How to Get Water Out of Ears : 9 Easy Methods to Unclog Your Ears

water in ear

Accumulation of water is a common problem can happen to anyone. The water can get inside of the ear while swimming, taking a shower or bath. Usually, wax in the ears prevents water from going deep into the ears. However, in some cases, fluid can go inside the ears and cause problems. However, there are few tips on how to get water out of your ears, which you can consider riding of the water out of your hair naturally.

The water in the ear causes a tickling sensation in the ear and may cause discomfort as well as irritation. The ticklish feeling may also get spread to jawbone as well as throat. This can cause difficulty in hearing. In some cases, it may also result in ear infection as the whole area becomes moist, a place perfect for the breeding of harmful bacteria.

However, it is not difficult to take water out of your ear, following some of the major tips given below may solve the problem of accumulation of water in the ear.

How to Remove Water From Your Ear?

How to remove water from ear

Try these home remedies to get water out of your ear.

  1. Tilting of your head
  2. Valsalva Maneuver
  3. Alcohol and Vinegar Ear Drops
  4. Hydrogen Peroxide Ear Drops
  5. Olive oil
  6. Steam
  7. Blow Dryer
  8. Yawning or chewing
  9. Heat therapy

1. Tilting of your head

It is one of the best ways to remove the water from ear using gravity.

  • Tilt your head sideways and bring your head parallel to the floor.
  • Create a vacuum by pressing your hand hard on the affected ear and then immediately removing it.
  • This vacuum will help in dislodging the fluid in the ear.
  • Use a cotton ball to remove the fluid drained from the ear.
  • Avoid using an earbud to get water out of ears.

2. Valsalva Maneuver

This simple exercise helps in opening of Eustachian tube in the ear and push water out of your ear.

  • Hold your nostrils in your pinch and close your mouth.
  • Take a deep breath.
  • Now blow the air out gently with your nose and regulate the air pressure.
  • If done correctly, a popping sound will emerge which means your Eustachian tube are opened once again.
  • Avoid blowing too hard as it can cause damage to the ear drum.

3. Alcohol and Vinegar Ear Drops

Alcohol helps in evaporating all the water in your ears and stops the growth of harmful, infection-causing bacteria. Vinegar helps in removing excess wax buildup in ears.

  • Make eardrops by mixing equal amounts of both vinegar and alcohol.
  • Using a dropped, add few drops of the mixture into your ear.
  • Now tilt your head sideways to drain out all the liquid after 30 seconds.
  • Avoid this method if you have an outer ear infection, a perforated eardrum or eardrum tubes.

4. Hydrogen Peroxide Ear Drops

Hydrogen peroxide is helpful in clearing earwax, bacteria as well as trapped water from your ear.

  • Add few drops of hydrogen peroxide into your hair using a dropper.
  • Wait for 2-3 minutes.
  • Now tilt your head to get the affected ear downward to let the liquid out of your ear.

5. Olive oil

Apart from preventing ear infection, olive oil also helps in taking water out.

  • Heat some olive oil till it gets warm.
  • Using a dropper, add few drops of this oil in your ear.
  • Let the water as well as oil to drain out by tilting your head downwards after 10 minutes.

6. Steam

The warming effect of stem helps in clearing the water in the middle ear through Eustachian tube.

  • Take a boiling water with steam in a large vessel.
  • Now cover your head with the cloth to lock the steam in.
  • Hold the face of the vessel.
  • Inhale this steam for 5-10 minutes and then tilt your head sideways to let the water out from the ears.

7. Blow Dryer

The produced from the dryer helps in evaporating all the water inside your ear.

  • Ensuring that your blow dryer is at its lowest setting, keep the dryer few inches away from your ear.
  • Move it in a back-and-forth motion.
  • Let the warm air get into your ear.
  • This will clear the clogging due to water in the ear.

8. Yawning or chewing

Moving your mouth might help you in clearing the water trapped in your eustachian tube.

  • Take a gum and yawn or chew to remove all the tension from your eustachian tube.
  • Tilt sideways to remove all the water from your ear.

9. Heat therapy

This remedy will remove all the water trapped in the ear quickly. The compressing heat might help you in opening the Eustachian tube, where the fluid is usually trapped, and eliminating all the fluid.

  • Take a bowl of hot water and dip a washcloth into it.
  • Wrinkle all the excess water.
  • Place this cloth against your affected ear for few seconds.
  • Repeat this procedure for about 4-5 times.
  • Now lie down sideways to clear all the water from ears.

What Not to do While Getting Water Out of Your Ears?

What not to do while getting water out of your ears

Do not use your fingers, ear swabs or any other object to dig inside the ear. Using this may cause various problems and make the situation more complicated. It may cause.

  • Addition of bacteria to the area
  • Pushing the water even more deeply into the ear.
  • Injury to ear canal
  • Eardrum puncturing

How to Prevent the Problem of Water in Your Ears?

Follow few simple tips to prevent the accumulation of water inside your ear.

  • While swimming use earplugs or swim caps while swimming.
  • After coming out of the water clean all the area outside your ear thoroughly with the help of a towel.

When is the time to Consult Your Doctor?

When is the time to consult your doctorAlthough trapping of water inside your ear may get resolved within few days without any treatment. You can try some of the methods given above if it is causing a lot of problems to you. However, if the water is still there and showing signs of infection, it is important to consult with your doctor immediately.

Few symptoms of ear infection are swollen it inflamed ear. It is necessary to get treatment as soon as you can to remove the infection. If left untreated, it may cause hearing loss as well as various other complications like bone damage or cartilage. Prescribed drugs from your doctor may help you in eliminating any pain and getting instant relief.