Flu Vaccines Can Prevent Early Death In Elderly ICU Patients

src: www.verywellhealth.com

It isn’t new news that the flu vaccine doesn’t always work for the flu. You do get it anyhow at some point in your life. The part of this is that it’s okay if it doesn’t because you have ways to cure the condition. A new study has found alternative use of this vaccine in preventing the early death in the elderly ICU patients effectively.

A new study (R) conducted by the researchers from the Aarhus University suggested that the elderly people who have been struggling and have been admitted to the intensive care unit have lesser risks of dying from blood clot or even from the bleeding in the brain if they have been vaccinated with the flu vaccine.

This is despite the possible reason whether they are older, are affected with more chronic diseases or even consume more medications that what they should be.

The study has been conducted with over 90,000 participants who have once been in the intensive care unit and have recovered from the same as well. The participants are all above the age of 65 years old. The study was conducted with an eleven year period in Denmark. Out of them, the doctors noticed that only a few were admitted because of the condition of influenza.

The researchers found that regardless of the vaccination, the one who were vaccinated before had a lesser risk of stroke and bleeding following the condition affecting them. The stroke is often the cause behind the blood clots in the brain that majority of the people do face. They further found that the associated risks with the same were 16% lower. The admitted patients also had an 8% lowered risk of dying during the first year of the hospitalization.

Christian Fynbo Christiansen, clinical associate professor at Aarhus University Hospital and consultant at Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark suggested saying that over 30,000 people are admitted to the intensive care units in the Danish hospitals and it isn’t a surprise that the first year post hospitalization is the most critical.

It has been noticed that around 3 out of 4 people hospitalized survive the condition and are discharged from the hospital in a healthy way. But, the important prospect was that even with the healthy discharge; almost one out of five tend to die within the first year of the hospitalization itself.

This study showcases the fact that the rate of death and critical conditions are quite reduced in the patients who have already been vaccinated against the influenza virus. This is enough of a reason to ensure that the elderly should be vaccinated without any second thoughts because the same can actually prove beneficial for their health.

In today’s date, out of 100, only 40 elderly in Europe agree to vaccination. This is one of the primary things that need to be changed in for a better health and to prevent the risks associated with the condition.

Christian Fynbo Christiansen further clarified that they aren’t claiming 100% that the risks associated with stroke and dying is lowered because of the flu vaccine. The only observation that they made is the fact that the elderly patients who were vaccine experienced less critical outcomes. This suggests that it is best to get the elderly vaccinated. The best prospect behind this vaccine is the fact that it is not just inexpensive but quite safe as well.

This research is the very first in the lot that claims up for the best around, with their primary focus on the vaccine in reducing the impacts of the critical repercussions that many face because of the ICU admissions.

Finally, the researchers also found that the vaccine wasn’t responsible for reducing the pneumonia cases that were enlisted around in the record. There were also no drastic changes in the levels of the number of blood clots in the body. This is what is expected to help pave better way for the further study surrounding the condition of the impacts of the vaccine on building better and stronger immunity in the individuals.