How to achieve the goal and become happy

Achieve Goal

Every person has a goal to achieve in their life. Sometimes it takes more time to achieve and sometime person achieve in less time. Do not get harassed if you are not achieving your goal, because sometimes beautiful things takes time to be created to enter in our life and makes our life happy. Never give up your hope and keep trying for your goal. If at certain time you feel difficult to achieve the goal and lowering your confidence, then follow strategy to achieve that goal and make your life happy. Now the question is what are these strategies? How to achieve the goal and become happy?


1Take your emotional temperature and remove

remove negative thoughts from the mind

There is definite proof that success in life comes when you are being happy first. Sometimes people do not get happier because they are not reaching their goals, They are not reaching their goals because they start with negative thinking. If you are negative, sad or feel depressed, find ways to purposely divert your mood daily until you develop the habits of appreciation, thankfulness, mindfulness and savoring. You can achieve your goal by developing all these habits in you.

2Define your purpose

Define your purpose

Define your purpose for every day. Every day you wake up for completing your everyday purpose. IF those purposes are related to your goal, then it will always be easy to connect with that purpose and complete it any how at the end of the day. If your purpose of doing anything is not of your interest, then it may take time to finish. So, the main motive is to define the purpose, so clearly that it should be connected to your goal and interest to which you can easily achieve.

3Ask yourself, “So what?”

Ask yourself, So what

Intrinsic goals are goals that we set for ourselves. Trying to find out the reason behind the goal, and why the life will be happier and fulfilling, if the goal is achieved. When we follow paths that we want, we are happier both in the following and accomplishment of those goals.

4Write your 10-year plan for your life

Write your 10-year plan for your life

Making a future plan is the best way to achieve your goal. For one week days, write for 10 minutes about your future plans by keeping in mind that everything will happen as you want, and you are living the life of your goals. Doing this simple writing exercise, known as “10 year plan for your future” has been found to encourage, enhance well-being, increase hope, create a promise to goals, and clarify whether or not some goals need to be altered or eliminated because they clash with other goals.

5Set hard goals that involve taking risks

Set hard goals that involve taking risks

At the end of each day, unknowingly, we scan our days for things to we do and things we are proud of. It’s been found that the things we have complete outside our comfort zone, and make us different from others, give us “real self-esteem.” The more we do these tasks, the more we believe in ourselves.

6Adopt the way that help you to achieve goals

Adopt the way that help you to achieve goals

We are surrounded by all day, every day, by the words, aromas, sounds and sights around us, and they either help us to behave in goal-directed ways or not. But if you have determination to change all of your passwords or the remove the things that surrounds you to reinforce a goal you are trying to accomplish, or a character trait you are seeking to adopt, you will unconsciously find ways to make those things happen because the priority are always working on your thoughts.

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By: Shaveta Kandhari

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