Pimple On Labia – Causes & Treatment

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Many women silently suffer pimples on labia. No longer you need to keep it to yourself and be silent. Here we help you understand the causes for the pimples in and on the labia and let you explore the ways to treat and prevent vaginal pimples. Read through this HealthSpectra Post to be well-informed.

What Are The Reasons For Formation Of Pimples On Labia?

Learning the reasons for the formation of pimples help avoid the condition and also treat accordingly. Many factors contribute to the formation of the pimple-like bumps on labia. They are:

1. Skene’s Duct Cysts:

Cysts are one of the reasons for the formation of pimples on the labia. If the skin turns red and a bumpy pimple forms on the labia that oozes fluid, then it is formed by the cysts.

Cysts are of two types and Skene’s duct cyst is one of the kind that forms if any of the skin glands are blocked. Bartholin cyst is formed due to the fluid-blockage in bartholin gland and tends to enlarge in size. This cyst is generally inflammation and irritation free. Bartholin cyst can form as a pimple on any side of labia majora. A doctor may drain the pus from these cysts.

2. Folliculitis:

Hair-follicle blockage or folliculitis may be a reason for the formation of a vaginal pimple. The condition occurs due to bacteria or some other infection or sweat in that region. The resulting infectious pimples formed cause pain and irritation. Medication is generally needed to treat such pimples.

3. Ingrown Hair:

Sometimes, waxing or shaving may form pimples on your labia. These may be temporary but irritates skin. However, ingrown hair on labia due to waxing may also cause pimples. The happens as the hair curls inside the skin instead of getting removed. These pimples cause an itchy feeling.

4. Molluscum Contagious:

A pearl colored bump-like pimple formed on the labia majora is called Molluscum contagious, which do not cause pain. Many times, it vanishes on its own.

5. Fordyce Spots:

These are a cluster of white small size pimples on vaginal lips. Fordyce Spots develop on the inner parts of labia, which do not cause any inflammation.

6. Skin Cancer:

Pimples On Labia may also be sign of skin cancer. However, the chances may be rare and comes with other associated symptoms like itching, pimple, blood discharge and urinary issues. Visit your doctor as early as possible when you observe any of these symptoms.

7. Blockage of Sweat Glands:

Hidradenitis suppurativa or blockage of sweat glands may cause painful pimples, which leave deep marks on your skin. These infectious blockages need to treated using antibiotics and relevant medicines.

8. Pimple due to Hormonal Changes:

Hormonal changes may be one more reason for the formation of pimples on labia. More oil is produced during hormonal changes and thus is a greater chance of getting pores clogged due to dirt and oil. Birth control pills are usually helpful to cure such pimples.

9. Skin Tags:

New skin growth in irregular shapes can cause pimples that may show up on any body part. This happens when skin rubs against skin and make flaps of tissue hang onto your skin. Benign skin may not be dangerous, while cancerous skin tags are.

10. Infection in Lymph Node:

One of the lymph nodes in the groin area may get infected and form pimples in labia majora. They may cause swelling and pain.

11. STDs/Sexually transmitted diseases:

The pimples on the vaginal lips cause STDs. These diseases include genital herpes, HSV-1 or HSV-2. Genital herpes caused pimples form swollen, itchy, red, painful pimples, which are prone to oozing infectious fluids. Urinal infection is also associated with STD pimples.

12. Genital Warts:

The painful bumps formed on the vaginal lips due to virus infections in mucous membranes are called genital warts or HPV. The appear white dotted and clustered.

Pictures of pimples on Labia.

Disclaimer – they might be really disturbing.

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Do’s And Don’ts When Pimples Are Formed On The Vagina:

Many times the pimples formed on the vagina are harmless and may disappear on their own. So it is not advisable to disturb them.

  • Do not scratch or irritate them.
  • Do not press or push them. This may make the bacteria grow and spread.
  • Do not try to squeeze or prick to remove pus. It may make the infectious fluid to spill on the other surrounding vaginal parts, which may turn even more dangerous.
  • Keep your vaginal area clean only by soft scrubbing and do not get it sweaty. A soap or body wash can be used.
  • Use clean and hygiene products for your vaginal area and do not share them with others.
  • Avoid wearing undergarments as much as possible. Even if you have to, wear clean ones keep changing every day.
  • Avoid tight fitting garments and prefer cotton material if you have pimples on labia majora.
  • Skin specialists may also suggest women to avoid sex until pimple heals.

Home Remedies for Vaginal Pimples:

There is nothing much that can be done for vaginal pimples. A few home remedies could practiced to reduce the irritation and pain.

1. Warm compress:

Use a warm compress on the area to reduce the irritation, pain and inflammation.

Step 1: Dampen a cloth or towel in warm water.

Step 2: Apply gently on the vaginal pimple.

2. Anti-biotics and creams:

Anti-biotics like ibuprofen can help lessen the pain. However, it is extremely important to use only the medications like creams and ointments prescribed by your doctor.

3. Drain your pimple:

Seek medical advice to drain your pimple so that it does not bother you anymore. If the pimple on the labia is formed due to cysts, small surgery can be performed by the doctor to take away the puss.

4. Remove Pimple at home:

Removing pimple at home may be risky, but a few try it at home. Before practicing any such remedy, take to your doctor. Usually, a pimple formed due to an ingrown hair may be removed at home.

Step1: Sit for some time in warm water to loosen your pores.

Step 2: Scrub gently to remove any dead or dry skin on your vagina

Step 3: Pop your pimple gently, using a clean pin. Avoid something too sharp to avoid further injuries.

Step 4: The ingrown hair becomes visible when the pimple pops up. Pull out the hair gently with clean tweezers. Be gentle to avoid skin irritation.

After completing the process use a cream that helps with keeping away bacteria as well as ingrown hair.

In conclusion, cleanliness and hygiene are highly important to maintain good health, including vaginal health. It is the most important precautionary measure. Stay clean and follow healthy lifestyle to avoid pimples on labia.