Water Exercises for Weight Loss and Body Toning

water exercises for weight loss

Water exercises for weight loss and body toning are increasingly becoming popular as they are low-impact activities. Water provides natural resistance which flexes the muscles and provides strength to joints and bones. It increases muscular endurance which helps in curing and preventing many ailments. Water gives an invigorating experience with its buoyancy and thrust helping and preventing from unbalanced pressure. Water exercises are considered safer than ground exercises and that’s the reason why more and more pregnant and elderly women go for water exercises. Splashing while your workout is not only rejuvenating but healing too.

Some Reasons Why Water Exercises Work Great:

Water Exercises

1- Water provides a refreshing and rejuvenating medium for an otherwise routine exercise
2- Water provides resistance and buoyancy which boosts cardio and muscular strength
3- Water conditions the fitness regime with more holistic results
4- Water helps in quick healing and join traction
5- Water gives better balance and agility.
6- Water exercises prevent heart ailments
7- Water exercises help in quick fat loss

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Some safety tips when proceeding with water exercises:

proceeding with water exercises

1- Use navel to chest deep water for exercising
2- Wear appropriate gears and specially aqua socks or water shoes
3- Begin slowly with upper and lower body toning first
4- Use water equipments and try to have some supports around
5- Take straight posture and do not over stress while beginning

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Some water exercises for weight loss and body toning include:

1Water resistance walk

Water resistance walk

A simple walk in water against the stream for building up strength and resistance. There are a lot of aquatic centres giving such trainings. The resistance walk empowers and rejuvenates entire body.



Use pool edge or pool noodle to rest your arms and support your body upright. It is more strengthening than biking on ground as lot of balance is needed to stay upright and not float or sink

3Double leg lift

Double leg lift

A more intense one, with hands on pool edge or noodle. Join both your legs with toes in line. Now raise your both the feet, joined together, try to hold it as high as possible. It needs a lot of strength as a body and water weight are both opposing and to hold it upright lot of effort goes in

4Flutter kick

Flutter kick

Probably the most exciting one, we even begin our floating lessons with these kicks. Just hold the pool noodle or edge such that your full body starts to float in water and your hands keep them in the same position. Now kick your legs, such that when one is under water the other is outside. You may also practice usual breathing techniques while swimming, by keeping the face upside down in the pool

5Frog jump

Frog jump

This must be done under supervision if you do not know how to swim. Proceed in shallow water where you can stand neck to head outside water. Start in ballet pile or half bend position where heels joined and knees outwards, and bottom is tucked in almost about to sit position. Now jump as high as you can out of water and return back to pile when coming on ground. Remember the deeper you go in water, more strength will be needed to counter reverse buoyancy and thrust forcing upwards.

6Knee tuck

Knee tuck

A very powerful and intense water exercise, knee tuck in water is a slow and steady one. The water provides resistance thus slowing down your movements, It also helps people with knee or joint injuries by taking away the jerk or pressure from falling back.

7Squat jumps

Squat jumps

Use neck high water and squat out. Try to propel your body such that it uses jump kind of pressure. The deeper you begin from, the harder you have to apply pressure for squatting out of water.

8Triceps dips

Triceps dips

Hold the edge of the pool with you back resting on the edge. Now lift your body out of water and again lower it. Water helps in aiding this. But good arm strength and balance is needed for proceeding.

9Water Jogging

Water Jogging

Jogging through deep water is extremely challenging due to the upward thrust and buoyancy. The deeper the water more challenging is the jogging. You can even try covering the depth by beginning from shallow and jogging towards deeper. It helps in full body toning and is a very strengthening exercise.

10Pendulum swing

Pendulum swing

Hold to the edge of the pool and oscillate your legs alternating like a pendulum. At no point must your body weight be in any of the two legs. Use your arms to contain and keep body upright. These swings are challenging as the upward force of water keeps making your body move in an upward float position.

water exercises

More of these water exercises can be done using noodle, weights and other equipments. Recent trends are of aquabikes races in the pool in addition to pool zumba or aqua zumba. A holistic way to rejuvenate and strengthen your body, water exercises must be done 2-3 times a week. Imagine all your aerobic and zumba dance movements, you can try all of them in the pool. This will not only make it intense, but also add more fun to your weight loss program.

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The above compilation on Water Exercises for Weight Loss and body toning, is based on some experiences and readings from activity centers and fitness experts around. They are increasingly becoming popular and streamlined with routine workouts. Even children and elder people find water exercises more strengthening and satisfying. Keep up with safety tips and visit your fitness trainer for more details. Do check with your health care provider if you have pre-existing heart or other ailments. Consider taking a fitness class before proceeding by yourself.

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Minu Manisha