20 Effective Ways to Get Rid Of Love Handles Without Excess Strain

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Even with such a cute name for a body part, there is a love hate relationship people have for the love handles. While some enjoy the little pudge, some don’t. Irrespective of everything, if you have been looking for ways to get rid of love handles, look no more.

In order to find the fastest way to lose love handles, there are a number of changes one needs to adhere to in their daily life.

In here, we are going to be discussing about the various effective ways in which one can lose love handles fast.

What Are Love Handles?

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Love handles are nothing but the excess pudgy fat that is found dangling around the side of the waist and is present just above the waistbands of the pants.

It is also often termed as muffin top and is often quite stubborn pudge of fat that’s hard to lose.

What Causes Love Handles?


Given the kind of life that we lead, it is not surprising that we are at a heightened risk of developing love handles.

While the fat deposited around the love handles are quite stubborn and hard to shed off, acquiring them in the first place is not that tough.

The main reason behind the same is because of the fact that we fail to maintain a working calorie deficit. If we eat more calories than we burn, chances are that it will end up getting stored in the abdominal region as visceral fat.

Often times, even the improper diet paired with stress enhance the appearance of the love handles on us. Stress is often associated with directing the body to start accumulating fats in the waist as well as the belly.

This is more than enough to understand why making necessary changes to one’s diet and lifestyle is important when it comes to get rid of love handles.

How to Get Rid Of Love Handles?


Now that we have come down to the main part, it is time we discuss about the varying ways to get rid of love handles effectively.

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Check Out These Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Love Handles.

1. Lifestyle Changes

The very first step to getting rid of the love handles is to indulge in making some effective changes to one’s lifestyle that will help in actually producing results that result in something effective in the long run.Fill yourself up on fiber


Fiber is possibly one of the best ways to combat the development of love handles. Given the fact that the consumption of fibers helps in proper metabolism of the fat, it helps ensuring that your body doesn’t end up storing the excess fats.

Not just that, the consumption of fiber has also been believed to have beneficial impacts in making you feel full for a longer period of time which prevents you from eating unnecessary amount of calories (R) which further aids in weight loss.

2. Avoid Eating Refined or Added Sugar


Yet another one of the ways to get rid of love handles is by cutting out the consumption of refined or added sugar.

As mentioned before, out diet does play a very crucial role when it comes to discussing about the ways to lose love handles.

It is very important to keep a close eye out on what you are eating.

If you want to start from somewhere healthy, make sure that you cut down the sugar intake altogether. Majority of the foods that we eat from outside or even which are marketed as “healthy” tend to be loaded with good amount of sugar in them.

3. Bulk Up on the Healthy Fats


Many people have this notion that fats are bad for you. While half of it might be true, the other half isn’t. Not all fats are bad for you which are one of the primary things one needs to grasp.

Loading up on the healthy fats helps in ensuring that you feel full for a longer period of time, thus ensuring that you don’t necessarily eat anything unhealthy.

Even in a conducted study (R) amidst 7000 participants, it was found that the subjects who consumed a high fat diet did end up losing more weight, especially around the abdominal region and the waistline.

Nobody is asking you to eating without any kind of stoppage. Just ensure that you consume them to the best of your abilities, ensuring that you don’t overdo the same.

4. Don’t Cut Down the Carbs Completely


With the advent of the low carb and keto diet, there are people who have actually tried to go cold turkey with the carbohydrates. Let me tell you that is not how it works. If you want to lose love handles fast, it is necessary that you do consume carbs as well.

It goes without saying that the beneficial carbs that we get from the vegetables and such are actually good for the body and is needed by the body.

Including carbs in the diet in lower quantities does help in maintaining proper body and brain function.

5. Bid adieu to junk


One of the most common reasons behind the accumulation of the love handles around your waist is because of the junk food you are gorging down.

In order to avoid that, it is always best suggested to either get rid of eating that for good or find healthier alternatives for them which won’t end up affecting your health drastically.

Junk food is loaded with unhealthy calories and Trans fat which is bad for you because it contributes to the level of cholesterol in the body and does end up causing spikes in the levels of unhealthy fats in the body as well.

6. Be on a Constant Move


Yet another one of the effective ways to get rid of love handles is to be on the constant move. The increase in the accumulation of the visceral fat around the abdominal region and the waist is mainly caused because of the sedentary lifestyle that we often lead.

It is very important to lose more calories that what you eat. That is how you successful burn the excess fats in the body.

It is not just about being a couch potato, in the current corporate world where majority of us are glued to our desks and chairs, it is often one of the most common causes behind the increased appearance of the love handles.

In a study (R) conducted amidst 276 people, it was found that the consistent 15 minute sedentary lifestyle contributed to increase of the waist by 0.13 cm.

The best way to combat that and to get rid of love handles is by adhering to an active lifestyle and moving around every half an hour or so.

7. Drink More Water


Long gone are the days when people only relied on water for their hydration purposes. It is important to ensure that you drink more water if you want to indulge in the fastest way to lose love handles.

Often times, we do end up confusing our thirst for hunger and binge on snacks that contribute further to the fat deposition in the body.

One of the best ways to combat that and to ensure that you can handle your cravings better is to drink more water. If you still feel hungry after the glass of water, grab a bit, otherwise refrain yourself.

If drinking the bland and boring water is not something you like, throw in a citrus fruit into that and that will contribute to the fat burning and accentuate the taste as well.

8. Indulge in Some Quality Sleep


Lack of sleep is often associated with craving unhealthy foods. It is not necessarily surprising why it happens because it ends up contributing to our beliefs that we are hungry and need instant energy which we get from dense and refined carbs.

Having a proper sleep has better control on our food cravings and needs and ensures that we tend to incline more towards the healthy foods.

This helps in stabilizing our blood sugar and helping in preventing the unnecessary accumulation of fats in the abdomen and waist region in the body.

This assists in effective weight loss and even helps get rid of love handles fast.

9. Manage Your Stress


Given the fact that we lead such a fast paced and hectic life, it is not really surprising that more and more people are seeking ways to manage their stress.

Experts believe that chanting OM every morning 10-20 times does help in relieving a lot of stress and anxiety from our body which contributes to the unprecedented weight gain (R) (R)in our body.

If you want the maximum result., it is best suggested to indulge in this every now and then for the maximum positive impacts.

10. Increase the Protein Intake


Now with the common ground aside, yet another one of the fastest ways to lose love handles is by increasing the protein intake.

Consuming the optimal amount of protein on a regular basis can actually help you lose the excess fats from around the abdomen and around the waist.

Not just that, even a few studies (R) have clarified for a fact that an individual consuming a high protein diet is more likely to lose their abdominal fat in comparison to the ones who consume a low protein diet.

Also, consuming a high protein diet has been associated with steady maintenance of the body weight which is an added bonus.

11. Try Including More Complex Carbs


Carbs is often misunderstood. While the uncontrolled consumption may be bad, including fiber rich complex carbs in it is actually beneficial in losing weight successfully.

For the most part, complex carbs do take an extended period of time to digest and break down which helps in keeping you full for an extended period of time.

The combination of high fiber in it also further aids in keeping your satiety reached. When you have a feeling of fullness throughout, you are unlikely to reach out for unhealthy foods.

Make sure that the complex carbs you are opting for are actually good enough for you and aren’t derived from unhealthy refined grains because that’s where it goes wrong.

12. Clean up Your Diet


Often times, one of the predominant reasons why we fail to lose love handles fast is because of the lack of proper diet.

Eating unhealthy contributes to the fat deposition even further out which is most possibly the last thing you need if you are on a weight loss journey.

Get rid of the junk and processed food from the pantry and make healthier switches. The moment you start putting good things into your body consciously, you will find that you not just feel a lot better but the excess fats start ebbing away as well.

And don’t let the common diet and staples bore you out. Instead, try and spice up the dishes and try making new things.

13. Eating mindfully


Practicing mindful eating is yet another amazing way to get rid of love handles.

Often times, indulging in mindful eating not just helps you keep track of how much calories you are consuming but also helps you prevent any kind of over or even under eating.

Eating slowly without any form of distractions often helps in keeping cue of your hunger and satiety.

In a conducted study among 48 participants who are obese and overweight, it was found that the women who did indulge in mindful eating were able to shed off the belly fat faster in comparison to the ones who didn’t.

14. Manage Your Alcohol Consumption


Cutting down on the alcohol can actually contribute a hell lot to your question of how to get rid of love handles.

Being able to cut down the alcohol consumption can actually help contribute to the calorie and such that many of us often tend to struggle with.

Alcoholic beverages, especially beer is believed to have bloating impact on the belly which can further end up contributing to the development of love handles. If you want to get rid of it for good, it is always best suggested to ensure that you cut down on the alcohol consumption.

Drinking alcohol has also been associated with the increased hunger pangs as well which further makes you overeat and increasing the calorie intake.

Exercise to Opt to Lose Love Handles

With the first category sorted, it is time we discuss about the possible exercise options once can indulge in to lose love handles fast.

15. Lift weights


Indulging in an active lifestyle in itself is more than enough to help you lose the love handles and tone down your body.

Including a bulk of weight training can actually be a lot helpful in building lean muscle and contributing to shedding off those extra pounds that we often times complain about. Resistance training is also associated in boosting the overall metabolism (R) of the body which further helps lose the love handles.

If you want to know the fastest way to lose love handles, it is by combining resistance training along with aerobic training.

In a conducted study (R) with 97 obese participants, it was found that the ones who combined both resistance training along with aerobic exercise were able to successfully shed off more weight in comparison to the ones who didn’t.

16. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

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The HIIT is a rather new type of training that many are taking up to get themselves back in shape. This form of workout mainly includes a short period of high intensive aerobic exercise followed by a recovery period.

A review of over 18 studies (R) including 800 participants found how impactful HIIT is in helping shed off those extra pounds. If you predominantly struggle with belly fat, this form of training is actually very effective.

This form of training has been found effective to help lose fat in a short span of time without having to end up spending hours ends in the gym.

17. Planks


Planks are yet another amazing way to get rid of the unwanted love handles that many often complain about.

Indulging in them helps in toning and shaping out your entire core and even helps in tightening the muscle around the abdominal region.

For the best results to get rid of love handles, indulge in 3 sets of 20 seconds planks every day. This will not just help in shedding off those extra pounds but also help in tightening the muscle around.

18. Pilates are a Savior


Majority of the experts suggest opting for pilates if you are looking around for ways to get rid of the love handles effectively. It is actually amazing in toning and tightening the muscles around the belly and abdomen.

Side life or side bend in pilates is one of the best ways to get rid of love handles for good.

It is always best to either work under a pilates instructor or follow videos for the maximum benefits for those stubborn love handles.

19. Indulge in Yoga


Yoga might not necessarily categorise typically as an exercise but the same is actually very effective in the fastest way to lose love handles.

The main reason behind the same is because yoga contributes to bringing down your stress and anxiety down. This helps in ensuring that your cortisol levels are in check which induces better fat burning in the body.

Yoga poses also help in toning out the muscles and reduces the appearance of the love handles.

20. Woodchoppers

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Yet another amazing exercise that can get rid of love handles is woodchoppers.

Using some weight and going cross with the stretching puts strain on the waist and the area around the love handles which is believed to have amazing impacts on the body in losing weight.

This helps in stretching the muscles and even helps in toning out the love handles, thereby getting rid of their appearance for good.

Finding ways to get rid of love handles is actually not that hard. The only thing that you do need to indulge in is to ensure that you are working around these tips and including them to your day to day life. Opt for healthier lifestyle choices and the rest will effectively fall into place.