Best Chamomile Tea Benefits

chamomile tea benefits

Among the best natural remedies which provides amazing health benefits, chamomile is considered as one of the best. It is primarily known for treating various stomach issues. Apart from this, chamomile is also highly effective in treating various skin as well as hair conditions. Chamomile in any form provides various important health benefits. Chamomile tea benefits are also linked to treat various health diseases naturally without causing any side effects.

Here we have tried to list down major chamomile tea benefits for your health. Read on why should start the consumption of chamomile tea.

What is Chamomile?


Chamomile is a natural herb which is obtained from a blooming plant which categorizes into the daisy family. Since traditional times, both dried as well as new blossoms of chamomile have been used to make tea as a cure for various diseases. Chamomile contains an amazing product known as bisabolol which helps in countering microbial properties and provides calming effects.

Method of making chamomile tea at home

making chamomile tea at home

Chamomile tea has been used since a long time and has been proved effective on intestinal problems, stomach upset, mouth ulcers, sleep deprivation as well as skin aggravations. However there are no medicinal as well as scientific evidences available which can prove the benefits of chamomile tea. Some organizations have said that consumption of chamomile tea may reduce the risk of diabetes as well as complication caused due to it. However, further investigation on the topic is still awaited. Large number of people have gained various health benefits by drinking the chamomile tea.

Hence, we have brought you the exclusive procedure to make healthy chamomile tea to get rid of various health problems.

  • Take a glass of water in a vessel and put it on a flame.
  • Take 2 tablespoons of dried chamomile blossoms or 4 tablespoons of crisp chamomile blossoms. You can change the measures depending on the glasses as well as intensity of the tea.
  • Let the water boil till bubbling. Now put it out from flame.
  • Add chamomile in the water and mix it properly.
  • Let the chamomile steep into the hot water for few minutes. You can steep for longer period if you want a stronger tea.
  • Take a strainer and strain the liquid in a mug.
  • Enjoy the chamomile tea.

Best chamomile tea benefits

Best chamomile tea benefits

The flower of chamomile looks similar to a daisy with white petals as well as yellow circle florets. Its smell is local to Asia, Australia, North America as well as Europe. Chamomile is scheduled to bloom ahead of summers.
There are lof of health benefits of this ancient herb due to its medicinal properties. Some of the major benefits of chamomile tea are given below.

1. Cure for Insomnia

Chamomile has been proved as highly incredible natural remedy for sleeping problems. Various studies have proved that chamomile is an amazing tranquilizer. Consumption of chamomile tea before going to bed may help in providing you a quality sleep.

For better sleep, drink 3-4 cups of chamomile tea everyday. Although you can add sugar as well as honey for taste, it is recommended to drink this tea without adding them.
However, if you are suffering with ragweed allergy, you should not consume the chamomile tea.

2. Cure for Migraine

Chamomile is also helpful in providing therapeutic effects to treat problems such as nervousness, sleep deprivation as well as crabbiness. This herb is also helpful in providing ease to to your sensory system which is helpful in providing you the feeling of calmness.

Consumption of a mug of chamomile tea helps in providing solution to headache and reduces irritation. It is also helpful in getting rid of uneasiness. However, you need to be patient and need to consume the tea for 4-5 times everyday.
You can also opt for other chamomile sources such as fluid concentration, ointments, capsules as well as dried heads.

3. Cure for Bowel Syndrome

Irritable bowel syndrome created problem in your whole digestive system. Large number of people are suffering from the problem of bowel syndrome which is often diagnosed as gastrointestinal condition. However, very small number of people actually seek medical help.

Chamomile is helpful in treating gas as well as formation of bloating in the digestive tract. Drinking a cup of chamomile tea helps in getting rid of various stomach disorders, sickness, stomach influenza as well as gastroenteritis.
It is recommended to drink chamomile tea twice to get better results.

4. Treats Allergies and Rashes

Along with various benefits of chamomile tea, it is also helpful in treating various allergies as well as rashes.
Take a cool chamomile tea dip a cotton ball into it. Apply the ball on the affected area on your skin. This remedy is a powerful tool to get rid of any pain as well as irritation caused by the rashes and/or allergies. It also helpful in providing cooling to the whole system.
You should use this technique regularly to get complete relief.

5. Cure for Skin Inflammation

This helpful herb is also effective on treating various inflammations occur on your skin through its anxiolytic as well as cancer prevention properties.
You can consume chamomile tea orally or can apply it on the affected area to get relief from the skin inflammation scars. It is also recommended to use chamomile leafs for rubbing on the infected area.

6. Removes Dark Circles

Another important benefit of chamomile tea is that it is also helpful in treating the formation of dark circles under your eyes.
Prepare a chamomile tea and dip a cotton ball into it. Now apply it on the dark circles and leave it for 5 minutes. Wash and rinse it off after that. This helps in reducing dark circles and relieves puffiness as well.

7. Reduces Swelling

Chamomile tea is also helpful in treating swelling issues as well. Its antioxidant properties are highly helpful in treating swelling as well as redness, itching or irritation caused due to it.

You can apply the chamomile tea filled with ice on the affected area for 2-3 times a day. You can also use chamomile tea bath to get rid of chickenpox, dermatitis, chronic swelling as well as to get rid of impurities and contamination.