Important Exercises to Increase Lung Capacity and Strength

exercises to increase lung strength

If you are suffering from the problem of going out of breath quite frequently, it might be one of the signs that you need to work on your lungs to strengthen its health, according to the experts. There are various exercises to increase your lung capacity strength to raise the quality of your lungs so that it can inhale more oxygen which in turn will help in keeping the blood properly oxygenated, says the experts.

To elaborate more on this, we have made an outstanding list of various important exercises to increase overall lung capacity and strength. You can perform these exercises to keep yourself away from different lung diseases and to get better lung health.

Exercises to Increase Lung Capacity

increase lung strength

1. Diaphragmatic breathing

Performing lung exercises by focusing more on the diaphragm can be highly helpful. It is a dome-shaped muscle, which gets contracted and help in making enough space for your lungs to expand. Performing diaphragmatic breathing will help in making your diaphragm strong, which in turn helps in providing better health quality of your lungs.

This exercise, which is also known as belly breathing, should be done in quiet and comfortable place, which is away from noise and clutter. It is also important that you should keep away all your gadgets. This will be highly helpful in releasing all the stress, according to the experts.


    1. Lie down or sit upright on the floor to start.
    1. Inhale deeply with the help of your nose by placing your palm on the belly.
    1. Take in your belly and push your diaphragm up.
    1. Let the sighing noise to come out while exhaling.
  1. Repeat the exercise for around 10-15 minutes a day.

This exercise can be done by the people who are suffering from respiratory problems. It has also found that common COPD exercises, in fact, helps in increasing the lung capacity and strengthens breathing. According to the experts, asthmatics can also try this exercise if they want to cut down their medicines.

2. Alternate Nostril breathing

Alternate nostril breathing or more commonly known as NadiShodhan Pranayama is one of the great exercises to increase lung strength. This exercise helps in making your lungs stronger through control your breath, according to the experts. To get best results possible, it is important to do the exercise slowly.

While doing this exercise, it is, again, highly important to be in the quiet environment. Secondly, you should focus more on the coordination on your fingers as well as breathe. Experts recommend performing it as a part of your daily yoga session.


    1. Sit on the floor in crossed-leg position.
    1. Slightly bend your middle as well as pointer finger of your right hand while keeping the other fingers straight.
    1. Inhale deeply by placing your thumb on the right nostril.
    1. Ensure that you are doing it gently without applying additional pressure.
    1. Now remove your thumb and hold your breath.
    1. Exhale with your right nostril by placing the index finger as well as the middle finger on the left nostril.
  1. Do this exercise for 5-10 minutes to get best results possible, according to the experts.

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3. Pursed lip breathing

Pursed lip breathing exercise helps you in adding extra resistance and forces you to slow down your breathing thus provides more time for your lungs to stay open the airways. This is one of the common parts of COPD treatment, and one can get various important benefits from performing pursed lip breathing exercises to increase lung strength.


    1. Inhale through your lips for just two seconds like you are smelling a flower.
    1. Now purse your lips in such a way like you are blowing a candle.
    1. With the help of your lips, exhale.
    1. Ensure that the exhalation is slow. However, it should also be 2-3 minutes longer than the inhalation.
  1. Repeat this exercise for 5-10 minutes daily.

If you are suffering from COPD, doing this exercise might help you in controlling your entire respiration, according to the experts.

4. Equal Breathing

To get more practice over controlling your breath, you should perform samavritti or equal breathing exercise. As the exercises require a lot of focus, it is recommended that you do it in a quiet environment. Also, ensure that your brain is also relaxed and calm.


    1. Sit in a crossed-leg position.
    1. Get your breath in constant motion.
    1. Ensure that your lungs are by inhaling for 4-5 seconds.
    1. Now, exhale for another 4-5 seconds.
    1. Make sure that your lungs are empty.
  1. Do this exercise 5 times per day for better results.

It has been found that SamaVritti is highly helpful in increasing the lung function in the people suffering from asthma. You can modify in the number of seconds for inhalation as well as exhalation. However, make sure that the length should be equal for both inhalations as well as exhalation. We already wrote about control Asthma Naturally just go read.

5. Swimming


While swimming, it is important that you hold down your breathing under water, which in turn helps in increasing the overall lung capacity, according to the experts. Living under water and holding the breath provides more control over breathing and it helps in compensating for the air which you do not inhale. Water, while swimming, puts extra pressure on your lungs and make it even more stronger. Experts say that this is just like a great resistance training for your diaphragm as well as lungs.

Although you don’t know how to swim, you can get better health benefits as you not need to swim a lap to increase lung capacity. Shallow to increase lung capacity water can also help you in it. Just take a deep breath and go under water to hold down your breath for few seconds. This exercise can provide your various other health benefits as well.

These are the important exercises to increase lung Capacity which you can consider performing to get many benefits and to control your breathing. Strengthening of lungs provide you various important health advantages which keeps you away from diseases.

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By Prajakt K.