Uses and 7 Benefits of Oxygenated Water

oxygenated water

Oxygenated water has been one of the most effective remedy in solving various health-related problems. Drinking oxygenated water helps in strengthening the immune system and promoting the growth of the good bacteria. On the other hand, drinking oxygenated water is also helpful in making the environment, which is not safe for the harmful bacteria to survive.

Here we have tried to provide detailed information about the concept oxygenated water as well as its various health-related advantages. Read on to know more about why you should start drinking oxygenated water to make yourself healthy.

What is Oxygenated Water?

To put in short, oxygenated water is the water in which excessive amount of oxygen has been added under high pressure. Thus, it is also claimed that oxygenated water contains more oxygen than the regular water. However, in a study, it was found that there is no amount of oxygen present in oxygenated water to this water also carries equal amount of oxygen compared to the normal water. Despite of this, one of the major advantage of oxygenated water is that it does not get absorbed by the body.

Various stages are involved in the production of oxygenated water. At the first stage, the water gets filtered out completely. This helps in getting rid of all types of impurities in the water. In the second stage, charged oxygen is combined with the purified water to produce water, which is more rich in oxygen.

Oxygenated water is, therefore, rich in oxygen and water unlike various other energy drinks, which are high in sugar as well as various other chemicals. It has been claimed by many that drinking of water containing lots of oxygen benefits the body in various manner.

Benefits of Oxygenated Water

To explain in detail we have listed some of the amazing benefits of oxygenated water, which you can take after the regular consumption of it.

1. Boost immune system naturally

Drinking oxygenated water helps in providing oxygen-rich environment to the body, which is highly important for the good bacteria, which reside in the digestive system, to grow. On the other hand, in the same oxygen-rich environment, dangerous pathogens as well as bacteria cannot survive. Therefore, drinking lot of oxygenated water at the regular basis helps in preventing various deadly diseases such as cancer.

2. Digestion improvement

As mentioned earlier, good bacteria resides well in oxygen-rich environment. These gut flora are highly necessary in breaking down of the food and promoting digestion. Therefore, it is important to drink oxygenated water so that the good bacteria can reside in the body.

3. Lactic Acidosis Reduction

Lactic acidosis is the condition, in which increased accumulation of the lactic acid takes place. In this condition, oxygen levels also falls sharply. This is more commonly takes place in doing high intensity exercises. While performing high intensity exercises, it has normally been seen that body requires more oxygen than what the blood can actually supply. As a result of it, body switches itself from aerobic to anaerobic mode of energy production. This increases the level of lactic acid in the body, which can cause fatigue, muscle aches as well as prolonged recovery periods.

Drinking more oxygenated water helps in recovering this condition and reduces lactic acidosis in the body.

4. Maintains Healthy pH Level

It is important to maintain pH level of the body to keep yourself healthy. Consumption of wrong foods is commonly associated with lowering of pH level of the body. Drinking oxygenated water helps in increasing oxygen-rich alkaline environment in the body. Therefore, drinking oxygenated water actually helps in maintaining the pH level of the body.

5. Increases Energy Levels

You will also feel more energetic after drinking oxygenated water on a regular basis. This takes place because your body gets more oxygen after drinking oxygenated water, which is useful in supplying enough oxygen to the brain as well as other muscles in the body. This results into increasing stamina as well as wellbeing.

6. Cancer Risk Reduction

The cancerous cells have a habit of increasing in low-oxygen level. After drinking oxygenated water at the regular basis, keeps the oxygen environment of the body in check, which makes difficult for the cancerous cells to grow. Thus, it becomes important to drink oxygenated water when it comes to preventing deadly diseases such as cancer.

7. Aerobic Respiration Promotion

The process of cellular respiration is divided into two different parts, aerobic and anaerobic respiration. In aerobic respiration, cell respiration takes place in the presence of oxygen. On the other hand, when oxygen is not present, it is known as anaerobic respiration. It is important to be in the aerobic respiration to get more energy from the food molecules.

As drinking of oxygenated water maintains the oxygen-rich environment in the body, aerobic cellular respiration takes place and provides various important health benefits.

While considering the benefits of drinking oxygenated water, it is important to take note that not all the benefits of drinking oxygenated water are scientifically proven. Most of the benefits are claimed by either the manufacturing companies or by the people but not by the medical practitioners. Various experts says that even taking two deep breaths can provide more oxygen to the body than drinking oxygenated water.

However, if you feel that you are getting important health benefits after drinking oxygenated water, you should definitely drink it on the regular basis. Drinking of oxygenated water does not cause any side effects. However, it is important to drink oxygenated water before the expiration date printed on the manufacturer’s bottle.

Consider all these benefits of drinking oxygenated water along with the disclaimer which has here so that you can get detailed overview of drinking oxygenated water.