Super foods for men to boost virility


We, as Indians, might be the pioneers in erotica, educating the world since the dawn of civilization. Our forefathers have been credited with the authorship of the foremost and the most definitive text in sex education, the Kamasutra. Still Sex as a topic of conversation is a serious no-no, among most circles, when it comes to being an Indian. Yet masculinity, manliness, machismo, call it what you may, still remains to be a persistent undercurrent in the minds of a majority of the population.

Men!, this one is specially for your informative viewing. Are you drastically unsatisfied with your carnal achievements, or are incessant complaints from your partner’s side is leaving a sour taste in your relationship. Healthy desires could only lead to a healthy mind, and fulfillment means higher levels of energy, and morale.

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You may no more smother yourself with mystic lotions, or pop those all promising pills. All you need is a handful of tried and tested super foods that are affirmed to boost your virility. The results in some cases may be instantaneous and drastic. Read along to know more about these choicest super Virility foods for men that are sure to boost virility in a big way.

Best Virility Foods to Eat


Zinc has been cited to be a vital component when it comes to production of testosterone, which is a steroid hormone which is responsible for male sexual desires. It also catalyzes the production of semen, the male birth fluid. Oysters to most, are drippy bags of protein that are hard to stomach. Yet it is an aphrodisiac of the highest order, owing to its high zinc content. So you know what you need to dig into first, the next time order your sea food platter.


Tomatoes are abundant in lycopene and vitamin C. While the latter is beneficial for your overall health, lycopene, on the other hand works directly on your sexual desires and is known to help prevent prostate cancer and promote prostate health.

Although, a dash of ketchup on your shirt might prove to be disastrous for your day, still hold back your inhibitions and splurge that extra helping of tomato sauce, for you alone know, who benefits when the morning after you wake up next to a satisfied companion.


Arginine, as a compound is known to be, nature’s Viagra. It is an amino acid that infuses carnal desires and enables the erection process. Test of this compound on lab rats have shown a marked rise in the frequency of their erection. A regular supplement of almonds in your diet might just prove to be therapeutic in erectile dysfunction disorder.

Almonds, for starters are rich in arginine. Even if the lab tests, mentioned before, do not provide any conclusive evidence about the effects of the drug on humans, still almonds are known to be helpful in reducing cholesterol and are a rich source of fiber and protein. So what are you waiting for? Grab a handful and get munching.


There might be a reason why the taste of this blatant spice is classified as hot. We could safely assume, in the present context, it is because these extravagant creation of nature are a definite plus, when it come to making you feel passionate.

Chilies contain the compound capsacin, that increases your heart rate, dilates blood vessels and releases endorphin.All these factors could only add up to an increased level of aroused desires.

Although chilies might have their share of benefits in your diet, it is from the experience from every beginner in the kitchen, that you should handle them with the utmost caution.


Just like chilies, even ginger is said to have an invigorating effect on your libido. The phenolic compounds which add a pungent flavour to ginger are gingerols and shagaol. These are the very compounds that are also responsible for stimulating your blood flow and enhances the levels of testosterone that is been produced by your body. A knot of ginger every day, and you may bid those depressing, inactive nights goodbye.

Ginger strengthens your immune system, promotes digestion and acts as an anti inflammatory agent for your skin. Need we say any more.

By Abhro