15 Health Benefits Of Farro – Gain The Nutrition Needed!


Have you ever heard of Farro? The primary reason why people get so shocked when they hear about this grain is because of how less people are aware of. If you like history and civilization, chances are that you know what Farro is because it is an ancient grain that has been around for thousands of years now. The primary reason people are rediscovering it is because of the health benefits of Farro.

For those who aren’t aware, we definitely hope that the insights we share here about the grain come in handy for you to look through.

In here, we are going to be discussing everything about the nutritional benefits of Farro and everything that one needs to know about it.

What is Farro?


For people who aren’t aware, Farro is a popular ancient wheat grain which draws its origin from Mesopotamia.

Many people have this misconception that Farro is a single type of grain which is not actually the case. On the contrary, it is believed to be the Italian term for “ancient wheat grain”. It can further be categorised into three different types which are commonly consumed around the world in today’s date.

It comes in three different variants, as we did mention before including:

• Einkorn
• Emmer wheat
• Spelt

Farro does have a very unique and nutty flavour to it which the people around love quite a lot. In addition to that, it is also quite a nutritious option which further does make it an amazing option to look into. It can be steamed and boiled and eaten by its own or if required, you can even eat it with salads and add it with other dishes to add a depth of flavour.

Is Farro Good for You?

Is-Farro-good-for-youIf you are here wondering whether or not Farro is good for you, let us get it clarified for you. Yes, Farro is actually quite nutritious and has necessary macro and micronutrients which make it an ideal situation for you to look into.

Is Farro Gluten Free?


Many people have this confusion of whether or not Farro is a gluten free grain. If you thought it was, let us break it for you that it actually isn’t. Studies do suggest that Farro is not gluten free because of the fact that it is a form of wheat grain.

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Check Out These Effective Health Benefits Of Farro.

Health Benefits of Farro


If you weren’t sure as to why Farro is a good option, it is best suggested that you look through the health benefits of Farro. They are actually quite amazing for the body, in terms of keeping you full and also ensuring the maximum benefits for your overall health.

Some of the best Farro benefits include:

1. Enriched with Fiber


The very first and possibly the most important nutritional benefit of Farro is the fact that it’s loaded with fiber. Eating a high fiber diet can help you lose weight, control the cholesterol levels and ensure better heart health too.

It has been reported that one cup of uncooked Farro is loaded with 12 grams of fiber which is 1/3rd of our daily fiber requirement.

This super grain actually balances out the daily fiber intake which further helps manage and maintain overall health that you didn’t even realize about.

2. Balanced Nutritious Grain


Another beneficial one of the Farro nutritional benefits is the fact that it contains a rich balance of some of the most important nutrients. It is a high nutritious grain which ensures amazing impacts on the body.

It is not just loaded with fiber more than the other grains that we eat; it is also rich in other nutrients like protein, fats, magnesium, Vitamins and zinc as well.

All of these combinations ensure to provide you with a very impactful well being that you wouldn’t have to worry about at all.

It is also enriched with Vitamin B3 which is a crucial component for one’s better breakdown of the food for improved energy levels.

3. Better Boost to Heart Health

Better-boost-to-heart-healthGiven the fact that Farro is loaded with the necessary bout of fiber, often more than the other grains, the same come in handy for boosting the overall heart health.

Eating a fiber rich diet is key when it comes to a healthy heart. In addition to the fiber, Farro is also enriched with a good bout of polyphenols in them which further help prevent oxidative stress (R) that keep the heart healthy.

This is also high in plant based protein which is necessary for an improved heart health. So, all in all, the combination and balance of all these nutrients ensure the best heart health without complaints.

4. Improves Overall Immunity

Improves-overall-immunityAnother one of the health benefits of Farro is that it helps improve immunity. The fiber in the Farro is often what majority of the people know of but there are other compounds in it too that one isn’t aware of.

Eating Farro ensures to enrich your body with antioxidants, several phenolic compounds and even resistant starch which impose beneficial impacts on the body in fighting off diseases (R).

Even several studies have concluded that people eating more of the whole grains are projected to reduced risks of chronic diseases like diabetes and heart issues.

The grain is also enriched with a compound known as cyanogenic glucosides which has positive impacts on one’s immunity and helps prevent diseases to an extent.

5. Easy to Digest


If you are looking into the Farro health benefits, you will come to know that this grain is very easy to digest. Given that it is loaded with such a high fiber content, it ensures better and easier digestion and doesn’t impose risks on health too.

It bulks up the stool as well. The fiber content (R) also ensures better intestinal peristaltic movement which has been found to impose beneficial impacts on the body.

It also promotes better nutrient absorption in the body which is key if you want better results for your digestive power.

6. Enriched with High Protein


When it comes round to the body’s overall well being, you will be surprised how much importance protein has on the same.

For those looking for healthy ways to lose weight, eating a high protein diet (R) can often help. One of the many health benefits of Farro is that it has a high protein amount in it.

Just a cup of farro has around 28 gms of protein which is more than enough if you want an overall well being of your body.

Proteins are also necessary as they are the building blocks of the body. Ensuring proper balance in consuming the meals help maintain proper strength in your body as well.

7. Enriched with Antioxidants


One of the primary nutritional benefits of farro is the fact that its loaded with antioxidants. If you want to enjoy a thrilling boost to your overall well being, the best way to balance that out is by eating farro.

The high antioxidant level in this has been found to have beneficial impacts in helping round with the oxidative stress (R) that many often tend to suffer with.

The heightened levels of free radicals in the body are often one of the primary factors influencing the risks of cancer. Every form of farro has been found to have beneficial impacts on the body because they are enriched with polyphenols, carotenoid as well as selenium which impose beneficial antioxidative impacts on the body.

8. Promotes better regulation of diabetes

Promotes-better-regulation-of-diabetesIf you are suffering from diabetes, chances are that there are a number of restrictions that you need to follow through. One of the farro nutritional benefits is that it helps manage the condition of diabetes for the better.

Eating a high fiber diet has been associated with better regulation and management of the blood sugar spikes in the body.

In addition to that, the consumption of farro is also associated with better weight management which is another marker when it comes round to the management of diabetes.

Given that fact that farro is a whole grain, it helps in the management of the condition of diabetes (R) for the better by managing weight and preventing the unnecessary blood sugar spikes (R) as well.

9. Levels up the requirements of Vitamin B

Levels-up-the-requirements-of-Vitamin-BVitamins are a necessity for the body’s overall well being. Farro is loaded with Vitamin B which is one of the primary reasons why this is such a good option to look into.

It is especially enriched with Vitamin B3, or niacin which plays a very crucial role on one’s overall metabolic health. It is what helps convert the food we eat into energy.

In addition to that, some studies (R) have also found that Vitamin B plays a very crucial role on brain health and activity. It also imposes direct benefits on the neurotransmitter levels along with the central nervous system for the better.

10. Satiates you Quickly

Satiates-you-quicklyIf you have a habit of overeating, chances are that eating farro can definitely help manage that issue. It has the property that helps satiate you quickly because of the high amount of fiber and protein in it.

This is the reason why farro is often a common inclusion in the calorie restrictive meals. If you want to know about the health benefits of farro, one of the most common ones is the fact that you prevent you from overeating.

This further ensures better well being and even manages through the weight loss goals (R) that you have planned out.

11. Low Calorie grain

Low-calorie-grainAnother one of the farro benefits is the fact that it is quite a low calorie and low fat grain. There are some varieties of farro available which are fat free too, so that is quite shocking, isn’t it?

Even when compared with the other available grains, farro has been found to have a low fat and low calorie nutritional value which is quite useful for the body.

It is believed that a cup of farro contains no fat and 100 calories which is pretty amazing, given how filling it is. The main reason why that is the case is because of the fact that it is a whole grain.

12. Promotes Better Weight Loss

Promotes-better-weight-lossEven though we have sparsely mentioned here and there, it is important to know that eating farro benefits in weight loss.

If you have been trying to lose weight but to no avail, trying switching up your diet to this whole-grain and see if it is effective enough to manage through your weight loss goals.

Given that farro is high in fiber and low on calories, the same does have direct impacts on handling the condition of weight loss by helping you reach satiety easily and preventing the unnecessary overeating that we indulge in every once in a while.

13. Helps Reduce the Risks of Cancer

Helps-reduce-the-risks-of-cancerCancer does have deadly impacts on our health and can be fatal as well. Studies have found that the enhanced consumption of high fiber diets with antioxidants can help reduce the risks of cancer.

If you have been eating unhealthy, it is time to switch things up.

Farro is loaded with the essential bout of antioxidants and polyphenols which have direct impacts on the body in helping reduce the risks of cancer.

The only thing that you need to ensure is that you don’t overdo the consumption because even a very high fiber diet can end up causing issues and side effects on your body.

14. Improves Overall Metabolism


If you have labored metabolism or suffer from other metabolic issues, eating farro can help promote your health for the better.

The main reason why it is so effective for your metabolism is because of the fact that it is loaded with essential nutrient balance like fiber and protein which is a necessity for the overall well being of an individual.

Since it is a whole grain, it further helps manage the signs of metabolic well being as well, which further helps in keeping your body functioning in the best possible way.

15. Effective for Reducing Headaches

Effective-for-reducing-headachesEven though there’s not much evidence to prove how the consumption of headaches can come in handy for the body, it has been found that eating a healthy portion of farro on a daily basis can prominently reduce the painful bursts of headache that many often tend to suffer from.

It has been found to have beneficial impacts in reducing the hypoglycemia induced migraines which are quite painful and discomforting.

More studies do need to be conducted to find better evidence in how it helps around in curing the condition.

How to Include Farro in Your Diet?


When it comes round to how one can include farro in their diet, the same can be done in a number of ways. It is all on how you like to eat it.

Many people prefer to just eat it by boiling it and replacing it as the rice but there are some who tend to take it to the next level and include this with other available varieties of eating styles to ensure that you get the best out of the grain.

That being said, you can actually boil farro and add it to the available options of salads and side dishes and spice it up with some spices and fresh herbs. Add in a splash of lemon juice to the mix and you are good to go with the dish.

Farro Nutrition Facts


When it comes round to the farro nutritional benefits, you need to understand why this grain is such a praised one.

The primary reason why people do love it so much is because of the fact that it has all the necessary nutrients and in good proportions too. This ensures that you could eat this as a separate meal and you wouldn’t be missing out on any of the necessary nutrition that your body is in need of.

Nutrient Quantity (1/4th cup of farro)
Calories 170 kCal
Carbohydrates 34 grams
Fat 1 gram
Protein 6 grams
Vitamin B3 20% of RDI
Magnesium 15% of RDI
Zinc 15% of RDI
Iron 4% of RDI

If you have been inquisitive about the health benefits of farro, we hope this comes in handy for you to understand the basics. It is a nutritious compound that you can very well add to your diet for an overall better well being without any further questions.