How to Get Rid of Bumps on Lips

bumps on lips

Lips are the sensitive part of your body and any skin problem can affect it easily. Bumps on lips is one of the causes which triggers high amount of pain as well as discomfort. It is considered as one of the sign of weak immune system as well as a poor skin condition. Sometimes, it can also be a symptom of any underlying disease. From a small white dot to the development of large cysts or blisters, it can be of any size and shape.

Here, we have tried to provide all the important details about the problem of bumps on lips along with its various causes. Read on to get full details about the various cures you can consider to get rid of bumps on lips.

What are Bumps on Lips?

bumps on lips

Bumps on lips are the formation of small cysts or blisters on the lip line. We use our lips while drinking, eating and most importantly while speaking. Formation of bumps on these lumps may create a lot of problems as well as discomfort along with difficulties while doing these works.

It is highly important to notice them in time as it can be a serious problem, although bumps on lips, usually, not considered as a serious problem. Sometimes it can be one of the signs of oral cancer, which can even prove fatal.

It is recommended to consult with the expert doctor as soon as possible once you experience the bumps on lips.

What are Common Causes Of Bumps On Lips?

common causes of bumps on lips

There are numerous reasons through which you can cause the problem of bumps on lips. Some of the major causes are listed below.

1. Herpes Simplex

The development of canker sore on lips can be caused due to the problem of oral herpes. The sores can appear as small sores and then convert into a fluid-filled blister.

2. Milia

Milia is highly common in babies. The problem of milia takes place when dead as well as small skin cells get trapped in the skin. Even though the problem of milia is more common on the face, they can also develop on the lips.

3. Fordyce Spots

The tiny spots which appear due to Fordyce spots are actually the oil-producing or sebaceous glands. These spots can grow bigger as the person starts to get older. You can experience one or around 100 bumps on lips due to this health condition. The development occurs, most usually, in the inner portion.

4. Oral Thrush

A fungal infection which triggers the white lesion on lips along with gums, mouth as well as tonsils is known as oral thrush. One of the most common fungus, known as Candida Albicans, is considered as the major cause of oral thrush.

5. Oral Cancer

The bumps on lips which are flat or raised in texture, painful at the initial stage but later causes bleeding as well as ulcer may cause due to the severe disease is known as oral cancer. Some of the major causes of oral cancer are sun exposure, alcohol abuse, use of tobacco as well as human papillomavirus.

Apart from all these, the cause of bumps on lips can also be caused due to various genetic variation takes place in your body, which can be harmless and can look similar to the birthmarks as well as moles.


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How to Get Rid of Bumps on Lips?

get rid of bumps on lips


As mentioned earlier, it is highly important to know how to get rid of bumps on lips and treat the condition of burning bumps on lips effectively.

Your doctor may ask you a full medical history of yours and will conduct various physical tests to know the exact problem behind the development of bumps on lips. The doctor will also examine the bumps on your upper lips as well as will also check if there are any bumps formed on the lips. The doctor will also check your neck area to examine whether there is swelling of your lymph nodes.

Health expert may also opt for swabbing of the lips, which is also known as culture. It is useful to check whether the condition is caused by a virus, bacteria as well as fungi after conducting few tests. The tissue sample can also be tested to check whether the cells are cancerous.

Even though your doctor can diagnose the situation by just visual examination, conducting few important blood test may provide the clearer vision.

Freckles Treatment

The treatment of the development of white bumps on lips completely based upon the cause of the problem. Usually, some condition, such as Fordyce spots, does not require any treatment and get resolved by itself, although its removal is also possible and sometimes even recommended by the experts with the help of electrosurgery as well as laser treatment.

Consumption of antifungal medications like a liquid solution, which you can swish in your mouth as well as swallow can be used to treat the condition of white bumps on lips due to thrush.

Oral herpes can be temporarily treated with the help of antiviral drugs. However, it is required to take medical help to effectively treat the condition of viral infection permanently.

The treatments for oral cancer can be treated with the help of condition’s severity. It includes chemotherapy, radiation to reduce cancer spreading as well as the surgical removal of the lesion.

Tips and Precautions for Bumps on Lips

precautions for bumps on lips

It is important to follow some helpful tips while dealing with the condition of bumps on lips. It always advised not to pick the bumps in any form to prevent any further complications. This may trigger the spreading of the infection to the other parts of the body.

Apply some ointment on your bumps to prevent the dryness as well as the pain of the bumps on lips. You can use the method of salt water rinsing to reduce the irritation. Just mix some salt in warm water and swish the solution in your mouth. Rinse well with the help of it and spit it out after that.

It is also important to consult with your doctor immediately. Some of the major symptoms which require immediate medical attention are listed below.

  • Painful bumps
  • Bleeding bumps
  • Feeling of the presence of something in the throat
  • Swelling on neck or jaw or both
  • Tongue numbness
  • A sore throat or fever or both
  • Difficulty in swallowing or chewing
  • The problem of white bumps which does not go away after the period of two weeks.