What are Commercial Relaxation Drinks

Commercial Relaxation Drinks

The recent past has seen a huge growth in the energy drinks market. More and more people are seen to be chugging on from their can of red bull. Energy drinks in fact have become an integral part of modern lives, as they provide us with the sudden rush of energy to tip us over in whatever we are at. Energy drinks in fact, in their own modest ways are eating into the ever expanding market of tea and coffee, as people instead of fixing their morning brew, are increasingly flipping open their can of energy drink. Read on as to what are commercial relaxation drinks. These pseudo soft drinks that promises dreams and stuffs.

Market for Relaxation Drinks

1The Mirror Image of Energy Drinks

The Mirror Image of Energy Drinks

The contrary situation also needs to be looked into. What do people do when they have to calm those nerves down. What do we do, when we need to unwind, before we could pass out. Well the market seemed to have existed, and supplied upon since time immemorial. Talking strictly drinks, alcohol is an example. Otherwise, you may chance upon any among countless herbs and the alike, which bring about a calming influence on the system.

Very recently the markets have been modestly swarmed with this thing called relaxation drink. Swarmed because it could never go viral like its more energetic counterpart. Just Chill and Tyme Out to name two relaxation drinks. These beverages are built on a mirror image blueprint of the energy drinks. Stress relief and a caffeine free boost to the capacities of concentration is what they promise.

In more ways than one, it is like adding another straw to a haystack. Except this straw is promised to be gold. These relaxation drinks however, tamely fall into the category of, so to say, soft drinks. There are serious marketing concerns, that this special class of beverages face. The awareness among the intended customer is at a minimum. Moreover the efficaciousness of the product comes into question, more so because their presence in the market is so inconsiderable.

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2History of Relaxation Drink

History of Relaxation Drink

The mid 2000’s saw these relaxation drinks for the first time hit the markets of Japan, from where it made its way into the States. The initial products to seemed to have had some narcotic overtones to their whole makeup. Drank, Purple Stuff and Lean been the brand names available in the market. Some may have gained popularity among the party goers, yet breaking into the mainstream market for these products was next to impossible. With the authorities moving in on them, their availability in the market dwindled dramatically.

3The Need of the Hour

The Need of the Hour

A clearer product definition may be what, this particular segment requires. In a market where the buyer is spoilt for choices, this specific variant categorized as relaxation drinks, promises two completely contrasting functions. On one hand, we have these brands which promise to enhance the focus without bringing about drowsiness. On the other hand, we have those which shall put the consumer to sleep.

To avoid this confusion, we would only refer to the former as relaxation drinks from hereupon. Products like Dream Water, Slow Cow, Marley’s Mellow Mood tea, which fall into the second bracket of sleep makers are not included in this discussion. Even though they are still categorized as relaxation drinks, and certain similarities still exist between the two categories. Yet the differences are significant enough for them to be looked at separately.

4The Current Situation

The Current Situation

A second coming for the segment was always on the cards. What we have now is a more mature product in terms of marketability. The focus has been on the working men and women, who have a stable source of income rather than undependable party goers. Although a complete image makeover has far from happened.

Tranquini is an Australian brand which could be said to be a market leader of sorts in the segment. Composed of chamomile, lavender and green tea extracts, this drink is available in a number of countries across the world. The American market itself is flooded with close to 400 different brands, some of which may be sleep inducers. A market which is said to be growing by 20% annually. NOA Potions is a Swedish brand, categorized as a premium drink, and is said to have as much of green tea extract in a single bottle, as there are in 15 cups of the natural concoction. The individual firms manufacturing these drinks, due to their inherent constrains are unable to carve out a separate market for their own, and instead are having to do with making the best of what is available. The concerned parties however, are hopeful of major expansions in the sector as a whole.

The worldwide market is currently estimated to stand at US$200m. Although market figures for individual countries are hard to come by, because of the relative infancy of the market, and the confusion in the product definition. Comparatively, the energy drink sector stood at a whooping US$30bn as of 2015.

There is no questioning the fact that more and more people worldwide are in need of a relaxant. With an ever upward swing in the sale of over the counter sleep aids, and anti depressants, the question that we need to ask ourselves is, whether relaxation drinks is what the doctor ordered for. The manufacturers would like to believe that the industry has a multi billion dollar capacity, although the sharks need to be jumped before the clear coast could be made most out of.

By Abhro