Why Sex is important in love and relationship

Love and Sex

People have different thinking about love and sex in relationships. This is the main topic in relationship that men and woman talks about most of the time. There are many benefits of sex in relationship to makes it stronger and longer. You will automatically indulge in sex when you love someone passionately. Sex is also a way to express the love and keeping love alive in a relationship. It brings two partners closer and exchange the physical needs. There are many reasons why sex is important in a relationship.

Benefits Of Sex In Relationship



Relationship needs enthusiasm. Relationships need passion. In relationship excitement and sexiness is needed for long term relationship. By this you can keep your partner’s passion alive. Love and sex both make the relationship desirable, stimulating, and fun.

2Relationship connection

Relationship connection

Sex keeps you connected to your partner. It helps to get closer to your partner, which can bring physical and emotional understanding. Your chemistry in sex can also improve the chemistry in your relationship. A sexless relationship can become vulnerable over time and seems like a friendship relationship and therefore, you need sex to keep the love relationship alive.

3Healthy relationship

Healthy relationship

Sex relationship keeps both the partner healthy and active. This keeps your relationship vibrant and ongoing. It helps your immune system humming and it also boosts the libido. Sex in relationship improves the women bladder control and lower systolic blood pressure.

4Harmone Balanced

Harmone Balanced

Being sexually active helps to relieve stress. It helps to maintain your endorphins and hormones balanced. It helps you to feel good and calm. Sex relationship also reduces other problems like depression and helps to increase fertility. It releases endorphins and other hormones that make you feel good. When you’re stress free and feel great, you function better. We’ve already mentioned that being sexually active can calm stress, but apart from that, it also helps your body to maintain hormonal balance. This hormonal balance will calm other emotional problems and helps you to have a healthy living.

5Better sleep

Better sleep

Sex helps in better sleeping because it boosts the production of oxytocin and decreases the production of cortisol, which helps your bond stronger and reduce stress. These hormonal changes, makes it easier for you to fall asleep in a relaxed state. Increased estrogen levels enhance women’s REM cycle for a deeper sleep.

6Reduces heart attacks

Reduces heart attacks

“Heart disease is the number one killer of all women”, says health advocate and former U.S. surgeon general Richard Carmona, M.D. Sex in relationship reduces the risk for heart disease by lowering blood pressure and reducing stress. In previous studies, it is found that women who experience increased sexual frequency and satisfaction in relationship have a greater resistance to heart disease.

7Reduces Cancer Risk

Reduces Cancer Risk

Sex may reduce the risk of prostate cancer in men. Harvard University studies reveal that prostate cancer risk is less in men who ejaculate at least 12 times a month.

8Prevent Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction in a man who have regular difficulty in getting or maintaining a firm erection to be able to achieve sexual penetration. So having sex at least once a week is likely to prevent the men from erectile dysfunction as they age.

9Glow Skin

Glow Skin

Sex in a relationship keeps both the partners physically fit. A Hormone secreted while sex by the adrenal gland gives the skin a glowing appearance, this is because of that the sexual activity opens the pores of the skin and enables perspiration in a proper manner, which keeps the skin hydrated and glowing.

By: Shaveta Kandhari