Gift the teddy according to your partner’s mood on this teddy day

Teddy Day

Happy teddy day!!! If you are confused and searching as to how you know which teddy bear your special one will like on this teddy day. What should be the teddy day gift ideas for the special one? On this valentine day, it will be effective for you to impress and show your love, care and the importance of your relationship to your partner by giving them teddy according to their nature, taste and mood. These are very simple and effective tips to increase love in your relationship. You should know your ‘special one’ nature and mood, so gifting them a teddy bear as per their interest would be a wise idea. If you cannot find that particular color as per their nature, then you also have a good idea to order it online.

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The size of the teddy also matters, if you are giving teddy to your girlfriend, then keep in mind that girls are supposed to be quite sensitive about their own weight. So, if she is of very short height it is not always a good thought to give her a small teddy and if she is overweight, never even think of gifting her plump or fat teddy. This seems to make her feel insulted. So, in that case, try to choose an average height teddy.

How to Choose the Perfect Teddy Bear for special one

Put a little mind, If you met them only few weeks or months back and are unaware of mood, like and dislikes, then it is always good to put a little thought yourself, that’s what your valentine would like. Try to find out online, lots of teddy bear and pick up the one which you like the most. After all, special one would admire your selection too. Choose the colors of teddy bear, according to their mood and nature.

1Pink color teddy bear

Pink color teddy bear

It’s a general thinking that pink is the favorite color of girls. They are sweet and soft just like pink color. Pink is an intuitive and insightful color that shows the tenderness and kindness with its empathy and sensitivity. If your partner is of this nature, then gift them pink color teddy, they will really love it. Your special one is going to be emotional about your love.

2Plush Brown Teddy Bear

“You’re sweet as Chocolate” – If your partner is very much fond of chocolates, then brown is the best color. If your special one is very emotional that, small lovable point can make them soft and always ready to give you a strong support, then brown color teddy is best for them. This color indicates protection and responsibility. You can have a bunch of chocolates and this teddy bear and your loved one will surely be so happy.

3Red is “Romantic and flirty”

Red is “Romantic and flirty”

Red is energizing. It excites the emotions and motivates us to take an action. Red is the color of sexuality and can motivate deeper and more cherished passions. It is just like, love and sex on the positive side and anger on the negative. If your partner is of this nature, then gift them red color teddy.

4Green is “cool and friendly”

Green is “cool and friendly”

Green color is significant for its cool and friendly nature. If your partner is friendly in nature and really cool and handle things in a cool manner, then green teddy will really suit them and will really love it.

5Purple is “calm and spiritual”

Purple is “calm and spiritual”

If your special one is of gentle and free spirit in nature, then purple color teddy bear really suits them. These types of people have deep feelings and can be quite sensitive to hurtful comments and would never show it. Purple color teddy will make them really happy.

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By: Shaveta Kandhari