Understanding The Difference Between Yoga And Pilates

difference between Yoga and Pilates

You may me wondering as to what could be the difference between yoga and Pilates. Yoga is a set of exercises originated in India many centuries ago. It is known to be beneficial for health in many ways. You need to choose between the two as per the requirement of the health issue to be addressed. Pilates are generally done for strengthening your core. Yoga has a deeper meaning in itself. Let‘s find out the difference between Pilates and yoga and how each could be beneficial to you.

Difference Between Yoga And Pilates

What do Pilates do

What do Pilates doPilates, as mentioned earlier, is to get your core muscles strong. The exercise will be done in a specific order one after the other. You get your body toned and you gain flexibility from performing Pilates. You will use your own body weight instead of weights and strictly this is not a cardio workout. You may get a better posture and more sculpted muscle with Pilates.

Yoga and what to know

Yoga and what to knowYoga is known by spiritual gurus to be uniting your individual spirit with the universal spirit of God. Yoga in the sense of exercising, unites the body, mind and soul. However, to spot the difference between the two, you need to know a little about both Yoga and Pilates. Unlike in Pilates, Yoga stresses on breathing at different times during the exercise. It stretches the body, twists it and breathing can be complex.

Here are a few points to discuss and you will understand which to choose for which benefits

1) Physical rehabilitation

Both Yoga and Pilates can help you bounce back from any physical injury. Pilates can be a good exercise to overcome the pain and help a good recovery. Yoga can prove to be better than Pilates in rehabilitating you from any injury. Yoga can help you give an additional benefit with emotional and mental rehabilitation. But you need the guidance of proper instructor who can suggest any yoga exercises for injury recovery.

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2) Tone up or not

Tone up or notYoga can be a good way to strengthen your body but if you want to be additionally strong, and want a greater focus on muscle toning, Pilates can be a better option. They can tone up the muscle well and act like a cardio when done with Pilates equipment. You can burn additional calories. Machines give you more resistance and hence help you to burn more fat. Even without the machines you can get more tone up to your body that you can sport like anything.

3) Mental health

Mental healthYoga has greater mental health benefits to offer when compared to Pilates. Practicing yoga can calm your senses, help relieve stress and control hormone levels that cause mental disturbance. Pilates focuses more on the physical self although it can be good for mental well being to some extent. Yoga can be more effective in this case since it can connect the body, mind and soul. When you practice yoga, you can observe your mind calming down through breathing and exercising .

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4) Spirituality

SpiritualityDo you want to combine spirituality with your exercise? Then yoga is the better option. Pilates do not focus on spirituality. It can only give you endurance. One thing you must know about yoga is that it is a part of spirituality, but can be practiced even if you do not intend to attain spirituality. But if it is your main aim, then practice yoga to merge with the universal soul of God.

5) Breath

BreathThe breathing techniques in yoga and Pilates can differ a bit. Breathing can improve your lung function and lung capacity and ultimately breathing. In Pilates, the breath focus is on giving energy to the body while breathing. Pilates can help your muscles to get relaxed by managing the quantity of oxygen supplied to the body whereas yoga can have a health benefit in contrast.

In Yoga, breathing exercise can help you to attain relaxation. Yoga helps to send oxygen to the areas where the muscle groups are tight and stressed and relaxes them. Generally you have to focus on your breath during the exercises very cautiously. You may also have to hold your breath sometimes.

6) Flexibility

FlexibilityWhen it comes to flexibility, Yoga and Pilates, both offer you with it, but yoga can be more focused when it comes to flexibility. Yoga is mainly centered around flexibility through stretching and holding still poses. Pilates are mostly done for endurance and stress less on flexibility when compared to yoga .

Yoga Meditation

7) Strength

StrengthPilates concentrate more on resistance which yoga may not be able to. Although both can bring strength and tone up the muscles, Pilates are more specific with the aspects. You can achieve a flatter and flexible stomach by performing Pilates.

Understanding the difference between yoga and Pilates can help you to reap the right benefits since there is a variation in the results you attain from them. In a gist, yoga can be better for mental health too, including the benefits of flexibility and improving concentration. Pilates can equally be good but focus more on strength, tone up of the muscle and burning calories.

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