6 Best Foot Spa for Swollen Feet


Feet are often the most neglected part of your body. Despite its importance, many people find it easy to leave them out of their daily care routine, thinking that foot care takes a lot of effort and time. We disagree. With a good foot spa that can take care of massaging, fatigue, and swelling in your foot, caring for your feet is very easy and will take just a few minutes of your day.

While feet can get swollen due to any reason, a nice warm foot spa can do wonders to reduce the inflammation and improve the healing process. But finding the best foot spa for swollen feet can be tricky. Well, that’s why we are here to help. Here are our top picks for the best foot bath for swollen feet that will absolutely relax your feet.

Is a Foot Spa Good for Swollen Foot

Yes. Foot spa can be a great treatment for swollen feet and it is known to be effective in making your feet less strained and swollen over time.

Swollen feet can be caused due to various reasons but in most cases, a good and relaxing foot spa can help a lot in reducing the swelling. Especially, if the swelling in your feet is caused due to poor circulation or water retention. A foot spa therapy will provide a relieving massage for swollen feet and be more effective in reducing the overall water retention.

One of the Best Foot Spa for Swollen Feet is the one that comes with massage rollers and vibration settings. This helps the feet by providing help to regulate blood circulation and keep the swelling to a minimum. An added advantage would be a foot spa with the feature of adding Epsom salt or essential oils. This can be perfect to help treat swollen feet and improve the overall healing process.

How to Choose the Best Foot Spa for Swollen Feet

Choosing the best foot spa for swollen feet can get really confusing. From amongst the vast range of foot spas, how do you separate the ones meant especially for swollen feet? What should you look for? and how to find the right one for your feet?

Don’t worry. We are here to help. Here is a list of all the minor and major things you must keep in mind before choosing the best foot soak for swollen feet.

1. Must Allow Addition Of Salts:

One of the key features to look for while selecting a foot spa especially for swollen feet is the compatibility of the spa with salts. Using Epsom salt for a foot spa is essential for reducing any inflammation or swelling. Other than salts adding other massage essentials like oils and seaweeds etc. also can be a great addition. So look for a spa that allows adding Epsom salts to the soak.

2. Size Of Your Feet:

A normal foot spa will fit the average size of feet that is around 14 to 16. However, if you do have feet size larger than 16, you must specifically look for a foot spa that can accommodate your feet size and help you in getting a foot spa therapy with comfort.

3. Temperature Setting:

While choosing a Footbath for swollen feet, an added feature of temperature setting can be of great use. While this is not an essential thing to have, it can be really easy to heat water for contrast bath therapy for reducing swelling on your feet. Ensure not to overheat the water and only soak your foot in warm water, not hot.

4. Depth Of The Foot Spa:

This is an important thing to check while choosing the correct spa option for you. Some foot spas have a minimum depth that allows only your ankles to get submerged in water. However, if you need your feet dipped till your calves it is better to check for a spa with enough depth to allow it. A deeper foot spa for swollen feet and ankles will be more convenient and relaxing.

5. Massage Rollers:

Not essential for swollen feet, this is a convenient relaxing feature to have in your foot spas. Massage rollers under your feet can help relieve fatigue and keep your feet massaged and relaxed during the spa treatment. It is a fun feature to have, especially to enjoy a nice warm spa, after a tiring day of work.

6 Best Foot Spa for Swollen Feet to Buy

So now that you know how to select the best foot spa for swollen feet, we would also like to share with you some of the most incredible options of foot spas we found.

Whether you wish to enjoy a nice relaxing spa at home, or you are looking for something to help relieve the swelling in your feet, these options have you covered. An extensively researched list of some of the best foot soaks for swollen feet that suits almost all types of users.

Here are our top picks.

1. Ovitus Foot Spa Bath Massager


The Ovitus foot spa bath massager is perfect if you’re looking for a swollen feet remedy. You can add your Epsom salts and other massage essentials and enjoy a warm soak to relieve your feet from any pain or inflammation instantly. The LCD screen makes it easy to track the temperature of the water and you can use the 16 motorized shiatsu rollers to reduce fatigue of your feet.

With both sides and a sole scraper, you won’t need to do anything else than just dip your feet and relax. The adjustable heat setting allows for 95°Fto118°F of heating and maintains the heat throughout the spa. You can add a timer from 10 to 60 minutes for your desirable foot spa length and keep a track of your therapy.

The overall massage quality of this foot spa is great and targets all the important acupressure points of the feet. The medicine box inside is perfect for adding seaweed, Epsom salt, or any kind of essential oils that can add to the soothing effect of the spa.

It helps in not just soothing your feet but alleviating stress, insomnia, flu, headache, swelling, and soreness of feet. When you’re done with the spa just lower the auto drainage pipe and it’s done. The most convenient part is how easily it can be stored, just flip the dust cover and slide it under the bed until next use.

  • Epsom salt and essential oils compatible
  • Self-draining system
  • Heat setting for warm spas
  • The setting for oxygen bubbles
  • Motorized sole scrapping
  • Shiatsu rollers
  • Portable design with attached wheels
  • Dust cover makes it easy to store
  • Self drainage pipe
  • Heat concentration not uniform
  • Not suitable for larger feet size
  • Expensive

2. Conair Active Life Waterfall Foot Spa


Another great option in this list of best foot spa for swollen feet is this Conair Active Life Waterfall Foot Spa. The most unique feature about this one is the active waterfall feature which gently massages the top of your feet leaving you more room to feel fresh and rejuvenated. The Conair foot spa has rollers that give your feet the much-required massage for reducing any type of inflammation.

It is a home spa that comes with a few more accessories like a massager tool, scrub, and pumice stone, making it easier for you to care for your feet. Additionally, it comes with exfoliating loofah disks and a targeted massager ideal for relaxing tired feet as well as deep exfoliation.

The foot spa has a deeper tank that allows for submerging your feet better than most foot spas. With an easy to clean and lightweight body, this is one of the best spas to get a stress-relieving massage for swollen feet.

  • Led Lights
  • Waterfall for upper feet massage
  • 3 accessories bunch
  • Exfoliation loofah discs
  • Foot rollers and target massagers
  • Deeper reservoir
  • Lightweight
  • Does not heat water
  • Not silent in operation

3. Acevivi all in one foot spa bath massager


The Acevivi all-in-one-foot spa is what we call a perfect foot spa for swollen feet. It has every feature to make your feet free from any fatigue and resulting swelling. It can be used with Epsom salt and seaweed make it apt for swollen feet as well as a nice relaxing essential oil foot spa therapy.

It has 4 automatic shiatsu massage rollers and 4 pebble rolling massage balls that gives it a distinctly higher quality of massage. It targets important acupressure points and improves blood circulation, sleep quality, and blood circulation of your feet.

The PTC heater can regulate water temperatures from 35 °C to 48°C and has multiple insulations for safe operation. This foot spa also comes with double overheat protection for user safety and is known for its calming effect on inflamed feet.

The tub is deep enough to submerge up to your lower calf which is better than many other foot spas at this range. One of the best treatments for swollen feet, it is still convenient to use with a simple drainage system and wheels making it extremely user-friendly.

  • Temperature adjustments
  • 4 rollers and 4 massage balls
  • Motorized rollers
  • Medicine box
  • Electric Rotating Pedicure Stone
  • Quick Heating and Timing Set
  • Multiple Massage Modes
  • Oxygen bubble operation
  • Infrared light
  • Bubbling action is weak
  • Expensive

4. Zircon 4 in 1 foot spa massager set for home with 4 massage rollers


Another great foot bath for swollen feet we picked was this Zircon 4 in 1-foot spa massager. We love this one for its simplicity and effectiveness. It comes with 14 massage rollers that have dots for better acupressure and sole reflexology. It will give you one of the best deep massages for swollen feet and alleviate stress, fatigue and give you better metabolism, better sleep quality, and relief from pain and cracked heels. For those who do not like a spa with rollers, they can be removed easily.

With an instant heating option of 95°F to 118°F, it is convenient and requires fewer hassles for maintained heat, warm operation. The vibration and bubble mode makes for a nice pedicure treatment at home as well as reduces anxiety and stress due to its acupressure points massage and calming effect. The overheat protection makes for a safe and user-friendly operation. The foot spa also comes with foot soak salts infused with eucalyptus and peppermint oil which will improve your foot spa experience and prevent foot problems in the future.

  • Removable, Non-motorized rollers
  • Adjustable Heating function
  • Medicine box
  • Vibration mode
  • Oxygenated bubbles
  • LCD Screen with easy to use buttons
  • Medicine case for massage additives
  • Bigger sized tub
  • Non-motorized rollers
  • Noisy operation
  • May not be able to maintain the heat

5. Artnaturals Foot Spa Massager


A soothing foot massage for swollen feet is like therapy, it heals you. And this ArtNaturals Foot Spa and massager is just the perfect choice for that. It is one of the best foot baths for swollen feet that feels luxurious and elegant with its unique design. It is ideal for treating sore, tired and swollen feet. The durable massage rollers combined with bubble jets and vibrations make for a soothing massage that will also help in the removal of dead skin cells.

The temperature control will heat water to your set level and maintain the heat throughout the foot soak. This eliminates the hassle of putting heated water in the foot soak and makes it convenient for a warm foot bath. One of the best features is its large tub size allowing anyone with up to a feet size of 17 to relax comfortably. The certified foot spa also comes with a 12-month money-back guarantee of safety and quality making it a reliable option to choose from.

  • Digital display
  • Heat adjustment
  • Salt compatibility
  • Easy to use and Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Bubbles function
  • Maintains temperature
  • Eco friendly
  • Restrictive tub size

6. Kendal all in one foot spa bath massager


Another favorite in this list of Foot Spa for Swollen Feet is the popular Kendall all-in-one-foot spa bath massager. With multiple modes of massage and spa settings, this is perfect for every type of user and member of a family. The vibration massage mode is good for improving blood circulation and reduces water retention in your feet. This can bring down the swelling in your feet and reduce any similar inflammation.

This is definitely one of the best foot spa for swollen feet if you prefer a silent operation. The noise for this is minimal in its class and gives for a relaxing spa with a not so overpowering noise. The foot spa has multiple operation modes with timer settings and heating capabilities letting the user choose his own spa time and type. The ease to drain and move around the body makes it easy to store and perfect for a small space.

  • Massage rollers are removable
  • Adjustable heating
  • Massage additive compatible
  • Silent operation
  • Maintains the heat
  • ETL Certification
  • Suitable for arthritic feet
  • Oxygen bubble massage function
  • Wheel for portability
  • Overheats sometimes
  • Restrictive tub for large foot size

Will a Foot Spa Help Swollen Feet in Pregnancy

Yes. Women often experience swollen feet during pregnancy, especially in the later months which can be tiring and uncomfortable for the mother. This makes a foot spa or foot massager a perfect option to give her that relaxation and comfort to care for her feet. However, there are several restrictions when it comes to massages during pregnancy (R).

Pregnant women must follow some tips to get a foot massage safely without harming themselves or the baby. In cases of a wrongly administered massage, it can lead to deep pressure on acupressure points and may induce labor.

  • Always seek a doctor’s advice before getting a foot massage done professionally.
  • If using a foot spa at home, ensure that it has adjustable pressure controls and go for the lowest setting of pressure.
  • Do not use a foot massager in the early stages of pregnancy
  • Do not use it multiple times daily
  • Seek medical help if a foot massage causes any other issues.


A great foot spa will change your health by reducing anxiety, stress, fatigue, improving blood circulation and overall health through acupressure. Caring for your feet has more advantages than many know of. And we hope that with the above list of some of the best foot spa for swollen feet, finding the right one for every need will not be that difficult.

With an option for every type of user, we hope this list encourages you to get yourself a perfect foot spa for swollen feet that makes your life easy and keeps your feet healthy, happy, and stress-free.