Why You Should Know The Nutrition Facts Of Vitamin B 12

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Vitamin B 12 is an important contributor to our health. It is essential for a healthy brain function and immune function and also to make DNA, nerve and blood cells. You can have a superb metabolism with it. But mostly in vegetarians, there is a deficiency of this vitamin and that may be responsible for causing fatigue anemia or memory loss and more. The reason is that this vitamin is found in animal products like eggs, meat, fish and dairy. Some signs like fatigue, rapid heart beat, headache, pale skin, stomach upset and hair loss may show you that you lack vitamin B12. Some nutrition facts of vitamin B12 will be discussed here.

Why is vitamin B12 exactly important

It has host of health benefits. Vitamin B12 is essential for the metabolic activity carried in the body. It can also help the body to convert carbohydrates into glucose to generate energy. It can also help in the formation of red blood cells. Vitamin B 12 is generally absorbed in small amounts by the body, but it may not be enough. Sufficient supply of it may be needed. Although you have supplements for you to go with, natural consumption is better.

Available sources are


EggsEggs are a good source of vitamin B12 supply. Although you may not be able to eat any of the non vegetarian foods like seafood or meats, you can go with eggs for the necessary amount of vitamin B12. Eggs are not only abundant in vitamin B12, but also rich in nutrition that our body needs. Then why not try eating eggs for daily vitamin B12 if you do not take meats or sea foods. They can be nutritious in other ways too.

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Dairy products

Dairy productsDairy products like milk, cheese, butter can be nutritious as well as a good source of vitamin B 12. Taking these dairy products in your diet in humble amounts can help you greatly with nutrition and vitamin B12 supply.


SeafoodSea food is one of the richest sources of vitamin B 12. It is a good natural source to get this vitamin. Sea foods such trout, salmon, tuna ,prawns and mackerel are the sources of this vitamin. Including the seafood in your diet regularly might be of great help to your health.

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MeatMeat as said earlier is a good source of this rare vitamin. The vitamin along with other vitamins can promote a good nervous system and good vision and support the central nervous system. Meat can also be for the overall well being of the body.

Vegetarians are at a greater risk with this vitamin. If your diet only consists of fruits and vegetables, beans and soy you have no supply of vitamin B12. If you are consuming eggs or dairy you must consume them daily. In case of vegans who might not be taking any animal based products they might have to take supplements of vitamin B 12 or fortified foods such as breakfast cereals or grains. Other sources may be non dairy milks or meat substitutes. You had better check labels for the vitamin.

Immune system

Vitamin B 12 can be responsible in the production of white blood cells that are the one that act at the time of an attack by foreign bodies. So white blood cells are necessary largely for the maintenance of the immune system. Lack of vitamin B 12 can lower the white blood cell production and your immune system might become weak leading to health complications.

Cause fatigue

Cause fatigueVitamin B 12 is nothing but energy vitamin. Deficiency in vitamin B 12 can cause you fatigue and weakness. The reason is that inadequate intake of this vitamin can cause a decline in the red blood cell count and this cannot produce energy since the number of cells is less to produce enough energy. If you have symptoms of weakness or fatigue for weeks it is better you do not neglect it. Consulting the doctor can be a good decision.

Memory loss

Memory lossDeficiency of vitamin B 12 can cause you a memory loss, disorientation, and difficulty in thinking and reasoning. Generally older people are at risk, however, young people can also be prone to the risk. You may mistake the deficiency for dementia. It might seem good if it is a deficiency and not dementia which is more serious. If you undergo tests on the deficiency, it may be better so that you can add the vitamin rich foods in your diet or you may take supplements as per the doctors instructions.


AnemiaAnemia is a kind of disease in which the blood levels are low due to the lack of red blood cells in required quantity in the body. Anemia can be triggered by a deficiency of vitamin B 12. When the digestive system cannot make enough of a protein called intrinsic factor that can help in the absorption of vitamin B 12 from the digestive system, there is a deficiency in the vitamin. The doctor can be the best guide as to giving you B 12 supplements or tablets.

Ho to recognize the deficiency

recognize the deficiencyBlood tests are the only way to detect the deficiency. It is as per medical norms that you have a deficiency if your blood levels are below 200 pg/ mL. False results can also occur since the low blood levels may be due to some other hidden health issues like liver disease, cancers, folate deficiency or poor functions of the kidneys or certain blood disorders. Your healthcare professionals can assist you in finding out the reason.

It is always good to know the nutrition facts of vitamin B 12 prior so that you can immediately cope with it with the help of the doctor and prevent any further health complications or your health issues from getting worse. Timely assistance of the doctor is needed. The above symptoms may be due to the lack of vitamin deficiency or due to some other reasons, but consulting the doctor on time can be the best help.

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