How to Get Rid of Lump Behind Ear

lump behind ear

Formation of a lump on a body is always dangerous and can be a sign of something serious. Lump behind the ear is classified into the same category and therefore it is highly recommended to treat the health condition. However, the lump behind ear is considered as a common condition. There are numerous causes as well as reasons behind the formation of lump behind ear.

The condition of lump behind ear might form due to the enlargement of lymph nodes because of a particular infection. Some painless lump behind ear might also be the cause of concern.

Here, we have tried to provide all the important information about the problem of the formation of lump behind ear. Read on to get full details about some of the major home remedies to get rid of the lump behind your ear.

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Lump Behind the Ear?

signs and symptoms of lump behind ear

The symptoms of lump behind the ear depend entirely on the cause of the problem such as the inflammation as well as certain health disturbances. For example, your lump may become highly infected if you scratch it and it bleeds. This complicates the situation even more.

The formation of cysts in the air is a common thing, even though the cause of it is unknown. Some of the major symptoms of the cysts behind the ear are,

  • Bump similar to a pimple
  • Pain
  • Soft and small bumps
  • Fever or chills due to infected cysts

People suffering from the condition of acne may find the lump behind the ear more sooner than others, who might face difficulties while finding the symptoms of the cyst behind the ear.

While self-checking, remember that if your lump feeling soft then it may cause due to the problem of fatty tissue or cyst. If it is painful, it may be due to some pimples as well as the formation of an abscess. It is also important to watch out for other symptoms such as chills or fever.

What Causes the Lump Behind the Ear?

lump behind ear

As mentioned earlier, there are various causes of lump behind ear. Some of the major causes of the formation of lump behind the ear are listed below.

  1. Acne: The development of a pimple on the body occurs whenever the clogging of hair follicles appears. Even though there are very less chances that a pimple will develop on the area behind your ear, it may take place. If you are suffering from acne then this article how to cure acne would help to get rid of it and another best method to try Cucumber for Acne.
  2. Infection: The throat infection which causes swelling can be one of the reasons behind the formation of certain lumps behind the ear. The health disorder mononucleosis is the main condition which causes due to the throat infection. The severity of the disease depends upon the ear lump.
  3. Lipoma: A fatty lump which forms between the layers of the skin is known as a lipoma. Although this condition is totally harmless, they can appear anywhere on the body. Usually, the lumps due to lipoma are not even noticeable and they get resolve by their own.
  4. Lymphadenopathy: Lymphadenopathy or the condition of swollen lymph nodes. Lymph nodes are the small organs in our body, which is distributed all over the body. They produce fluid which is highly important to counter infections. The lymph node in the neck may get swollen due to the infection and may remain there even after the infection clears up.
  5. Tumour: Tumour or the growth of the tissues in the mastoid bone, skin behind your ear as well as salivary gland and mastoid bone is also considered as the cause of lump behind the ear. This may occur due to the multiplication of the cells which should be destroyed after completing the life cycle. This tumour can be malignant as well as benign. Even though a malignant tumour is cancerous, a benign tumour can also cause various health issues such as dizziness and difficulty in hearing.
  6. Mastoiditis: The swelling of mastoid bones, which is placed behind the ear may also cause certain problems. Sometimes the ear infection can spread behind the ear which may result in swelling as well as lumps behind the ear.

How Can you Get Rid of Lump Behind Ear Using Home Remedies?

get rid of lump behind ear using home remedies

How to Treat Lump Behind the Ear?

1. Warm Compress

You can get rid of the lump behind the ear with the help of some home remedies. You can use a warm compress which might help in providing relief from the cysts. It forces the skin to reabsorb the lump again, which is helpful in shrinking the lump. Using natural lotions such as aloe vera as well as tea tree oil also helps in providing comfort cysts.

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2. Garlic Oil

The mixture of garlic oil as well as olive oil, boiled for about 10 minutes can also be highly useful in providing relief from the middle ear infection and also provides soothing. Just put some drops of the mixture in the ear and lean on the other side for proper absorption of the liquid.

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3. Castor Oil

According to the experts, massaging with the heated castor oil is highly helpful in getting rid of swollen lymph nodes. You can also massage with the mixture of diluted lavender oil and petroleum jelly.

It is recommended to consult with your doctor about the problem of chronic lump behind the ear. It is not at all recommended to try out various treatments by yourself as it may complicate the condition even more. Any type of squeezing, popping as well as scratching of the lump with needle or hand should be always avoided.

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Precautions and Warning

Precautions and warning

Although the lump behind the ear is normal and may not cause serious issues, if it having severe symptoms it is better to consult with your doctor immediately. You should watch out for the symptoms given below which needs immediate medical attention.

  • Pain or discomfort due to the lump
  • Difficulty while moving your neck as well as head
  • Difficulty in swallowing
  • Spreading of the tender area
  • Rupturing of the cyst along with the formation of pus
  • Some of the adjoining symptoms, which are growing and getting more complicated
  • A painful or painless lump which does not go away within a few days or weeks