Importance of High Protein Low Calorie Foods

high protein low calorie foods

Protein is a key ingredient in the formation of tissues, organs, muscles as well as hormones in our body. It is highly required by the body for body growth and development as well as to carry out the functions properly. It is considered healthy to consume protein-rich diet not only to reduce the deficiency of protein but also to provide overall nutrition to the body. Therefore it is important to consume high protein low-calorie foods.

There various important benefits of consumption of protein-rich diet. It helps in weight loss, stabilizes blood sugar levels, improves your focus as well as concentration along with supporting muscles and bones. Protein is also highly useful in boosting your energy levels. You should always eat best high protein low-calorie foods and follow the protein diet for weight loss. It is recommended to low-calorie high protein meals for overall body growth.

Here we have tried to provide you all the information about the high protein low-calorie foods. Read on to get full details about the importance of the food in our life.

How Much Protein Should We Eat?

protein should we eat

The required amount of protein depends upon various factors such as body weight, gender, level activity, age etc. It is important to eat food high in protein and low in fats, especially the saturated fats. The recommended intake of protein, according to the experts, is 56 grams each day for men and 46 grams for women.

The given amount is the minimum you should eat every day considered you are active moderately. Following a quality diet plan will help you in getting required amount of protein. Following protein diet for weight loss is also helpful as it shed all the excess weight from your body. As obesity is considered as one of the major cause of various diseases, it is important to lose all the extra weight from the body.

Do High Protein Diet Really Works?

high protein diet really works

Yes, indeed. Consumption of high protein low-calorie diet is highly useful for the body due to its various important benefits. Consumption of low-calorie high protein foods boosts body development in various ways. Some of the major benefits of high protein low-calorie foods are listed below.

1. Promotes Muscle Mass

To maintain healthy muscle mass, it is important to consume lots of proteins. It is also helpful in supporting tendons, ligaments as well as various other tissues in the body. Protein also works well in repairing muscles tissues which can get damaged after exercising. Thus, it is important to eat excess proteins. According to the studies, it is important to consume protein before and after having meals for proper development. That is also the reason why you eat high protein low-calorie foods for bodybuilding.

2. Manages Weight

Even though researchers are still not sure about the role of high protein in weight loss, protein has some amazing advantages in managing your weight by keeping your stomach full. Consumption of protein along with low-calorie food helps in providing right nutrition to the body without triggering weight gain.

High protein consumption provides the feeling of satiety more than fats or carbohydrates. Therefore the consumption proteins help in preventing overeating. It also helps in boosting the process of thermogenesis in the body in which more energy is required by the body to digest the food.

3. Maintains Blood Sugar Levels

The main component in the body which is required for breaking down of fats, carbs as well as proteins is insulin. Consumption of high sugar foods raises the amount of sugar in your blood due to their high glycemic index. However, the opposite happens when you eat high-protein foods which require low level of insulin for breaking down than fats or carbohydrates. Insulin also helps in reducing the absorption of sugar in the food by the body.

4. Improves Your Mood

Amino acids in certain proteins are helpful in balancing the hormones naturally. Along with reducing anxiety effect, it also helps in controlling your mood. Apart from boosting the neurotransmitters functions, protein is also helpful in synthesizing important hormones such as serotonin as well as dopamine. As protein is also helpful stabilizing glucose levels in the blood, it is helpful in preventing mood changes, cravings as well as irritability which may occur due to the fluctuations in blood sugar levels.

5. Strengthens bones

Various studies have found out the important link between the consumption of high protein foods and strengthening of your bones. Protein diet also helps in providing required nutrients to the body which helps in healing the broken bones as well as prevents weakness in bones. Protein raises the calcium absorption by the body and helps in bone metabolism.
On the other hand, low protein intake results in the low level of insulin the body and impacts negatively on the absorption of calcium as well as phosphate in the body.

6. Improves Heart Health

High protein diet is considered as one of the natural remedies for high blood pressure traditionally. Hence, it has been said that protein is highly useful in improving the heart health by boosting its functions. It is also helpful in reducing the amount bad cholesterol known as LDL. As protein diet does not provide excess sugar to the body it helps in preventing obesity and diabetes.

Best Delicious High-Protein Low-calorie Foods to Eat

High-Protein Low calorie Foods to Eat

It is not always true that your need to consume animal meal to get a high amount of protein, although it is one of the major sources of protein. You can prepare low carb high protein snacks through various low carb high protein recipes to get enough amount of protein. Major foods which help in boosting the protein consumption are,

    • Lentils
    • Oats
    • Brown rice
    • Quinoa
    • Avocado
    • Broccoli
    • Peas
    • Brussel Sprouts
    • Mushrooms
    • Chia, pumpkin, hemp, and flax seeds
    • Almonds, pistachios, cashew, and peanuts
  • Black, lima, pinto beans and chickpeas

Apart from that, you can also use hemp protein powder as it is filled with highly beneficial 20 amino acids. Along with this, the powder is completely safe and healthy for consumption. It also contains omega-3 fatty acids along with iron, magnesium, calcium as well as potassium.

You can try some major high protein recipes such as,

    • Chicken tikka masala
    • Turmeric eggs
    • Cilantro salmon burgers
  • Keto smoothie

Final thoughts

Final thoughts

It is important to consume high protein foods which are helpful in providing various important health benefits. Lack of low-fat high protein foods may trigger the deficiency of protein as well as amino acids which may cause various health issues. The major sources of foods which include in low carb high protein diet are eggs, yogurt, cheese, almonds as well protein powder which is made from bone broth.