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Amazing Benefits of Surya Namaskar

Amazing Benefits of Surya Namaskar

Surya Namaskar or the sun salutation is an amazing way to strengthen your muscles. Since the ancient times, Surya Namaskar has been used to be fit and to offer prayers to the sun for energy to maintain a healthy life. There are a lot of health benefits of Surya Namaskar, which includes 12 body postures.

While surya namaskar can be done at any time of the day, it has been recommended from the experts to perform surya namaskar at the sunrise to get most of the benefits. Performing Surya Namaskar at the sunrise helps in refreshing and revitalizing the whole body. You can also perform it in the afternoons to instantly energize your body.

It is also important to take notice that surya namaskar also has backing in the science. According to the sages in ancient India, our body is governed by various Chakras. The Surya chakra or the solar plexus is located behind your navel and connected to the energy of the sun. Performing various asanas in the surya namaskar everyday helps in increasing your creativity, decision-making, leadership skills as well as confidence.

There are three important phases you can perform surya namaskar in. All the three phases has its own benefits.

Slow Pace

Performing surya namaskar in slow pace provides better strengthening to your muscles as well as body organs. This helps in making your muscles more flexible.

Medium Pace

Raising the speed of performing asanas in surya namaskar helpful in providing toning to your muscles properly.

Fast Pace

Fast speed performance of asanas in surya namaskar is an excellent exercise for cardiovascular health and also helps in weight loss.

Apart from this, there are number of various other benefits of the surya namaskar. To provide all the details about these benefits, we have listed the benefits of the surya namaskar here along with explaining them. Check out these benefits and start performing surya namaskar everyday to get healthy in a completely natural way.

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Surya Namaskar Benefits

Skin enhancement

Performing sun salutation is highly helpful for getting healthy, glowing skin. It is also an amazing natural exercise for skin and hair complexion. This occurs because performing surya namaskar helps in eliminating waste products from your skin as you start to sweat rapidly while trying surya namaskar. It also removes toxins from your skin and hence prevents the occurring of boils as well as pimples. Therefore, trying surya namaskar is a great exercise for getting fresh and healthy complexion.

Hair fall prevention

While performing the postures in the surya namaskar, the blood circulation in the scalp region increases, which is helpful in providing natural massage to your scalp region. Parvatasana or mountain pose is a classic example of poses which helps in increasing blood circulation in the scalp.

Weight loss

Surya namaskar is also highly amazing solution to shed those extra weight from your body. You can get flat stomach through surya namaskar as it helps in providing stretching, compressing as well as twisting of all the muscles in your body.Surya namaskar, therefore, is an amazing option for people who are trying lose their weight and want a cheap and a natural option.

Digestion improvement

As mentioned earlier, surya namaskar helps in providing healthy twisting and stretching to your muscles and organs including stomach. This natural massage helps in strengthening digestive system and increases its efficiency. Regular practicing of surya namaskar helps in removing any diseases or disorders from your body. Through surya namaskar, your body also removes waste products in your intestines, which helps in further strengthening your digestion.

Strengthens kidney functions

By practicing surya namaskar, blood supply to your kidneys also increases. This also helps in speeding up the circulation blood throughout your body. Regularly performing surya namaskar helps in improving the efficiency of the kidneys. Another important benefit of surya namaskar is that it helps in filtration of blood, which occurs in kidneys.

Heart health

Along with increasing the heartbeat, surya namaskar also helps in improving all the circulatory functions. As it eliminates all the waste products from your body, it helps in strengthening the functions of heart. Along with this, surya namaskar provides more fresh oxygen as well as nutrients to the tissues. It is also helps in improving the functioning of the lymphatic system. This is helpful in countering germs, harmful bacteria as well as various illnesses.

Lung function improvement

Surya namaskar is helpful in the increasing the utilization of the respiratory system as well as the lungs. It prevents the buildup of germs as well as diseases of the respiratory system by helping in expansion as well as contraction of the air sacs in the lungs. Due to surya namaskar, all the impure air from the lungs and supplies fresh oxygen to your brain, which helps in improving your mood and fills you up with energy.

Hormonal balance correction

Surya namaskar helps in maintaining the hormonal balance in your body by harmonizing and removing irregularities in the endocrine gland. This also helps in improving the blood flow in the body.

Toning the nervous system

While performing surya namaskar, the nerves in the body gets twisted, stretched as well as stimulated. It is important to have healthy nervous system as it reflects the efficiency of the organs as well as muscles in your body. Along with this, surya namaskar also helps in awakening the brain centers in your body.

Muscle loosening

As surya namaskar provides intense stretching to your body, it also helps in eliminating all the impure blood from the lungs as well as kidneys. This is highly helpful in removing all the stiffness from the muscles as well as loosening of it. This is also why surya namaskar is considered as one of the best exercise for healthy living.

There are some of the amazing health benefits of the surya namaskar, which you should consider. Surya namaskar undoubtedly is one of the best exercises for getting most of the health benefits in a completely natural way.