14 Possible “Cramps But No Period” Reasons You Didn’t Know About

cramps but no period
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Cramps or signified abdominal pain is a common phenomenon in every girl, lady or woman.This is a significant trigger or alarm about the upcoming days of menstruation. In an overview, cramps and the pain associated with it are never nice, now are they? This pain or abdominal discomfort is primarily caused by the actions of the prostaglandins which contract the muscles of the uterus to get rid of the unfertilised egg from the body along with the lining of the uterus.

All of this is a normal happenstance but what if there are cramps but no period to back up the reason behind it? Does it sound like something you might have encountered a few times in your life already?

What are Cramps?

What are cramps
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When we mention cramp, the first thing one relates it to is with pain. That being said, since we are primarily focusing on the varying importance of the pain associated with the menstrual cycle, it is best we stick with the topic surrounding menstrual cramps. Menstrual cramps, otherwise medically termed as dysmenorrhea is a condition where an individual suffers from dull lingering to severe and extreme pain before or during their menstrual cycle.

For those who aren’t aware, menstrual cramps are primarily caused after the egg is discharged from the ovary. The hormone prostaglandin is the one responsible for contracting the muscles of the uterus which is what causes the pain in the abdominal region. While cramps are normal in a menstrual cycle, stomach cramps but no period should signify a red alert for the person.

Why Do You Have Cramps But No Period?

Why do you have cramps
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Cramping but no period is a very serious matter which needs to be tended to and taken care of. If you are having severe cramps but no period, there are possibilities that you might be undergoing any kind of internal ailment that you are not even aware of. The outcome? An array of possibilities, primarily affecting the reproductive health of a woman. There may be a number possibilities behind the situation which is what we have tried to pinpoint out in this very section.

1. Stress

StressStress has become a very common factor with regards to our everyday life and activities. But while you have been experiencing menstrual cramps but no period, is that related to the levels of stress in the body? Well, even though there have been no clear explanations as to why this happens but experts suggest that stress surely does have a significant role in delaying or obstructing the cycle of menstruation in a woman. But the question comes down to one, HOW?

I am hoping you are at least a bit aware of the part of the brain known as the hypothalamus. This small part has an extensive function and contribution to the overall functioning of the body. It, along with the pituitary gland, work to maintain the hormone harmony in the body. Any kind of disruption in their functions often time can be the reason behind the period delay or symptoms of cramping but no period.

Our body’s stress hormone, cortisol, which is released from the adrenal cortex plays a huge role in the regulation of the gonadotropin hormones in women. In simple words, the higher the levels of cortisol in the blood, the higher is the levels of beta-endorphins too. This adversely affects by restricting the release of gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH) which arrests the proper release of the hormones related to the smooth onset of the menstrual cycle in a woman. There still might be a lingering question as to why does the body adapt to change under circumstances of stress, right? The most logical answer to back it up is for survival. It is the body’s way of knowing and understanding not to add up more issues when the body is already under a lot of stress.

2. Early Signs of Pregnancy

Early signs of pregnancyCramps as an early sign of pregnancy is a normal occurrence. If you are experiencing period symptoms but no period and you are sexually active, there are possibilities that you might be pregnant. It is thus why it is important to be alert about the possibilities and seek a professional’s help as soon as possible to get everything confirmed.

As a part of early pregnancy symptoms, cramps are a common occurrence. It is the body’s way of adjusting to the possible change that it is going to undergo in the next coming months. It prepares the body to make it ready for birth after nine months of gestational period. Not just that, cramps and the pain associated with it are often common when the embryo attaches itself to the lining of the uterus. There is nothing severe in this case to fret about.

If you are engaging in sexual activities during pregnancy, there are chances that you might experience pain when you have an orgasm. Even though the thought might be a little bit off, it most definitely not a matter of concern till your doctor says so. Cramps without a period can definitely insinuate signs of pregnancy which is why it is best to get it tested out and confirmed.

3. Ovulation

OvulationHave you experienced an unbearable amount of pain during the middle of your menstrual cycle, primarily, during the time of ovulation? This condition is known as mittelschmerz which, in German, translates to “middle pain”. This is one of the most common occurrences of cramps but no period particularly. The release of the egg from any of the follicle from the ovary results in causing cramps in a woman.

Experts suggest that the individual is more likely going to experience a momentary twinge and twist near the abdomen due to the release of the egg, otherwise known as ovulation. Primarily, the sac ruptures and releases the egg which is exactly what causes the spikes of pain in one of the abdomen. Doctors say that you are more likely going to experience such sensations of pain on one side of the abdomen depending on which ovary has released the egg.

Curious as to why does the process of ovulation bring about cramps in a woman? Although the reasons are not all clear, people say that the primary reason behind the same is because of the distension of the follicle before the release which puts pressure on the ovary which, in turn, causes cramps and pain in an individual.

4. Miscarriage


Miscarriage is one of the most unfortunate happenings in a woman’s life. Losing a child before even being able to show them the sunlight is enough to break every would be mother’s heart. That being said, miscarriages are one of the primary symptoms of menstrual cramp but no period situation. So, if you are experiencing persistent stabbing pain in your abdomen with sightings of blood, it is time to rush yourself to a doctor.

While cramps and short lives pains near the abdomen without the blood is a normal phenomenon during pregnancy, the same changes scenarios completely if there are sightings of blood through the vagina. These kind of symptoms are primarily of miscarriages or ectopic pregnancies. Miscarriages are a very common occurrence during the first trimester which is why it is best to stay wary of the symptoms and never neglect them.

If you are pondering why you have cramps but no period, it is time to evaluate the situations you are in. Apart from miscarriages, there are even chances that you may be undergoing an ectopic pregnancy if your cramps don’t seem to subside even with time. An ectopic pregnancy is a condition where the implantation occurs outside the uterus, most commonly in a fallopian tube. This situation not just causes cramping and pains but also can put a mother’s life in danger if extended to full term.

5. Endometriosis

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Before we move ahead to focusing on how endometriosis contributes to cramps but no period, let us understand what the term actually means. Endometriosis is a condition in which the tissues that line the uterine lining grow in adjoining parts outside the uterus, primarily in the ovaries, fallopian tubes, bowel or sometimes even the on the other internal parts of a woman’s body.

While the outgrowth might not be sensed during normal times, the cramping elevates during the peak or onset of the menstrual cycle when the body hormones start changing. During this time, the common symptoms include persistent pain near the abdominal area or sometimes even the genitals. If the pain prolongs for more than 2 days, it is time to consult a doctor about it.

Apart from the condition of endometriosis, there are chances that women may experience pain during to the activities of the fibroids which are the non-cancerous growth of tissues and muscles in and around the uterus. Both of these conditions is often accompanied with cramps and bleeding and should be treated as soon as possible.

6. Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer
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Most women are very well acquainted with cervical cancer but tend to not pay heed to yet another important form of cancer – ovarian cancer. This is a very serious form of cancer sighted in women which causes severe cramping but no period. The common symptoms included abnormal bleeding from the vagina, persistent abdominal pain, drastic weight loss and fatigue, indigestion, nausea and a several more.

The inception of ovarian cancer can be deadly if the same is left untreated even with the sightings of the above mentioned signs and symptoms. This form of cancer often times instigates hormonal imbalance in a person which is why there are often stomach cramps but no period.

7. Irritable bowel syndrome

Irritable bowel syndromeIrritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is characterised by the abdominal cramping and constipation and irregular excretion of stool. While the myth that consistent IBS can lead to cancer or some deadly disease is completely a hoax, there are still possibilities of health ailments that are attached with the condition which is why it is necessary to seek professional help whenever the situations get worse than expected.

One of the primary symptoms associated with IBS is cramping near the abdominal regions. Many often get afraid because of the cramps but no period situation that it is necessary to understand that this situation is curable with the correct prescribed medicines or even home remedies. Watch out for the symptoms and consult a doctor for better assistance on this situation.

8. Menopause

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Menopause is the condition which marks the end of a woman’s reproductive cycle and fertility. This condition is primarily sighted during the late 40s and 50s which can even prolong in other women depending on their physiology and hormonal balance. If you have reached the nearing age of menopause and have been experiencing period pain but having no period, it is most likely that you have attained menopause.

The cramps experience during or on the onset of menopause is often worse than what one would normally experience during their menstrual cycle. This is primarily caused because of the irregularities in the hormonal balance in the body. A woman’s body attains menopause when their ovaries run out of follicles to release further eggs. Every woman is born is a definite number of follicles which are released every month (under normal conditions) for fertilisation. The lack of fertilisation results in a menstrual cycle. The lack of any of the above mentioned process is what causes menopause.

9. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)

Pelvic inflammatory disease
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Pelvic inflammatory disease is a very serious disease which could even cause infertility in a woman. The disease is primarily the infection in the reproductive system of an individual which is spread by the sexually transmitted bacteria during a coital engagement. It spreads across all the primary reproductive organs of a woman like ovaries, uterus, fallopian tubes etc.

The disease is often times hard to detect on its own from the exterior because the symptoms are not primarily visible from the exterior. If you are experiencing persistent symptoms of abdominal cramps and irregularity in your normal menstrual cycle along with an inability to get pregnant even after consistent trying, it is time to consult a gynaecologist about the situation. There are chances that the infection and the inflammed organs are restricting from the normal functioning of the body.

10. Pelvic Floor Disorder

Pelvic Floor Disorder
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Pelvic floor disorder is characterised by inability relating to having a clear bowel movement, feel constipated majority of the time, frequent urination, and even pain during urination. One of the most common symptoms of pelvic floor disorder is cramps without a period. The onset of pelvic floor disorder can be triggered by a number of symptoms, the most common ones being pregnancy, prostate cancer, obesity, childbirth etc.

The pelvic floor supports the uterus, bowel and even the bladder which is why it is necessary to keep a close eye on the changes and disorders attached with it. If you are constantly feeling abdominal cramps but no period, and the same is paired with the above mentioned signs and symptoms of pelvic floor disorder, it is best to get the same checked out by a doctor to avoid future complications.

11. Interstitial Cystitis

Interstitial cystitis
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Interstitial cystitis is a condition related to the painful functioning of the bladder. This is often termed as painful bladder syndrome and is characterised by chronic bladder pain, increase in bladder pressure and abdominal and pelvic pain. These cramps are often what are mistakenly confused with experiencing but no period situation.

There are a number of complications attached with this disease if it is left untreated. It hampers one’s sex life and causes issues with not just bowel movement but urination as well. The persistent cramps and pain associated with it often result in inducing emotional disbalance in one’s life because of lack of sleep.

12. Appendicitis

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Appendicitis is the condition in which the vestigial organ of our body, the appendix, which is an attached extension to the large intestine. This condition is often characterised by sharp and persistent cramps in the abdomen which sometimes feels like having period pain but having no period. It is important to seek immediate medical help if the situation persists.

If you have been experiencing sharp pain near the navel and the upper abdominal region which gradually travels down to the lower abdomen, there are chances that these are not menstrual cramps but signs of appendicitis. If left untreated, there are possibilities of the inflammed appendix either bursting or getting perforated and infecting the surrounding organs.

13. Autoimmune Oophoritis

Autoimmune Oophoritis
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Autoimmune oophoritis is a condition under the primary ovarian insufficiency in which the body’s immune system misidentifies the ovaries of the body as foreign and attacks them. This condition is characterised by inflammation and scarring in and around the ovaries. It often leads to lesions, fibrosis, and atrophy as well which not just results in restriction of the functions attached with the ovaries but also causes severe abdominal pain which many people confuse with menstrual cramps.

This condition is primarily caused by sexually transmitted diseases which is why it is always best to perform safe sex with your partners so as to avoid such situations. They often fall under the cramps but no period situation but it is best to not take this dysfunction lightly as it may inflict long lasting impairments in one’s body.

14. Ovarian Cyst

Ovarian Cyst
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Much like the formation of any other type of cyst in a human body, the ovarian cyst accounts for the fluid filled sacs that arise on or in the ovaries. These resemble a bump like structure on the site they affect. Majority of the ovarian cysts are harmless and can be treated with a few months of treatment. The severe symptoms arise with the ones that have grown uncontrollably in size and has possibly ruptured as well.

These ruptured ones tend to cause impending abdominal cramps but no period and tend to be persistent which is when you need to reach out to a professional and get the issue checked before the situation becomes even worse. These sharp pains shooting from the side of the abdomen may often inflict a number of negative impacts on the overall reproductive health of a woman if the issue is left untreated.

Cramps and no period might seem like a very light hearted topic of discussion when in reality, its not. It is a matter of serious concern when the signs and symptoms insinuate onset of menstrual cycle but the same doesn’t happen. It is thus important to seek a professional’s advice regarding the situation before the situation further worsens. We have mentioned some of the common reasons behind cramps without a period, so try and see which condition coincides with yours