How to Mend a Broken Heart? 12 Tips for Surprising Results

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Had a rough break up recently? Been surfing through pages and pages of Google on how to mend a broken heart?

Love and relationships are always varying from person to person. While some tend to be passionately in love, some lose that essence in the relationship after a certain period of time. Does that mean that the person in question wasn’t in love before? No, not really.

In this article, we will try and be your healer and suggest some effective tips that can help heal a broken heart. Just remember that the effects depend on how serious you are about getting out of this hell hole.

Easy Tips for Mending a Broken Heart


Dealing with a broken heart is actually not a cakewalk. While it is very easy for a person to say that “It’s just a breakup, get over it”, it is not actually that easy and takes up a lot of time which is why it is important to ensure that you take it at your pace and not rush into anything.

With all that being said, we have some tips that you can try and adhere to for a satisfactory mending of the broken heart.


Check Out the Most Popular Self Care Tips to Mend A Broken Heart

1. Accept the Situation


Often times, the very first instinct of a person is to stay in denial and think that what happened is not what actually did happen and that’s where the problem starts. If you are trying to deny the fact that you got your heart broken, there’s no way that you will be able to start working on yourself to deal with the broken heart.

Start with accepting for a fact that the broken heart is part of the process of healing. Apart from that, the other thing you need to accept is the fact that you will undergo pain and that it is an inevitable part of the mending process. Feeling sad because of ending up losing something that mattered is common human nature and it is thus important that you accept that it’s okay to feel like this and endure the pain that accompanies the situation.

2. Fight Through the Situation


The next step on how to mend a broken heart 101 is to fight through the pain. As cliché as it sounds, only you have the capability of getting yourself out of the pits of darkness and that is exactly what you need to do. The question that stands out is how you do it, right?

If you are going to go around the heartbreak rather than fight with it to get over it, you are going to drag the situation out which is not something favourable for you or even for your possible love life in the future. Once you have accepted the fact that there has actually been something unfavourable, the next thing you need to do is to walk through it and not around it. Fighting the pain of the heartbreak helps build you as a stronger person.

3. Revel in Your New Earned Freedom


What people after a breakup tend to forget is the fact that this is like their own earned freedom. Instead of trying to get your ex back or even trying to fill those voids with someone new, try and relearn yourself and your likes and dislikes. That is what changes you as a person. If you want to cure a broken heart, you need to ensure that you enjoy your own freedom first.

Detach yourself from the concept of dependency and just revel in the fact that you are enough to make yourself happy and you don’t need someone to do that for you. Try and be a whole person again and that starts with dealing with a broken heart by reveling in this new strain of freedom. So, why even wait?

4. Be Kind to Someone


Kindness doesn’t cost you anything, really but it does help you gain a feeling of satisfaction that you can’t get anywhere else. If you have been looking for ways to heal a broken heart, start with being kind to someone anonymously. That is where you can gain some satisfaction of mind for yourself.

If you are well aware, even famous celebrity singer Louis Tomlinson’s mother said that whenever the popstar had a bad day, he would always say, “Mum, let’s make someone happy.” This is the kind of positive attitude you need to start showcasing. As Harry Styles, the famous singer preaches, “Treat People With Kindness.” When you help someone overcome their pain and struggles, you momentarily end up forgetting your share of pain in the process.

5. Work Out


Yet another effective way to overcome the breakup and how you can mend a broken heart is by indulging in some physical activity. Working out may seem like a strenuous activity to think of when you are emotionally drained and mentally unstable but this is one of those hacks that has been scientifically proven (R) to provide with results.

Often times, it is said that when you indulge in some exercise, be it running, swimming or anything for that matter, you drain out the negative emotions from your body and just have left with the positive ones and that should itself be a lot telling, isn’t it? If everything fails, just stick your ex’s picture on a punching bag and punch your frustration away with it.

6. Create a World of Your Own


This is specifically for those mending a broken heart not because of a failed relationship but because of how entwined your life has been with that of your ex-partner. If you tend to have the same group of friends of even the similar kind of places that you visit or worse, you are colleagues, it is time to set the priorities straight.

If you don’t start with creating your own world, you are most likely going to end up clashing with theirs which is definitely not something you need or want, right? Start with meeting and making new friends and engage with a new social circle that doesn’t have any correlation to the person who broke your heart. Enjoy the freedom that you have now and make the differences in your life that you couldn’t before.

7. Understand Your Own Emotions


The moment you accept the rush of emotions through your mind, that’s when you know that you are on the right path to dealing with a broken heart. It is often hard to understand one’s own emotion and if you fail to recognize the kind of emotional onslaught that you have been hit with, there is literally nothing one can do to change the situation for you.

Understand the situation and then handle the emotions you are hit with. Open the door to the feelings that you have kept close otherwise. If you don’t end up opening the feelings, the emotional turmoil of hurt, fear and anger with remain constant and not budge at all.

8. Experience New Things


It shouldn’t be a surprise when I mention that relationships are all about compromise and adjustments, right? Well, there are obviously going to be a number of things that you will end up not doing because of being in the constraints of a relationship and while the same is morally wrong, it is actually what does happen on a daily basis.

So, the effective step to mend broken heart from cheating is to indulge in things and activities that you haven’t been doing the past months or years you have been in a relationship. Stopped having the greasy burger? Order a Big Mac today. Stopped wearing the colour red because your partner didn’t like it? Well, guess what the red dress in the cupboard should be doing? Little changes to your attitude reflect vastly on your healing process. Start with embracing the real you and things should fall in place after that.

9. Have a Friends Night Out


This is possibly one of the most common ways to deal with broken heart. When you say to your best friend that your ex dumped you, the first thing they would suggest is for you to get smashed and while the idea might not seem that riveting in the initial days of the heartbreak, the same can be something you actually think of in the later days.

Go out with your friends and have a great time with them. Lose all your inhibitions and drink all your sorrows away. Sometimes, it is okay to let go off of the hardcore outside and explore the much casual and fore lone side of the situation. Sometimes, it actually does help.

10. List Out The Pros and Cons


Now, when I say a list of pros and cons, I don’t necessarily mean a list of pros and cons. It is more like the kind of activities that you want to indulge in. Sort out a list of things that make you happy and the things that are acting as a big turn down as of now and work on avoiding them like plague. That being said, it also hard to make a list like that if you don’t even start trying new things out.

Start with exploring things first to know what you like and what kind of activities you despise. Once you make a note of that, writing off the goods and the bads won’t really be that hard of a task actually. Remember how Chandler made Ross do pros and cons list to check off who was best for him? Do just those to find the kind of activities that make you feel better.

11. Move On


Now, this step is something that takes time to attain. You can’t really expect to be able to move on just a day after your heart has been broken. This is a process in the making and you need to ensure that you utilize the time you are taking to move on and mending a broken heart to reflect on yourself. Once you do that, the rest is going to fall into place.

And when I mention moving on, I don’t necessarily mean you forgetting about the person you have loved but learning it live in their absence and being independent and responsible through the process. Moving on is possibly the hardest part in the entirety of the process of how to mend a broken heart but trust me, it’s not impossible, quite the contrary actually.

12. Fall in Love Again


One of the worst things that many people do while mending a broken heart is that they recoil from any possible source of love and that is where you need to put a halt to your trail of thoughts. If you have had your heart broken by someone and think that love is possibly not in the cards for you, think again.

Having such perceptions tend to end up affecting the way you interact with people in the future and even if there was any kind of possibility of a blooming romance, you will either be way too guarded to let that person in or end up being affected thinking of the fact that you will never end up finding love anymore and that’s where you are wrong. Instead of just being on the realms, meet new people and fall in love.

How to mend a broken heart? This question has a lot of possible answers that many therapists or even just experience people can provide you with. But the biggest catch here is to ensure that you yourself are willing to indulge in the self growth and retaliation and grow from the experience rather than limiting yourself to the constraints of it. It really doesn’t take much to heal a broken heart, all you need to do is be ready to let go.