charge and take a step back from the relationship.

17. Working on distractions

Working on distractionsIf you are constantly trying to find ways to distract yourself from the thoughts of your relationship, it is likely that the same is hurting your mental health and wellness.

When you are in a relationship, your mind is often programmed to think of the best but for the most part, there are situations wherein you will notice the complete opposite happening.

In such situations, you try to cope with the same by blocking out the constant negative thoughts, trying to make a sense of things around.

There are some of the modes of distraction that doe end up hurting your mental and physical health, which is why identifying them, is a necessity, if not anything else.

18. Possible risks of eating disorder

Possible risks of eating disorderWhen it comes to the signs your relationship is hurting your health, developing an eating disorder is a possibility. Know for a fact that this is not a standard occurrence and is subject to change from person to person.

While you might not experience it, someone whose partner has been consistently commenting on their figure might end up developing this issue.

This can lead to serious repercussions on your health which is the reason why it is necessary that you find salient ways to handle this before it ends up doing worse to your body.

If you have been having a hard time managing your mental health, especially with developing an eating disorder, it is time for you to step out of the relationship for the sake of your sanity.

How to overcome these situations?

How to overcome these situationsLetting go of the person you love is never easy but it does come down to how you handle things that matter in the end.

Nothing should be above your own mental health and stability and the same has been affected constantly, it is time you realize the impacts and take a step back.

  • Start by realizing that you are in a toxic relationship
  • Communicate better
  • Leave, if the situation gets worse

When it comes to the signs your relationship is hurting your mental health, the answers to that are quite extensive. There are a number of instances that we either brush aside or don’t even realize that they are wrong. If you have been stuck in a similar situation, we would suggest that you find ways to communicate better or leave the toxic relationship behind before it ends up taking a toll on your health.