15 Benefits Of Almond Milk You Probably Didn’t Know Of

Benefits of Almond Milk
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Did you just find out that the consistent stomach ache was because you were lactose intolerant? Wondering how to eat your cereal in the morning now? Well, the benefits of almond milk can actually be even better for you.

Almond milk is actually a very nutritious alternative for your normal dairy milk. Vegan or not, if you have been wondering to make a switch, try this one.

In this article, we are going to be sharing some effective and lesser known health benefits of almond milk that not many people are aware of.

What Is Almond Milk?

What Is Almond Milk
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Almond Milk is plant milk which is made by blending almonds with some water. Following that, the mixture is passed through a muslin cloth to separate the solids from the liquid and what you get after straining the cloth is what is termed as almond milk.

It has a quite nutty taste and flavor to it. Not just that, it also has a very creamy texture to it and is loaded with all the goodness of the almonds.

The unique yet delectable taste of the milk is what makes it a very popular choice amongst the vegans as well as the people who are intolerant to normal dairy.

What Are The Benefits Of Almond Milk?

What Are The Benefits Of Almond Milk
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When it comes to discussing the common benefits of almond milk, it is mainly the high levels of nutrition in the milk which makes it one of a kind. The almond milk is an amazing alternative for the common dairy milk because of the fact that it is loaded with vitamins and minerals and other forms of antioxidants which have an impactful benefit for our overall well being.

The primary component that makes this stand out is the rich composition of Vitamin E in it. While it is true for a fact that almond milk is not actually that nutritious like the common cow’s milk and is often fortified to make it more nutritious, it is still an amazing option for someone who has been looking for good alternatives.

It is also loaded with a subsequent amount of calories, fat, proteins and even magnesium which makes it quite a good option for imposing the almond milk benefits that we quite often talk about.

Health Benefits of Almond Milk

Health benefits of Almond Milk
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Now, if you have been thinking that almond milk is only beneficial for your overall health and not for something else, you are sorely mistaken. It is quite beneficial for the skin and hair as well which we are going to be discussing later on.

In this section, we are primarily going to be focusing on the health benefits of almond milk – from the top to the bottom of it.

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Check Out these Amazing Benefits of Almond Milk

1. Benefits of Almond Milk for Weight Loss

Weight LossWeight Loss with almond milk might seem a bit farfetched to you but trust me, it actually does work in providing with the kind of results that you expect. When it comes to almond milk benefits for weight loss, it is primarily because of its low calorie concentration which makes it one of a kind.

Many people often wonder how come almond milk is low in calories when the actual almonds do consist of quite a good amount of calories and fats, right? It is believed that the processing of the almond milk is what ends up making it lose all the excess calories which is definitely beneficial for people who are watching their weight.

It is believed that a standard 240 ml cup of unsweetened natural almond milk consists of 40-50 calories (R) while the same amount of cow’s milk tends to consist of around 146 calories which are strikingly different. So, if numbers are to be believed, almond milk consists 65% of lesser calories (R) in comparison to the other dairy milk.

2. Benefits of Almond Milk for Acid Reflux

Acid Reflux
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Acid reflux is characterized by the opposite movement of the secreted stomach acids up to the throat and oesophagus which creates a burning sensation and is primarily caused because of some condition or even sometimes because of lack of proper digestion or excess production of the stomach acids.

Almond milk benefits this condition mainly because of the alkaline properties (R) that it possesses. The alkaline properties help neutralize the excess acidic environment and get rid of the burning sensation in the stomach. It also helps regulate the stomach acidity and thus relieves the overall condition.

If you have been consistently suffering from such conditions, try switching from the normal dairy milk with almond milk for relief.

3. Benefits of Almond Milk for Diabetics

DiabeticsDiabetics need to have a very balanced diet, ensuring that there is nothing in their diet that could potentially end up negatively affecting their overall levels of glucose in the body. If you were wondering, sometimes, even milk could be a contributing factor to the overall tantrum.

Being a suitable milk for consumption for diabetics is considered as one of the most important health benefits of almond milk. The only catch in this is to ensure that the one that you are purchasing from the grocery store is actually unsweetened and not the opposite.

Reports (R) have suggested that 240 ml of almond milk which is a standard cup size consists around 1-2 gms (R) of carbohydrates, out of which majority of it is dietary fiber. The same amount of cow milk tends to have around 13-14 gms of carbohydrates, most of which is just plain sugar.

4. Benefits of Almond Milk for Diarrhea

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Diarrhea can be the side effect and negative outcome of not just improper digestion but food poisoning as well. Whatever the reason be, the consistent passing of stools often takes a toll on the person, making them weak and lacking nutrition.

Almond Milk is loaded with essential dietary fibers (R) which help in putting a halt to the consistent loss of stools and helps regain the lost strength in the individual. Often times, it is either gluten or the lactose (R) that end up aggravating the condition which is why it is important to switch to something non-dairy.

This is the reason why almond milk is the perfect option because not only is it low in fat, it is also beneficially loaded with nutrients, vitamins and minerals which helps replenish the lost nutrients from the body.

5. Benefits of Almond Milk for Constipation

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Constipation is a very common problem that every person has faced at least once in their lifetime. The hardened stool and the lack of proper bowel movement not just inflicts uneasiness, it is also not good for the overall well being of an individual.

If you have been consistently suffering from this, it could very well be because of the intolerance to lactose. That being said, switching to something like almond milk benefits the condition, primarily because of the fact that it is lactose free and has a subsequent amount of fiber in it which boosts the overall digestion process, and thus relieving the condition of constipation.

6. Benefits of Almond Milk for Digestion

DigestionIf you are intolerant to normal milk and find it hard to digest, switching to almond milk can actually be quite beneficial for you. Because of the fact that almond milk is quite low in calories, fat and is lactose free makes it quite easy to digest.

Often times, lack of digestion is caused because of the underlying lactose intolerance (R) that not many are even aware of. If you are diagnosed with such and need a healthier and suitable alternative for the same, almond milk is actually a great option to look into.

7. Benefits of Almond Milk for Fertility

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If fertility has been something that you are concerned about, almonds and almond milk can actually be a savior for you. Almonds are generally considered as the best variant in boosting fertility (R) amidst all the other nuts. It is primarily because of the high nutrient content in it.

It is loaded with important reproductive nutrients, zinc as well as L-arginine along with high concentration of Vitamin E which contributes to the overall reproductive cycle. The antioxidative properties of the Vitamin E are quite beneficial in this process.

Not only does it help get rid of the excess free radicals in the body, but it is also believed to boost the overall sperm motility (R) which plays a very crucial role in one’s fertility. Apart from that, the health benefits of almond milk include regulation of the male and female sex hormones as well.

8. Benefits of Almond Milk for Pregnancy

PregnancyOften times, it is suggested that milk is important for every pregnant mother and the proper development of their child. While it is possibly easy for people who are not lactose intolerant to adhere to their diet with cow’s milk, the same is not the case when it comes to would be mothers suffering from lactose intolerance.

Whatever the scenario be, almond milk is an amazing addition to the daily diet of a pregnant woman. All that aside, it is beneficial to know that almond milk doesn’t necessarily have the same level of nutrition like that of the cow’s milk but is a good option nevertheless.

It is light on the stomach and quite nutritious too and not to mention, low on excess calories as well. Doctors do suggest munching on almonds as snacks during pregnancy, so, why not just switch up the diet with some effective almond milk, right?

9. Benefits of Almond Milk for Better Sleep

Better SleepOften times, it is quite hard to catch a good night’s sleep and while the same can actually impact your quality of life; it is hard to get the same rectified, isn’t it? Keeping all that aside, it is believed that almond milk can actually be a good way to help catch that good night’s sleep finally.

Forgetting a good night’s sleep (R), it is beneficial that the levels of serotonin in the body (R) are maintained properly and are regulated throughout. Tryptophan is an important amino acid which plays a crucial role in the regulation of serotonin levels in the blood. Almond milk is rich in tryptophan and helps induce a proper night’s sleep.

Not just that, almond milk also has a standard quantity of magnesium in it, which further ensures to help drive insomnia away.

10. Benefits of Almond Milk for Blood Pressure

Blood PressureCholesterol and excess fat in the body is what ends up causing a deteriorated condition of the heart. If you have been on a similar boat, it is time to make some changes in your diet and lifestyle and switching the milk is probably the first change you need to instigate.

Almond Milk, in comparison to the normal cow’s milk has very tamed and lowered levels of cholesterol and fat in it. The lessened amount of calories (R) is what ends up ensuring that your blood pressure remains in control.

When you don’t have a heightened cholesterol level in the body, the same positively impacts your overall heart health and also helps in getting rid of any traces of heightened blood pressure levels in the body.

11.Benefits of Almond Milk for Stronger Bones

Stronger Bones
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Much like any other milk, even almond milk has its fair share of calcium in it which contributes to strengthening your bones and improving the overall gait of an individual.

It is not just the calcium that impacts the overall strength of the bones, even the presence of Vitamin D in the almond milk benefits the process of calcium absorption which is yet another factor that helps in making them stronger.

If you are lactose intolerant and have been fretting how to ensure to keep your bones strong and healthy, opting for the almond milk can actually be a very good alternative. One cup of almond milk contains 28% of the daily calcium (R) and 25% of the daily Vitamin D (R) requirement.

Skin and Hair Benefits of Almond Milk

Skin BenefitsAs mentioned before, the benefits of almond milk aren’t just limited to the realms of one’s overall health but have impactful benefits on one’s skin too.

In this section, we are going to be walking ourselves through the common grounds of skin benefits of almond milk that you possibly didn’t know of.

12. Benefits of Almond Milk for Acne

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Acne is a condition that predominantly is caused because of the excess secretion of sebum as well as subsequent clogging of pores. Whatever the underlying reason be, it is believed that almond milk benefits by relieving the breakouts as well as the scarring that’s left following that.

The Vitamin E concentration (R) (R) of the almond milk is what helps in getting rid of the possible induction of acne on the skin. Not just that, swapping the dairy milk with that of almond milk is quite beneficial for people who have a tendency of breaking out very easily.

The antioxidants (R) because of Vitamin E keep the free radicals in check and thus ensure to provide you with healthier skin.

13. Benefits of Almond Milk for Anti-Aging

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Fine lines, wrinkles and blemishes on the skin are not something that many people favour. Aging is a natural process which happens at its own pace but the moment there is some kind of disturbance in the natural process is when the aging process becomes faster in comparison to its normal pace.

All that aside, almond milk is actually quite beneficial in delaying the signs and symptoms associated with aging. If you have been witnessing signs of premature aging, both drinking and topical application of almond milk can be quite helpful.

Because of the considerable concentration of Vitamin E in the almond milk, it is quite beneficial in keeping the levels of free radicals in check which is one of the primary reasons behind the fastened process of aging. Switch up your diet with almond milk instead of cow’s milk for better benefits.

14. Benefits of Almond Milk for Skin Whitening

Skin Whitening
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Often times, skin whitening or rather, treating the skin blemishes is quite a tough task to achieve, given the fact that sometimes it is dependent on one’s lifestyle and diet. For this specific process, it is not about the consumption of the almond milk but the topical application of it which makes a difference.

The natural Vitamin E concentration, as well as the rich variants of other minerals and vitamins, helps in getting the quality of the skin back in check. Almond Oil has mild skin lightening properties and the Vitamin E is what helps in keeping the skin hydrated, the levels of free radicals in check as well as ensuring to keep the acne in check.

For maximum benefits, make a face pack using almond milk and rolled oatmeal and use it 2-3 times every week.

15. Benefits of Almond Oil for Hair

HairKeeping your hair moisturized, strong and healthy isn’t a cakewalk and requires quite a bit of tending to. Almond Milk is one of the best options when it comes to providing salient nutrition to your hair. The concentration of essential vitamins and minerals actually has amazing benefits on the hair strands and the overall quality of the hair.

The monosaturated fatty acids in the almond milk also contribute to make the hair stronger and helps strengthen the roots too. The best way to use almond milk for hair is by mixing it with some hair mask and then applying it all over the hair.

Almond Milk Nutrition Facts

Nutrition Facts
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Now, as mentioned before in the sections above, it is mandatory to understand for a fact that majority of the nutritionists and dieticians tend to recommend almond milk in place of normal milk is primarily because of the fact that it is loaded with essential nutrients and vitamins.

In this section, we are going to be sharing some of the common nutrition that one can draw from a cup (240 ml) of almond milk.

Sl. No. Compounds and Composition Concentration
1.  Calories 39 Kcal
2.  Protein 1.55 gms
3.  Fat 2.88 gms
4.  Carbs 1.52 gms
5.  Vitamin E 49% of the RDI
6.  Thiamin 11% of the RDI
7.  Riboflavin 7% of the RDI
8.  Magnesium 5% of the RDI

The Vitamin E concentration of the almond milk is what shines through, primarily because of the fact that it has beneficial antioxidant properties that help get rid of the excess free radicals in the body.

Almond Milk Side Effects

Almond Milk Side Effects
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Apart from all the above mentioned benefits of almond milk, there are some downsides to it as well. Not everything is as transparent as it seems, so, if you have been encountering any of these enlisted side effects, it is quite better to just drop the consumption of almond milk.

1. Allergies

This is possibly one of the most common almond milk side effects which one definitely needs to know of. You might not be aware of it in the beginning and think that almond milk will be safe for you like it is for everyone one, but there are chances that the same might inflict negative impacts on your body and cause allergies.

Some of the common symptoms of nut allergies include inflammation in the facial region along with redness, nausea as well as diarrhea.

2. Thyroid Gland

Now, when I mention that almonds are goiterogenic food, it means that it consists of substance which end causing enlargement of the thyroid gland by the assimilation of the iodine. If the same is starting to show in you, it is better to just stop consuming the milk and switch to healthier alternatives.

3. Developmental Issues

If you are here thinking that just the mere consumption of almond milk will end up replacing the nutrition that one gets from the cow’s milk, you are sorely mistaken. Almond milk might be healthy but it doesn’t contain all the necessary nutrients that is required for the overall growth and development of the child.

4. Skin Issues

Often times, the consumption of almond milk ends up affecting the skin, causing rashes, redness and itching. Make sure that there is no additive in the almond milk you have purchased or sometimes it can be because of an allergic reaction to the nut. Make sure to get it checked by the doctor if the symptoms are severe.

5. Respiratory Issues

Yet another one of the common side effects that is caused because of the drinking of almond milk and the nut allergy associated with the same is the fact that it ends up causing problems associated with the one’s respiration and breathing which can even go up till to making you feel choked.

Consult a doctor as soon as possible.

6. Digestive Issues

Yet another one of the almond milk side effects is the fact that some people have a problem digesting it properly because of the probable reason of nut allergies. If that’s the case with you, it is better to get the problem checked out to ensure that the same doesn’t negatively affect your overall well being.

The benefits of almond milk are surplus and are actually beneficial in being a great alternative to the common type of dairy that many people steer clear from. If you are lactose intolerant, vegan or even just want to make a switch from cow’s milk, almond milk is actually beneficial.