Effective Earache Treatment and Home Remedies

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Earache or the problem of pain in ear may cause due to various reasons and sometimes cannot be resolved just by the consumption of antibiotics. This is due to the fact that not all the ear infections are bacterial and some causes of the earaches require different medications or treatment.

Opting for home remedies to treat the problem of earache is also recommended and provides good results. There are number of effective home remedies, which you can try to get rid of earache or pain in your ear.

Here, we have tried to provide all the details about the problem of earache as well as some of the amazing techniques, which you can use to eliminate the problem. Read on to know about some of the major causes of earache.

Causes of Earache

As mentioned earlier, there are numerous possible causes of earache which include, sinus infections, ear wax, tonsillitis, cavities as well as teeth problems. Mostly pain in your ear causes due to the problem of acute otitis media or AOM or the infection of middle ear. This infections triggers the development of infected as well as swollen portions in your middle ear. The development of pain in this case occurs due to trapping of fluid behind your eardrum.

Some of the major symptoms of this condition are,

  • Fever
  • Feeling of sickness
  • Severe to moderate pain inside the ear
  • Difficulty in hearing or minimal hearing loss

However, all these problems can be solved with the help of effective treatments as well as home remedies

Earache Treatment

Earache treatment
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Over-The-Counter Medicines

Some over-the-counter pain relievers such as ibuprofen as well as acetaminophen can be helpful in treating the pain linked with acute otitis media. Even though these medications can be consumed with the help of antibiotics, it is recommended to use it with the help of information printed on the label. These medications are also good in lowering the intensity of fever.

It should be noted that you should ask your doctor about the dosage of these medicines, while providing it to the children as well as infants. It has been found highly unsafe to provide medicines, such as aspirin, to the children under 16.

Home Remedies for Earache

You can also use various effective home remedies to treat the problem of earache. These remedies have been found highly effective and helps you in getting relief from pain associated with the problem of earache.

We have listed some of the amazing home remedies here which you can use to get rid of earache and pain.

1. Garlic for Earache

Garlic contains antibiotic as well as analgesic properties, which are helpful in reducing the earache caused by ear infection. To use garlic for earache,

  • Mince the garlic and heat it with one tablespoon of sesame oil.
  • Now cool and filter the oil
  • Add some drops of this oil in your affected ear.
  • You may also extract juice from some cloves of the garlic and then put it into the ear that hurts the most.

2. Onion for Earache

Onion, which is one of the most effective home remedies in treating problems such as earache, has major antibacterial as well as antiseptic properties, which are helpful in getting rid of the earache problem.

  • Grate the onion and then extract the juice from it.
  • Heat it on low flame.
  • Put the 2-3 drops of this liquid into the affected ear for 3-4 times everyday.
  • Alternatively, in a piece of clean cloth wrap a fresh onion and then hold it over your ear for 8-10 minutes.
  • Repeat these steps for several times everyday.
antibacterial as well as antiseptic
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3. Ginger for Earache

Ginger is also amazing home remedy, which is helpful in treating ear infection. This is due to the strong anti-inflammatory properties it contains. Ginger is also considered as an amazing natural painkiller.

  • Take a fresh ginger and extract its juice.
  • Then put few drops of it directly into the affected ear to get rid of pain as well as inflammation.
  • Another way is to mix fresh grated ginger with two tablespoons of olive oil.
  • Let it infuse for 5-10 minutes and then put few drops of this oil in the affected ear.

4. Peppermint for Earache

Peppermint leaves as well as peppermint oil can also be useful in treating earaches.

  • Take out juice from the fresh peppermint leaves and put it in a dropper.
  • Then, with the help of dropper, put some drops into the ear.
  • You can also apply some peppermint oil on the opening of your ear with the help of cotton swab.
  • For best use, you can apply peppermint oil mixing it with few drops of olive oil.

5. Basil Oil for Earache

Basil also contains antiseptic, analgesic as well as anti-inflammatory properties. Basil is also highly good for relieving ear aches.

  • Extract the juice from crushing few basil leaves
  • Now put the 2-3 drops of this juice into the affected ear.
  • Repeat the process twice everyday till the infection goes away.

6. Neem Oil for Earache

Neem, which is also known as Indian lilac, contains major antibacterial as well as antifungal properties, which are highly helpful in fighting the infection and reducing the inflammation. The anti-inflammatory, as well as analgesic properties of neem, are also helpful in eliminating the problem of neem. To use neem for earache,

  • Extract juice from crushed neem leaves.
  • Then put some drops of this juice in the ear, which is causing pain and discomfort due to infection.
  • You can also soak a cotton ball in a neem oil.
  • Then put this cotton ball on your ear after squeezing all the excess oil.
  • Leave it for few minutes
  • Then take it off.
  • You can use these remedies of neem 1-2 times everyday to get rid of earache.

7. Hair Dryer for Earache

Hair dry provides warm air, which can be helpful in drying up the liquid in the ear, which can cause earache.

  • After taking a shower, instead of drying your ear with the help of towel, use the hair dryer by keeping the setting at warm air.
  • Ensure that you are holding in enough distance from your ear.
  • Avoid using the hair dryer for more than 5 minutes.

At last, it is important to note that if you do not get any relief from any of the above mentioned home remedies then it becomes important for you to take the help of your doctor as soon as possible.