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15 Weird Food Combos that are Bad and Wacky as They Sound

15 Weird Food Combos that are Bad and Wacky as They Sound

Everyone loves being a foodie and experiencing new food combos. But hey people also actually go for food combos that can thwart you. Like seriously who would love to have cookies with garlic sauce? Yes, I did not misspell it (haha) people actually have such foods.

Experimenting is okay but do you know these combinations can be bad for your stomach? Yes, you may have certain stomach issues like loose motion, food poisoning, bloating, and diarrhea which can disturb your digestive system.

Eating such wacky foods may taste okay but may not be so okay for your tummy. Whatever the case is and how much ever the food combos sound exciting, are they worth it? Today we will discuss all such weird food combos that are bad. So let’s see what those are.

Weird Food Combos That are Bad

1. Waffles with Pasta sauce

Waffles with Pasta sauce

Why do people ruin and combine two dishes? Waffle and Pasta sauce both separately are great dishes but together? Naah… it does not even seem worth trying. Pasta sauce is an ingredient that is used in pasta and waffles have a sweet taste. Both together will ruin having a good experience of eating a waffle.

2. Potato Wafers of Cherry Blossom Flavored

Potato wafers of cherry blossom flavored

Cherry blossom flavored lays, although known skincare products that contain cherry blossom cannot imagine as a food product. Totally weird combination, the cherry blossom is a flower, and potato chips flavored with flowers? I don’t think anyone would like that.

3. BBQ Sauce and Bacon on Iice Cream

BBQ sauce and bacon on ice cream

Ever heard of such a combo of bbq sauce and bacon on ice cream? Well, someone has tried and those people have eaten such a combo. Definitely, a no as it is sure going to ruin your taste buds. I feel pity for that ice cream.

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4. Peanut butter and onion biscuits

Peanut butter is okay but onion biscuits? Would someone really go for that? It is definitely a weird combination. Onion tastes good no doubt but biscuits out of them may not be the best choice. Peanut butter cookies are great but with onion, it may not be liked by some people and for that matter by anyone actually.

5. Tuna in Ice Cream


A fish in ice cream is such a weird combo, ice cream is cold and sweet and fish is a fish. This combination may even disturb your digestive system. Please think and then go for it.

6. Frosted flakes with milk and Cheese

Frosted flakes with milk and Cheese

Frosted flakes just with milk are fine. Why do they have to put cheese in them? Being obsessed with Cheese in everything is not a great idea and people need to stop it. Such wacky combinations are a big no.

7. Oreo with pickle

Oreo with pickle

Oh my god! Someone, please tell us if this is a good combination? Does it taste good? Pickle is sour and tangy while your favourite oreo biscuits have chocolate vanilla flavors being paired together may ruin its taste and spoil yours too.

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8. Donut stuffed with baked beans

Donut stuffed with baked beans

Nowadays many people are trying this combination and few places serve it too. Beans and chocolate donuts would not be an ideal combination anyone would like to have. Poor donuts have to bear being stuffed by beans(hehe).

9. Cookie with garlic sauce


Cookie and garlic sauce is the weirdest combination ever. Garlic sauce in meals and I cannot imagine it apart from that, Can you? Cookies itself taste great and combining them with garlic sauce is a turn-off.

10. Peanut in coke

Peanut in coke

Peanut in coke has been a crazy combination which many people have been experimenting with and I don’t know if it is weird or not taste-wise but surely sounds weird. Would peanuts not get soaked? Why not have it separate from coke while drinking?

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11. French fries in apple sauce

French fries in apple sauce

Do you love french fries? If you want to go for a weird food combo you can try having it with applesauce, be sure that you would be getting all weird looks from across the tables.

12. Cereal and orange juice

Cereal and orange juice

Cereal with milk as an early morning breakfast is great but cereal with orange juice? Oh someone save those taste buds, this combination is so weird. Would rather not have breakfast instead.

13. Popcorn and ketchup

Popcorn and ketchup

Popcorn with caramel is okay, popcorn in butter is okay but ketchup and popcorn? No thanks. Rather have it just with nothing. Sometimes experiencing such food combos can ruin your entire mood too so if you like that then go for it.

14. Banana and raw fish


Just what the above image says are my words right now. Why not just have a banana or just fish? Why combine such and gross out. No thanks, I would rather stay hungry or survive on water.

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15. Vegetable salad with ice cream


Wait, what are you trying with this dish? Clean eating but then you would not have ice cream in it then is it dessert craving then why would you have a salad with it? I give up and I am never having this combo ever even if someone tells me it tastes great.


Experiencing food is great but being mindful of what you eat is very important for your taste buds. Why ruin a good dish by combining it and making it wacky. Enjoy your food the way it is and you will also have better digestion or be ready for the later mess. Hope you liked the article and got to know some of the weirdest combos ever. Thank you for reading.